Wood burning insert -- which brands to consider?

awm03January 12, 2011

We want to buy a wood burning insert and only need to heat a 25 X 25 family room. Our chimney guy recommends Jotul (he has the C550 model & loves it). Are there any other brands we should consider? Any we should stay away from?


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Yes! There are allot of brands to consider! Why don't you spend a little time reading and searching in some forums(a few listed below),educate yourself in what your needs are! Then go to a local dealer and ask him for some advise and try and narrow your choices a bit. Then you can again do a search( and some more reading) on the few units you have narrowed it down.
IT will eventually be obvious on your options for a selection. Good Luck

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Thanks, bertman, but I was looking for quick info. I found Hearth.com overwhelming, and that's why I wanted to try here first. We went ahead with the Jotul C 550.

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"We went ahead with the Jotul C 550..."

And I'm glad we did! It's wonderful. Wish we'd done this several years ago instead of putting up with our frigid family room & inefficient fire place.

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