Need Christmas gift suggestions...under $25

Cindy_MacNovember 5, 2002

One year I convinced dh's siblings & spouses to draw names for Christmas. Unfortunately, that method only lasted one year, then it was back to exchanging with everyone. I've learned to simplify things and give each couple the same gift. They all live in different areas of the country, so it doesn't matter if they get the same thing.

Some gifts in the past have included wind chimes, Christmas garden flag with hanging post, handmade stoneware soap dish with an assortment of handmade soaps, Wilton Armetale breadtray, birdfeeders, etc. I have to ship, so breakage and weight are considerations.

Welcome any suggestions!

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You can buy down filled throw blankets for about $22.....I have given these several times....and everyone loved them.
In fact my son likes the one I gave him so well....I bought another.
Other possibilities are food gifts, like Spoon Foods, Maytag Dairy cheeses, places that sell hams....the fruit cake in Corsicana Texas...( I forget the name)
Depends on if you want a gift for the whole too ...or just for the adults. And let me tell you the kids love the down throws!!
Linda C

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Linda, I like the down-filled throw idea. Where can I find them?

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I bought some at Kohls.....and some others on line......
I'll look for the link.
Linda C

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Here ya go.....they are having a big deal sale order quickly!
My family loves them as "TV snugglers"......the kids think they're does the dog!
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: Down throws

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They were down to only two colors and that info about the packaging causing the scent to concentrate to a disagreeable level makes it a little iffy for gift-giving. I may order one for dh. Thanks!

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It's a shame about the colours but one of the customer comments was that she found no smell at all, despite the warning. Maybe you will find the same thing with DH's throw. Do you think the company might get more stock in before Christmas? It might be worth checking back.

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Not sure where you live, but I'm outside of Wash., D.C. & like to buy White House Christmas ornaments for those far away. A lot of civic organizations & schools here sell them as fundraisers. But you can order the 2002 snowflake ornament ($15), as well as ornaments from past years, online. There's a shipping charge, but it's not too bad. Here's the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: White House Historical Association

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For all of the adults in our family this year I have bought bath sheets and am getting their names embroidered on them.
All up $23 Australian each person. If you went with a smaller towel it would be cheaper to post and makes a personal but practical present. Sue :)

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How about starting them a collection of some christmas decoration? For example my MIL started us a nativity scene the first year we were married (did that for all her sons actually). The first year was the most expensive we got the barn, mary, joseph and jesus. Every year we get accessories. I think the figures are about $15 a piece. Its a gift that I really look forward to.
Or perhaps you could do one of those light up christmas villages? or even collectors ornaments?

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A 1yr magazine subscription! Its the gift that keeps o giving for 12 months!

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Another item that is big this year is the fleece throws that you tie together with no sewing. Check out the Craft and Decorations Forum. There were pictures and instructions. Can be made from 2 different materials. They are suppose to be quick. JoAnns and Wal-Mart quite often has the fleece on sale. I got some to do a baby blanket for February so haven't started yet. That would be warm and homemade and not sure on the weight but maybe cheaper than the down. Lana

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Thanks for all the suggestions!

While I was kitchen shopping for myself I came up with an idea for gifts. Each couple will get a jar of homemade hot pepper jelly (with a few recipes ... two for appetizers) a small serving dish for an appetizer, a nice spreader (the shop had more than a dozen to choose from), a box of 'gourmet' crackers, and a neat Santa figurine I picked up at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.

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I think gift certificates to local restaurants or a book store is always nice. For a man, a gift certificate to Lowe's or HD. These are probably not what your preference would be but they are an option if you can't come up with something else.

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How about a nice bottle of wine wrapped in a Christmas kitchen towel tied off with a nice bow!

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What about picture frames? They come in an assortment of styles and prices. I got one for my husband's aunt. The inlaws drew names this year for the first time, thank goodness!

I know how difficult it is finding something for each person in DH's entire family. Last year we did charitable contributions in each family's name. Many charities (we used Christian Children's Fund) send out Christmas cards to the family members informing them of the gift. Of course the neices still got gifts, gift certificates to Old Navy.

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A great new video out for the Christmas season is The Very First Noel. The animation is amazing! Even my 10 year old son who is a tough critic loved it. I liked it too - Andy Grifith is the main character! You can find it at and I think it is around $12. Hope this helps!!

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A lot of the online photo developing sites (snapfish, etc) sell hardback photo books for around $20. You could scan in some pictures of their parents, or Christmas mornings from when they were growing up, or more recent family photos - depending on what you have access to.

They let you customize backgrounds, layouts and captions - so it is a bit like scrapbooking but a lot less labor intensive.

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A nice bottle of wine for each couple could be nice. Also I like giving big blankets and getting them monogrammed.

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