Dividing see-through FP into two separate FPs

cpayne71January 21, 2009

I'd love some opinions on this... I have a see-through wood-burning FP built in the 50's. It has a double damper and draws really well. My problem is that it gives off little heat, even with a roaring Red Oak fire burning away. My idea is basically to build a firebrick wall in the middle of the fireplace, separating each side into an independently buring FP. Each would have their own damper and I'm hoping the wall would reflect more heat into the living room (the room i'd like to heat). Then, I can either burn both sides, or just one. Just close the damper on the side I'm not burning. Do you think I am ruining the aesthetics of my see-through? I know its pretty, but will the trade-off for more heat be worth the loss of "pretty"?

Will I get more heat?

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Fireplaces are a loser in terms of efficiency and fiddling around with it isn't going to change that.

If you are serious about heat, get a fireplace insert for a drmatic increase in the heat produced per unit of wood burned.

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I, too, have a see-through fireplace. I would like to rock one side completely and add a wood cookstove against the solid side venting it into the chimney. I understand I should have a separate flue for this, but need information on how to do this? HELP!!!

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