Wedding Food

silverswordNovember 18, 2008

Hosting a small wedding, 30 people, very few children. On the beach in the afternoon in December. I need food suggestions!!! It will be heavy appetizers.

I'm thinking:

Vegi platters

Cheese/fruit/cracker/meat platter

Chocolate fountain with fruit

Any suggestions?

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HI Silversword -

I'm not sure I understand. Is the wedding food going to be ALL appetizers, and you're looking for suggetions for those, or were you saying that there are going to be lots of appetizers, so the main food you're looking for should consider that?


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Hi Suzie,
Yes, it's all appetizers, cake, chocolate fountain. The wedding/reception will be between 3-6pm on a saturday. One consideration is also getting some giant deli sandwiches that can be cut into small individual pieces.

I'm looking for easy food for a wedding on the beach. No sit down meal.

Thank you!

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Do you really need the chocolate fountain? If there is no meal, and you already have the cake, I wouldn't have another major sweet; I'd let it either be primarily appetizers with one sweet, or primarily sweets with one other item like fruit or chips. Chocolate fountains don't seem all that beach-y to me anyway (and will there be a place to plug it in?) -- I think something like Italian ices or even ice cream bars would be fun and in keeping with your apparently casual tone. Of course, if the chocolate fountain is someone's favorite treat, go for it.

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Hi Gellchom,
It's in December at a private beach with cabana, so there is electricity, etc. I don't want to do cold things because the weather will probably be too cold for ice creams. The fountain is an idea to keep people talking, kind of a social thing...

But I can't figure out what kind of fruit to use either. All I can think of are strawberries!

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