Can I bake today for Saturday?

ilovepinkNovember 29, 2006

I am making key lime pies, pecan pies and a chess pie. Can I bake them today and they will still be good on Saturday? Or do you think I should wait a few days and then bake? I just have extra time today and I want to get something done!

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You can certainly make the pecan pie & freeze it until Saturday. It'll be great. The key lime & chess don't freeze well, IMO, & suffer if made too far in advance. That said, I've seen key lime frozen pies in the grocery, maybe it too will be fine. You can make the crusts and freeze those for sure w/o any problems. Since it's the crusts that take the most time & make the most kitchen mess...doing that tonight will save you time on Saturday morning.


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I'm with Tricia. I would for sure get the crusts ready in advance, wrap them well in the pie shells and freeze them (or do them on Friday and refrigerate them). If you freeze them, take them out Friday night and put them in the fridge so they're fully thawed when you use them. I would probably not bake any of the pies ahead, but if you must, maybe bake the pecan but not the others. You could have the fillings made and ready to dump into the crusts on Saturday when you're ready to bake. I love having the smells of all the wonderful baked goods in the air when my guests come, so I am a big fan of baking on the day of an event if at all possible.

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For Thanksgiving, I made my pie crusts ahead and froze them, unbaked. I'd never done that before, but it worked great. Even the top crust for the apple pie and the little cut-out shapes for the top; I just froze all that right on a cookie sheet. Cover tightly with foil. Take it out at least an hour ahead. Or you can make them a couple of days ahead and refrigerate; they'll be fine.
I agree with the others about freezing pecan but not chess or key lime.

Yum! Can I come to this party?

Have fun!

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