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arandygailNovember 18, 2002

My dad would like to throw a retirement party for my mom. I told him that I would host it, but I really have no idea where to even start. I have never even been to a retirement party. Any info/help you can provide would be most appreciated :) (The party won't be until the beginning of January, so I have a little time to prepare.)

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Retirement parties usually involve the participation of the co-workers. In advance you'll want to contact co-workers, maybe have a "key" person helping you, to have them come up with funny or memorable stories involving your mom, and how having your mom as a coworker helped them. Little anecdotes.

The party should be like a cocktail reception with appetizers, and set aside a time for the coworkers to tell their stories, mom's manager to speak, maybe the owner of the company to speak, and to toast the retiree.

Also put together a scrapbook with work memorabilia, pictures of coworkers, pictures from previous company parties, etc, as a keepsake.

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