gma_jNovember 11, 2003

Does anyone have any knowledge or input on the product "cortislim" that I have been seeing advertised on TV lately? Thanks

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Before you invest in a TV-advertised supplement, why not check with your doctor and see what info he/she gives you? Beware of products that offer weight loss with a pill. Healthy diet, portion control, and exercise seem offer many successes.

Dr. Shawn Talbott helped develop this cortisol-controlling supplement and I have attached his bio via the link below. The FAQ part of the link is particularly interesting, as is the Stress Test area.

It may benfit you to read up (in medical journals) on the effects of cortisol and how and when it is manufactured in the body. My daughter was involved in a cortisol reasearch program at the University of Washigton several years ago. I learned a lot from that. One of the best ways to control cortisol levels in your body is EXERCISE!

Good luck in finding the information you desire.....

Here is a link that might be useful: Cortisol

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I found, on the FAQs link, the question from 12-09-02 to be interesting----the doc's answer is that you should not be ordering cortisol control over the internet! Just thought I'd add that!

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Hi gmaj,
I don't know anything about this product, but I would just like to say that I agree with Wild Chicken-----please be careful about taking diet pills. I had a friend who took those herbal diet pills, she wound up having all kinds of problems with her stomach. I won't say that I know that the pills were responsible---------but she was going to the Dr. every week or so. They thought she had an ulcer, she couldn't hardly eat anything. And a nurse told her they have a LOT of caffeine in them.

A lot of these products aren't tested over several years. Why not join us with the portion controls and exercise? Losing weight is a long term commitment, yes, with trials and errors, but, IMHO, there is no magic pill.

PS My friend gained the weight back, plus some.

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Thanks Wild Chicken and Yellowhair - very informative. I have never taken diet pills, prescription or otc. When my youngest daughter was here, she saw the ad, and thought it sounded safe so now I can give her some input. I'm a diehard Weight Watcher whenever I need to lose weight (which I do right now, but will wait until after holidays--I know, I know, I should start right now). I have found it is the best program for me as it gets me back to portion control and more healthy eating habits. Thanks again.

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I am so sick of these ads! First it was "it's not your fault you're overweight". *rolls eyes*
Now it's the 'dangers' of low-carb diets. Memory loss? Mood swings? Fatigue? I've been on Sugar Busters! for almost four years and I've yet to experience any of that.
Any diet, whether it's a low carb one, Weight Watchers, etc, is a commitment and a challenge and weight loss cannot happen overnight with a pill.

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