Vermont Castings VF 25 Trouble

psuceJanuary 19, 2013

I am having a problem with my older model Vermont Castings VF 25 vent free propane stove. The pilot is hard to keep lit at times while other times it lights but shuts down after a period of time. Sometimes it operates with no problem at all. I had it cleaned and a local shop told me the pilot assembly may need to be replaced. However, I have noticed a correlation between how the gas valve behaves and the operation of the unit. When the black pilot or control knob that I turn to light the unit operated "freely" it functions fine. However, at times it fees "sluggish" or "gummy" when turning it and then I can expect a problem. Any thoughts on this. I don't want to be replacing parts that do not need replacing. I also don't want to be replacing parts one at a time. I just want "one and done" so to speak. Thanks.

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