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nhsuzanneNovember 28, 2005

Good Morning Sunshines!

It's Monday and Thanksgiving is behind us and now starts the onslaught of endless, tempting holiday parties and long days cooking, wrapping and decorating!! WOW, what a way to start the week, sorry!

Donna, welcome to this group. You will not find more support and love than right here so feel free to just jump in with anything that you want to get off your mind!! Don't be shy either.

It was a long weekend for me. We decided to burn a huge brush pile that we started this summer from clearing land. The snow on the ground made it easy to get the permit so we decided to go for it. The fire had to be manned constantly so DH and I spent lots of long dark hours in the truck watching the fire and doing lots of talking! We started the fire Sat. morning and it's still going strong right now. It's small enough that I don't have to stay on top of it. I feel like I swallowed 40 gals of smoke!

Raeanne, our annual shopping trip was fun as usual. Our lunch at the Four Seasons started with champagne and ended with champagne! We had a great time and didn't seem to mind the shopping crowds at all! The stores in Boston were packed!

Maddie, do you have any new family members this morning????

I ate more bad things than I care to think about. I will definitely have to atone for my sins this past weekend! Oh well, it's the never ending circle of diet and life!!

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Good MONDAY Afternoon kiddos!

Suzanne, your weekend sounds like it was restful and happy for you. Give DH my best wishes for continued healing.

Have the day off to run errands, etc. Started out right with a 3-mile walk, then slid downhill by eating leftover stuffing(!) Took the car into the dealership for an oil change and got news that I need brakes..YIKES! The car is leased and going back in April, but DH agreed that we have to put out the $$ for them, so I'm home now with a loaner car and trying to get some online shopping completed.

Gotta run; please check in and confess (details are not required!)

BJ, where are ya?

QOD: What should be asking our gift swap partners before buying our gifts? I'm having some difficulty over this one!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Thank you for the welcome Suzanne! I am really looking forward to getting to know all of you. Your weekend sounds like it was great.

I am not ready yet to confess what I ate over this long holiday weekend - even without details it's not pretty. Oh well, it's another Monday and I start again :-)

Dee, do you take your walks in the morning or the evening? I really have to start walking again and have some really nice areas to do this - my problem is I am lazy in the morning and don't feel like going in the dark after work.

Have a great evening!!

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QOD - What area in your life needs some renewal - career, skills/knowledge, family, prosperity, fame, relationship/romance, creativity/children, helpful people/travel, or career?

Then go to the link below and it will describe colors, etc. that will enhance that area. To give you an example, in my helpful/people travel sector I have some books on places I want to visit and I also have an angel representing a "helpful person". My bathroom is in the "Relationship" area, so I have 2 pink candles and a piece of rose quartz on a shelf. Just have fun.

Donna - that is what Mondays are for - starting over.

Dee - sorry about the brakes, but better safe than sorry.

Sunday Menu:
B - Fruit Smoothy
L - Turkey
D - Prime Rib, broccoli and salad
Lots of water, but no exercise

Have a great evening. I am trying to get some cyber Christmas shopping done.

Here is a link that might be useful: Feng Shui basics

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Good Evening!

Donna, welcome. It is always nice to have new "face" here. I'm very glad that you decided to jump in and join us. Feel free to speak your mind any time. This group started at least 5 or 6 years ago, I honestly can't remember. We were all following the Somersizing plan, hence the SS Support thread title. We had actually thought about changing the name since many of us have gone on to different programs but we were afraid that some of our friends that may not have posted in a very long time would not recognize the new group name, so we are still the SS Support thread. Maybe we can all tell you a little bit about ourselves so you can get to know us. Allow me to start! I live in Salem, MA (I don't like tourists, LOL). I am married and have 2 boys, 21 and 14. My oldest is getting married next September (Yikes!) and my youngest is a freshman in high school. I follow Weight Watchers, not always successfully. Like you I am a life time member, but not near my goal weight. I am down 20# since last spring and just started getting serious again. It is so hard isn't it. Oh yeah, I also have 2 furbabies. A yellow lab named Zoe and a black cat named Maggie, and an aquarium full of fish! Good Feng Shui!

So I did survive Thanksgiving. DS dressed for the Varsity game but did not play. It poured buckets for most of the game, but thankfully it was not cold. We got a call during the game that DFIL had fallen at the nursing home and was being taken to the hospital because he had a huge gash in his head and had no feeling in his arm. Both SIL were with him so DH got to stay and watch the rest of the game and went to the hospital later to relieve his sisters (one of them was cooking dinner). DH did not end up getting back to SIL until 5PM. Poor guy, spent most of the day at the hospital. This is a repeat of what happened 2 years ago on Thanksgiving with DMIL.

Anyway, it is in the past and we got through the day. I have been really sick with a cold, but did go to work today. Tonight I am dragging. I am just a wealth of great news aren't I?

QOD: Raeanne, the way I am feeling tonight, I think all of the areas in my bagau could be addressed! I even pulled out my favorite Feng Shui book tonight to see were I could beef up some areas.

I heard on the news tonight that today is the biggest internet shopping day of the year, kind of like Black Friday last week. I think they must have based this on DeeMarie and Raeanne!

Dee, I hope your car is feeling better.

Suzanne, your shopping day sounds wonderful. I used to go Christmas shopping every year with my Dad. I loved it. We would go for lunch and then shop for my Mom. I really miss not having him here to do that with. I always felt so special spending the day with him like that. It was a real treat.

Got to go. I am trying to get to bed early. Have a great night!

Love Besh

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RE MY QOD RESPONSE - I was actually answering Dee's QOD as to what to ask our exchange partners. Now that I look at it, it looks like I am asking another question.

Besh - I'm so sorry to hear about FIL and that you aren't feeling well.

I better get back to shopping.

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Happy Monday!

Welcome, Donna. You will like it here! Monday is a great day to start ANYTHING! : )

Besh, I am so sorry to hear about your FIL. And now you are sick, to boot! I hope you feel better soon.

DeeMarie, a 3 mile walk! You go girl!

Raeanne, I am going to check out that link...

NH Suzanne, your outing sounds like so much fun!

Maddie, how are you holding up?

QOD: I am shopping like a fiend! I have ideas! : )

Well, this was such a busy day! I am still hobbling around on a bum knee. It is feeling a bit better today, so I hope that I am on the mend. I was so disgusted w/ myself for grabbing fast food and eating on the run, so I packed healthy snacks and "grab and go lunches" and bought myself a new insulated lunch box. I stocked the car w/ an ice chest full of bottled water.I even stocked up on low cal non perishables for the office.


Br: 2 HB eggs, 1 tomato,, slice whole grain toast w/ all fruit jam
Snack: 1/2 nf yogurt, celery sticks and cuke slices
Lu: 1/2 c. h2o packed tuna, small alad w/ lite dressing, tomatoe and greeen onion
snack: other 1/2 nf yogurt
Dinner raw veggies w/ homemade hummus, 1 chicken kebab(3 oz chix)1/2 c. taboulleh.

Lots of water all day long, and believe me, that is no eay task for a visiting nurse! Lol! I live out of my car.

No exercise thanks to this darn knee....

Be strong and be well!


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Tikanas, sounds like you are Zoning on that menu. Actually it is similar to my way of eating according to the nutritionist.

This morning: 45 minutes of walking around the lake (2 miles)
B 1 cup old-fashioned oatmeal, coffee, 12 globe grapes
S 8 oz rasp. Fit & Light Yogurt
L 3 oz turkey on whole wheat w/ lettuce and ff mayo. 1 cup baby carrots; 1 cup cukes, apple
S Swiss Miss sugar-free, fat-free hot chocolate; 20 dry-roasted peanuts
D 1 large Boca burger; 1 cup (low sodium) seasoned rice; steamed broccoli and sp. squash
S fruit

QOD: Should we also describe our homes to make it easier for our partners?

ANSWER TO MY QOD: I could use help in the Skills/Knowledge and Prosperity areas.
Career (Front Door)
Skills & Knowledge is my Living Room
Family is my Family Room (!)
Prosperity is my Dining Room
Fame & Reputation is my Master Bedroom (upstairs)
Relationsips & Love is my Bathroom (lol!)
Creativity & children is my home Office
Helpful People is my Guest Room

Is that how's it done?
Let's have some discussion about letting our partners know this stuff!

Thanks for posting the website again, Raeanne!


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QOD (follow up to Dee):
Career (Front Door) (Very dark colored area rug)
Skills & Knowledge - Study/Den (which is a totally cluttered right now)
Family - Bathroom (I can't very well put photos of the family in there, but I put things in there that my family likes, an antique wagon with a rag doll in it and my first painting)
Prosperity - Living Room (I have a cobalt blue bowl with coins in it and a painting of a river)
Fame & Reputation - Sitting Area (Red just won't work here, so I took a piece of red construction paper and wrote FAME on it and taped it onto the backside of an antique trunk)
Relationships & Love - Kitchen (Big chunk of Rose Quartz on my counter)
Creativity & Children - Kitchen/Dining Room (I have some of my kids artwork displayed here)
Helpful People/Travel - Dining Room (Travel catalogs, books, photos of people I love and an angel)

Now you can also take this a step further (but I don't recommend it LOL) Each room has all these sectors within it. In my Master Bedroom my bathroom is the Relationship area. But let's keep it simple.

Tikanis - sorry about the knee, but WTG with your food purchases and choices.

Monday Menu:
B - Fruit Smoothy - peaches, strawberries, melon and OJ
L - Huge Chicken Salad
D - Grilled pork chops, fried cabbage
S - glass of OJ
No exercise - No excuse

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Chcecking in, still have to catch up on reading the thread....


Career & Business Success: Front Entry:
Suit of Armor = power and protection and a mirror = a water element on the wall. Also have 4 swords hanging on the wall on the stair (stairs do not face door)--(and I try very hard to keep this area clear of clutter) I often burn scented candles in this area.

Helpful People & Masculine Energy: My Office:
I have feng-shui'd my whole office, so each element is used in each area of the octagon. (And I love it, but DH would kill me if I did this to the entire house!) I also burn a fair amount of candles and incense in my office, so the kids think it's cool and 'different'; they like to hang out in here.

Creativity and Children, Feminine Energy: Garage, Laundry:
I haven't really worked on these areas much. The garage is a CONSTANT battle, but HEY!---full of metal! and the laundry room---what can I say, LOTS of water action, which I should probably counter-act a little, especially in a metal area, but I suppose the metal laundry machines are more of a presence than the water!

Relationship, Partmership, Marriage: Den:
This room needs to be redone. I actually think it might benefit from a coat of dark red paint (even though it should be pink - I don't dig THAT MUCH pink)! Maybe I'll contact Dave, my friendly painter to help me out here! I need to paint the mirror above the fireplace whatever color I paint the walls though and add some pick accents. Another project! Yay! And I need to build more fires in there---if you know what I mean!

Fame, Future, Luck: Kitchen & Informal Dining Area:
This works out great for my house. My stove is always going and I have benefitted from having the kitchen be in my fame and luck area. And I like the zing that red brings to a kitchen! All my art in the kitchen is framed in red! I like putting predominately red table cloth out when I'm having company!

Wealth, Enpowerment, Prosperity: Formal Dining Area:
Well, I have a nice pool table in my formal dining room. It has deep blue felt and looks nice. We eat in the kitchen since it also has a large dining table which seats 8, so we don't need 2 dining room. DH thought he'd use the pool table all the time-I can't remember the last time he picked up a pool stick...! I want to get rid of the pool table and make this area into a library. Maybe I'll get my way sometime, then I'll add a blue fountain and some eucalyptus money trees in the window!

Community, Family Life, Grandparents and Knowledge, Wisdom, Educations & Contemplation: Formal Livng Room(takes up 2 feng shui areas):
Our "formal" living room is not formal at all, but it does take up almost one entire side wall of our house. It is the family center of meeting and socializing. It has navy and green furniture and a metal horse sculpture in from of the fireplace. It has a family (DH's side) heirloom piano that I'd like to burn or give away, but it IS made of wood, so I suppose that's good. :) And the room houses a tall wood armoir for the electronics (TV, TiVO, DVD,etc).

GAD! Another book on Diet Chat!

Back later to catch up---cleaning freezing cold garage today......handy man is going to help me take apart a workbench out there and then we're might get around to putting up holiday lights!

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BJ gave some very good examples on how you can incorporate feng shui creatively.

BJ - I'm not a big fan of the color pink either, but I do love rose quartz. Another good thing to do is to put things in pairs in the relationship sector.

We may have to rename this thread!

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I will have to check out the feng shui link, I confess I really don't understand it. Even though I am too late to participate this year, I think descriptions of your homes would be helpful in choosing a gift? Just a thought!

Besh, I am sorry about your FIL and that you don't feel well. Tikanis, sorry about the knee - ouch.

Well, I will post today's menu so far...dinner is still up for grabs, just got home from food shopping and made some healthy purchases.

B - cereal
S - granola bar
L - chicken breast with small salad

Thank you all again for allowing me to join your group! Have a great evening!

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I am w/ Donna. I don't "get" feng shui yet either and probably won't get tp delve into the particulars till the weekend when I have a bit more time.
The life areas that I need most work in are physicality and friendships. I can't do to much about being more physical till the knee heals up, but I have been so busy lately that I have neglected my friends a bit... MUST do better in this dept; as I have some WONDERFUL "regular" friends as well as terrific "cyber" friends.

The above made me think of Jen: How's it going w/ your best friend's move? I talked for an hour to my best friend in Oregon on Sunday and it's almost like she never left!

DeeMarie, your 2 mile walk has me GREEN w/ envy! Good for you! You know, almost a year later and I still refer to that Good Carb Cookbook that you sent me. I loaned it to a friend today, too. And that Nora Jones cd from you was the best bit of music I acquired all year!

The ol knee seems a bit better today. I am using heat wraps, taking naproxen and staying off of it as much as possible.

I am really trying to drink that water! You would all laugh at me if you could see me run to the bathroom at each of my patient's homes!They just open their doors and "wave me in" to the bathroom lol. I had to explain my food plan and water intake to a patient in Spanish today- THAT was hysterical. I will never live it down....

Br-egg white omelette w/ 1/2 oz mozarella and some killer
salsa verde from the Mexican Mkt.Sliced tomatoes.

snack -1/2 nf yogurt, plain raw veggies

lunch- 3 oz h2o tuna w/ green onion and lite mayo an celery.
Green salad w/ lite italian dssg. 2 rye crisp.

Dinner- will probably have a taco salad, although I am really not hungry. all that darned water has filled mee up!


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Good Morning!

Donna - Welcome to our little corner of the web. I am 53 years old, married with 2 kids. Oldest DS lives in Florida and DD is a senior in college, set to graduate in May. I teach preschool - 84 lively 3,4 & 5 year olds. I enjoy reading, quilting, cross word puzzles and walking for exercise.

QOD - I am getting a headache from these Feng Shui posts. LOL Not sure if I will be able to figure it out. I guess I would have to say that I need help in the skills/knowledge area. Don't want the mind to go stale in my "old" age. And with the kids gone, DH and I are getting to know one another again, so help in the romance department would never hurt! LOL

I will try to go to the site Raeanne posted and understand the basics.

Yesterday's menu:
B - Whole wheat English muffin, natural peanut butter and SF raspberry jam. OJ
L - Whole wheat tortilla wrap made with 2 oz. roast beef, swiss cheese, horseradish sauce and spinach. SF Applesauce
S - SBD Chocolate bar and 4oz. SF vanilla yogurt
D - Teriyaki chicken breast, asparagus spears and mixed baby greens with 1 T Greek dressing
S - 110 calorie chocolate pudding

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Good Morning All,

I have to admit that my head is spinning after reading BJ's Feng Shui'd home!!! But then again, it's BJ and we would expect her home to be full of energy!

Marci,Tikanas and Donna, I am new to Feng Shui too and I have visited the links that Raeanne and Besh have posted here. There is alot of info there. I printed out the map of the baguas of my home and read the fixes for different thing, (architecural) that block energy and have addressed them. Approach it with a light heart and have fun with it. It's not a life or death thing. I have found that I just simply have to re-arrange things. It really is fun and hey, if it unblocks some stale energy here I am all for that.

It's been raining, raining, raining and is really warm and humid! I am enjoying the warmth as it won't last long.

QOD: I will describe some of the things I have done in my baguas so far:

Career: Is my front door. I have a table top fountain there with black stones that I polished myself. I have some crystals there as well.

Skills and Knowledge: Part of my livingroom. I have a Buddah statue here, some blue cobalt glass and ornaments. I have removed clutter and have some metal replicas of the Eiffel Tower. This area is in pretty good shape.

Family: I have family pictures in wooden frames here. I have two big Ficus tress that sit on columns. I need to add some round shapes here.

Prosperity: Is my dining room. I have lots of cobalt glass here and a collection of foriegn currency here. I have lots of crystals, purple is great here and I have a piece of ammethyst that Raeanne gave me. I would like to add another water feature and a plant of some sort. Raeanne, I love your idea of the cobalt bowl with coins!! Great idea.

Fame and Reputation: Is my kitchen and I haven't done anything here yet.

Relationships and Love: My bedroom. I have pairs of things here and lots of pix of DH and me.

Creativity and Children: Is my family room. I haven't done anything here yet either.

Helpful People & Travel: Is my office and, like Raeanne, it's full of clutter.

Health: This is the center of my house and I am having trouble with this. I have a stairway in the center of my home and I can't figure a way to add colors. I need to add yellow, brown, orange, elements of earth and fire. I am thinking of a pot of yellow mumsInterestingly for me that when I started the Feng Shui thing I have alot of the symbols already I just need to re-arrange them. It's fun. My house if full of color and I have recently added two brilliant red Tabriz rugs to my LR and DR that have tons of colors. I am looking at new wall color for these two rooms to showcase the rugs more. I am leaning towards a smoky blue right now. I had a dream that I painted the walls a cobalt blue, it was vivid but I am afraid to do it!!! Raeanne, what does that mean?? LOL

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Donna - I am 51 with 2 daughters both out of college and living in Manhattan together and GAINFULLY EMPLOYED!!! So it's just me, DH and our 12 year old mutt. I work as an administrative assistant in a real estate office and my DH is a Realtor. We live in a resort town on Lake George. Like Marci, I also love reading, crossword puzzles and walking (but I don't do that enough), I also enjoy kayaking, yoga, traveling, fine food and wine. I am trying to find some new passions to take the place of food and wine. I lost 20+ lbs 5-6 years ago Somersizing, since then I have gained it back lost some and gained back more and lost some, etc. As of 11/20 I am back on SS and I am feeling good about it again.

Marci - I can't believe DD is a senior - that really flew by.

I forgot to mention that in my Helpful People sector is an angel that Jen gave me for my birthday and a piece of quartz that was mined by BJ and given to me on another birthday. I also have a canoe in my wealth corner (it is suppose to represent my "ship" coming in - I have to start thinking BIGGER).

I have kept every card that has been sent to me from my SS family and I went through them last night - I was nearly in tears (of joy). You guys mean so much to me.

Tikanis - I can't wait to send Jen my tacky ornament (if I dare part with it - but actually I have no use for it anymore LOL).

BJ - did you get the holiday lights up?

B - Smoothy
L - Chicken salad on lettuce, coleslaw
S - Cantaloupe
D - Steak with onions and asparagus
S - Cantaloupe
Lots of water, 20 minutes of Yoga Booty Ballet - it was strenuous for me.

Have a great Wednesday!

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NH Suzanne - my post took so long for me to write that I missed yours. I would say that you SHOULDN'T paint your walls cobalt blue unless you want too LOL - although it may look surprisingly good. Blue represents truth, wisdom and loyality - GOOD DREAM.

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Marci, can you tell me which rooms in your home correspond to your "needs" listed above? That would help me mucho with the exchange. ;-)

Work is tedius today, and some of the decisions about 2006 objectives have me about to scream. This too shall pass....

B 1 Cup old fashioned oatmeal, small banana, coffee
S 4 oz fit/light starwberry yogurt
L 2 slices whole wheat bread; 2 oz low-salt honey ham, mustard, romaine. 2 cups raw baby carrots and cukes, apple
S 4 oz fit/light blueberry yogurt, 7 dry roasted almonds
D baked ziti (made with low fat cheeses); large mixed salad with evoo and balsamic vinegar
S sugar-free Swiss Miss

Gotta run!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!!

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Forgot about that old exercise:

Walked about 1-1.5 miles this morning (had to get in early for an 8am meeting)
1 hour aerobics class scheduled for 4:45pm at corporate fitness center

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Hi all!

I haven't read the posts, but I wanted to let you all be the first to know--


Suzanne gave me some wonderful advice, and I am happy to say that I listened, and today, we adopted ***3*** shelter kitties.

The wildest thing is that we had a male (that just went to the Bridge), and 2 females, and this is what I have this time.

The male (called Lump for now) is a sky-blue eyed, calico persian that weighs 23 pounds--he is a cloud! The first girl is named Pricilla (by Rog), and she is a domestic longhair calie, and girl # 2 is a tiny, dark-chocolate point Himalayan. And boy, does she talk! :):)

I am so happy to have these guys, but I am still so sad over my other ones--what an odd feeling.

Anyhoo, if I can figure out how to post pics, I will--probably tomoorow--


Maddie and her 2 Crew--

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to the top!!!

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I am glad you are a kitty mommy again Maddie - good luck with the new babies. I would love to see pics - will have to figure out how to post so you guys can see my 2 furbabies.

I am not sure how much I told you about me but here it is - I am 48 years old, not married at this time and have no kids but do have my 2 furbabies, Lacey and Moose (12 and 11 years old). My sister lost her husband a few years ago and relocated back home to NJ and has been living with me since - interesting to say the least since we are not at all alike but we manage to get along, mostly. I am an administrative assistant in a hospital and really, really enjoy it. I like to read, listen to music, plant things in my yard, decorate my house, cook and take walks. This spring I want to get a new bike.

I will definitely check out the feng shui link this weekend when I should have some time. When my sister moved in with me a few years ago she said oh, you are in good feng shui with windchimes at your front and back doors. Actually I just like windchimes :-)

Going out to eat tonight but carefully (really). Today's menu:

B: Cereal - there is a pattern (or rut) here
S: Fat free yogurt
L: Ham & cheese sandwhich (light cheese & light bread)

I have rattled on enough - off to feed my babies and get ready to head out - will check in again tomorrow. Have a great evening!!

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Good Morning Everyone,

QOD, I could use help in all areas!!! LOL!! Especially the "friendships" area. Losing two best friends in 6 months time has gotten to me.

Wow, I am amazed at you gals. You are feng shui knowledgeable. I will try to do my best. I love hearing about your rooms.

Maddie, congrats on the new kitty.

Donna, WELCOME!!!! I am 34 years old, married, have two girls - Erica 4 and Tara 2. I am a secretary and live in Illinois.

Better run,


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Congrats on the new kittens, Maddie!! You are so special and they are soooo lucky to have you as their 'mommy'![[[[hugs]]]] to all of you!

OK,Donna....about me (isn't it always? LOL) My real name is Donna. I live in North Jersey, married at 49 about 5 1/2 years ago to my prince who finally found me; 2 lovely stepdaughters 19 & 25(who live with their mom about 4 miles from us); no pets; work as a business planning manager; love to dance, eat, cook, read, cruise, volunteer, laugh, laugh, and laugh. Oh yes, e:mail Marci with your pictures and ask her to guide you to our on-line photo album to see most of us!!

Work hollars, goils (as Maddie would say!)
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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Maddie always makes funny marks when work hollers ---- like this, I think:


It;s snowing like crazy here, so I will be posting a book again if it keeps me snowbound. I am catching up on reading the thread....


I'm a fast-talking apprentice funeral director and embalmer from the greater Seattle area. I traded looking out the window of airplanes on medical flights (for many years) for driving a hearse (nothing wrong with THAT picture!) Out of 6 pregnancies (lost 2 boys), I have 4 kids, all girls, 7, 9, 15, & 17. I'm married, but love to flirt at the grocery store, when driving, and on errands and anywhere else that's safe--- :) I have been with this thread since very near the beginning and have tried every diet known to womankind and am a dedicated dieter. In fact, I've been dieting since my early 20's. It's serious- on applications, under hobby, I write "Dieting." I love to TRAVEL (anywhere!), climb rocks and trees, bike, kayak, and make obscene faces when a camera is pointed at me. I am currently hatching butterflies and have 13 so far, so I have pet butterflies, I guess. I love raising things from the cocoon stage, but then, WHO DOESN'T?

Anyway, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this group and they are very easy to get attached to. This is a VERY safe place to vent, share joy, and just type away without being judged. We are sisters for life. Welcome to the sisterhood, Donna!

Back later!

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WOW!! You guys sure know how to make a girl feel welcome! I am so glad I joined you! I will get my pictures together and email them to Marci.

After extemely mild weather it got cold today - I guess it's really the weather we should be having but just got spoiled. The colder it gets the more my big guy, Moose (chow/shep mix) loves to go out - he thinks the kitchen door is a revolving door! He will just sit outside on the deck and stare at the woods and sniff the air. We did a big leaf clean up once already and now it's time again. It killed me to wait until most were down before I started, I usually end up doing it every weekend all through the fall.

I was good at dinner last night. I went to Olive Garden and had Tuscany Grill (I think that is what it is called). I shot that today by eating cookies and candy when a woman I work with bugged me. Oh well, try and try again.

I'm having a hard time getting in the Christmas spirit. I love the holiday but am just not ready this year. I think tonight I will cyber shop. I did that last year for the first time and loved it.

Well, off to do laundry - the fun never ends. Have a great evening. You guys are the best!!

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Are we done with the Brandy Taylor infomercial? I hope so! (Brandy, BAD girl! please don't bambard us w/ advertisements for your "I-am-not -a -salesperson" business!)

I feel MUCH better now...... : )

Donna, I have been promising Marci pics for a whole year now and am so NOT THERE yet!..

Maddie, New babies!! I want to see your pics ( I know, I know...)

jen, did you "lose" those 2 friends or aren't they just "displaced"? It WILL get easier! Cell phone family plans have sure worked wonders here!

My friend Lorena made me 2 rice bag warmers (like bean bags only filled w/ rice: heat x 4 minutes in the microwave and voila!) and I have been using them on my knee, (which by the way xrays showw bruised muscles, torn ligaments and cartilage damage!) It's feeling much better today!

Breakfast:homemade beefn' barley soup, sliced tomato w/ parmesean
Sn: string cheese and raw veggies on the road
Lunch: crab w/ jalapenos and tomato, green salad w/ cheesy lite fantastico dressing.

sn: 1/2 n.f. yogurt and raw veggies on the run!

Dinner: Well, I can't seem to motivate myself and am thinking "fend" (as in...FEND FOR YOURSELF BECAUSE THE COOK IS OUT!!)

Qod: Name something new and important in your life

Mine is a new email dialogue w/ DS ( who, remember live right here in the same house as me...) on the issues of the day. Politics, religion, social doings, morality, ethics etc.) We debate by email daily and it is truly the highlight of my day! I don't demand that my children share my point of view, only that they THINK FOR THEMSELVES and use a values based judjement system. D@mn! I have raised a couple of thinkers! I am daily kept on my toes..... :)

Well I guess that I am feeling a bit feisty tonight, so I'll say .... that in direct opposition to "anyone" selling anything ... I am offering free cyber hugs to ALL of my buddies here. I know that I can always get them in return!

stay strong and well!


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Good Morning All,

Maddie, ((((((HUGS))))) to you and your new furbabies! I am so happy and excited for you. You did the right thing and I can't wait to see pix of them; they all sound so intersting!

We saw DH's surgeon yesterday and his graft is 99.5% healed!! In spite of DH being so bad last weekend. He can start putting weight on his leg a little at a time and can walk without crutches when he is able to. He still has to elevate his leg and will have to monitor the swelling. He cannot work until after the first of the year. All good news.

Donna, I just turned 50 am married to a good man and have two step sons, 25 & 28. They are not all grown up yet and the youngest is living with us while he gets established in NH. He has been living in RI. I am horse crazy. I have two Morgan mares, Sweet Pea and Casey, a white donkey named Tillie, two Pygmy goats, Rock and Belle, two Siamese boys names Blue and Garnet and a calico cat named Cali. We live on a small farm in SW NH. I retired as a structural steel project manager about 10 years ago. Most recently took a job selling advertising for an equine publication but lost my job in July. I have been trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up!! I am a country girl and you will no doubt read about some of my horse riding adventures.

It's snowing here today but not going to amount to more than an inch. Next week is looking stormy.

I am going to start painting my living room soon. I decided on a smoky/gray blue. Even though I had a very vivid dream that showed my LR in cobalt blue, I will refrain! I think I would regret it!!

My sister and I are going to be baking Christmas cookies soon. It should be a fun day or two to spend together.

QOD: What are you up to this weekend?

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Good Morning,

Tikanas, well one friend is moving to Hawaii in January, and my other kind of has went off the deep end. She divorced her hubby (whom I am also good friends with) in July, got remarried to some guy in October, and now she is sleeping around with whoever she can go home with from the bars. Her daughter is Erica's best friend and I love her to pieces. She also has a 7 year old son. It's very sad!!! She is not the same person I thought I knew. I found out everything she has told me and another friend has been total lies for the past 3 years. Sickening! Oh well. Feng shui, I guess I am in deep need for.

NH Suzanne, Great news on DH. I hope things continue to improve.

Donna, I love the Olive Garden. Their eggplant parmesan is my favorite. I love to cybershop, but DH hates it

QOD, weekend plans--Saturday morning a funeral, Saturday afternoon a Wedding, and Saturday nite the Christmas parade. Sunday, I am hoping to scrapbook.

Have a great day.


Better run. Have a great weekend.

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QOD - Christmas shopping in the AM and a Christmas party Sat. night. Sunday - laundry, cleaning and decorating.

NHSuzanne - Great news about DH. You must both be relieved.

DeeMarie - I sent you an email about my Feng Shui. Hope I figured it out right.

Besh - I need to know your areas that need improvement and their corresponding rooms.

Donna - I will email you the URL for our picture album when I get home later today. But if I forget, remind me please!

I am going on a field trip this morning, so I had a few extra minutes to get ready. We will be outside part of the
time and wouldn't you know it, it snowed last night. Hope the kids dress warm enough. Sometimes I wonder what parents are thinking when they dress their kids. But we have a bag of extra mittens, just in case.

Our director/my co-worker became a first time grandmother yesterday. Her DD and DSIL had a baby girl, born on her due date. Madeline Elise - 7 lb. 13 oz. and 20 1/2" long. Can't wait to see her.

Gotta run and find my warmest coat!

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Hello Again,

Donna, here is the link to the photo site that Marci keeps for us.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marci's Photo Site

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QOD #1 name something new and important in your life: A friendship. I have had a friend for several years and we have always been close, but ever since her divorce we have really bonded and we both feel closer than sisters. She just told me that having me for a friend was worth the divorce.

QOD #2 - Tonight I am going to a Real Estate Christmas party and auction - it is for all the Realtors in our area and should be a lot of fun. Tomorrow night is Operation Santa Claus Ball a very formal event - we bring toys to be distributed to those in need and there is a silent auction to help raise funds. Sunday morning I am shopping and we have the town Christmas tree lighting with carols, hayrides, etc.

Dee/Suzanne - We went to Saratoga Springs last night for their "Victorian Stroll". A good portion of Broadway is closed to traffic and there are tons of people dressed in victorian clothing. All the restaurants had entertainment, there was a Santa Claus in the middle of the street, playing christmas songs on a sax, street vendors, and all the shops opened and jammed pack. We didn't get home until 2AM - I am exhausted today.

Suzanne - great news on DH. Have a great time making those cookies with your sister.

Donna - I love cyber shopping - as much as I usually love to shop - I don't like to be in crowded malls.

Marci - enjoy the field trip.

Tikanis - my friend makes those bags but she fills them with corn - they come in handy. You really did a number on your knee OUCH. I love your use of e-mail with your kids. Did I miss something with this Brandy infomercial?

Jen - I forgot about your close girlfriend that got divorced - I feel for you.

B - Smoothy
L - Boneless Buffalo Chicken salad
D - 9:30PM Pork Tenderloin and 3 glasses of wine - yes, I said 3 -but I think I danced it off. The pork came served on a bed of angel hair pasta, so I only had the pork.
The good news is the scale showed a 5 1/2 lb loss.

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HURRAY for RAEANNE!! Wonderful news on your loss! Aren't "new" friends wonderful?

NHSuzanne, I LOVE that color! You can always accentuate in cobalt blue. Are you able to get out and ride in your weather back there?

Jen, I didn't know about the "flaky" friend! I have one that has gone that route as well! She cannot understand why I don't want to socialize anymore, but frankly, she has cheated on her husband and done a GREAT disservice to her family. Poor kids! Your other friend, the one who is moving? You will be surprised at how close your friendship can remain! My friend and I have ben friends since I was 13, she 16, and a bit of distance has not hurt us at all! (I cried a bit though, when she moved)

Well, DS is out and I don't know what to have for dinner. Was going to do Greek food but not in the mood to go all out for just me....

I had a GREAT day today! I am feeling very thanful, very grateful for every thing I have...

Qod: Going to a mother/daughter gingerbread house making party w/ some co workers. I am really looking forward to it!

Have a great weekend everybody!!


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Good SATURDAY morning!

Jen, my best friend (we were born on the same street) moved to California in 1970. We are still best friends and although we don't see each other often, you cannot lose that special something you have together. You'll understand what we mean. It's so much easier for you with e:mail, when I couldn't afford to phone, Patti & I would snail-mail each other back in the old days!! LOL. It will work out for you.

Raeanne, what a great time you're having. You soooo deserve the admiration from your friend too!!

Marci, got your message and I hope to be on the case soon.

QOD: I did some shopping yesterday and had a hair appointment, followed by a bit more shopping and dinner with friends. This morning, I'm going to finish up the tree in the house, go back to the hairdresser (there is not enough highlight on the right side of my hair--right at my face; doesn't look good to me!), and DH will start to "Snow Village" here right through tomorrow (will probably take a day to set up the electricity for it!). Tonight or tomorrow night, we will meet DSIL and DBIL for dinner somewhere.

Donna, you will love the characters here (and I use that descriptor with all due respect!). Suzanne will dazzle you with her wonderful tales; Maddie can put you in stiches of laughter; Raeanne keeps us entertained with her antics on vacation and elsewhere; BJ has days filled with tasks and events that most of us can't complete in a week; Marci is the glue that keeps us together as she remembers birthdays, anniversaries, and is the keeper of the photo album; Amy is our sweet artist; Joanne is our resident Canadian; John is our ever-lurking dear brother;...oh, the list goes on and'll see.

I've really got to run and get my day going.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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Happy Saturday! I am glad to see this week come to an end.

Dee, I am so enjoying meeting everyone and finding out about you. I did follow the link Suzanne posted for me and looked at the pictures - it is good to put faces to names. I will definitely root around for some pictures of me and my doggies.

Jen - A very good friend of mine moved to Atlanta in January of this year. I was very sad to see her and her family move but we take turns calling each other and thank goodness for email. Tikanis is right, you will be surprised how close you can remain with someone.

QOD: Decorating the house for Christmas. I usually do it Thanksgiving weekend but didn't - don't know why so this weekend it will get done, inside and out. Also, tomorrow is my parent's anniversary so the family is going out to dinner - don't know where (Dee-maybe Smithville Inn!).

It's going on 10:00 so I better get rollin - have a wonderful Saturday and have fun!! I will check in later.


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Donna - DeeMarie forgot to tell you that she is our resident motivator, butt kicker and cheerleader! I am one of the priviliged that got to not only meet her once, but twice and she has a beautiful smile and sparkle in her eyes that warms your heart immediately. Just some more insight to some of the people here, we have busy busy Jen who made us all aunts and uncle with 2 precious girls since we have known her, Tikanis although relatively new in comparison, fit in all too quickly - she is adventurous and has a warped sense of humor (that's why I like her), I don't think you met Patti yet, no matter what she is facing she remembers each and everyone of us (WHERE are you Patti & Dave?), there is also Gretchen from the windy city and she blows in just long enough to catch up and then disappears (very busy at work, etc.) but we miss her.

Which reminds me Lynn hasn't been around in quite a while, I hope all is okay with her.

I haven't kept track of who was mentioned, but I am sure there are others I haven't mentioned - but everyone here has something unique to offer and that's why this place is so special. I am getting sappy in my old age.

Jen - I was the one to leave all my friends behind and I never thought they could be replaced - well they can't - but fortunately you find new friends and still have your old ones. I stay in touch with my closest old friends, but not on a regular basis (as they are ALL computer illiterate LOL), but when we do talk or get together, it is like we haven't missed a day. It does get better.

Tikanis - Someone asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I couldn't think of anything - I said I felt I had all I needed and didn't want anything. I felt just like you said, thankful and grateful for what I do have. I love the gingerbread house making party with DD - those are the things I like to do. You found yourself a great place to work.

B - Smoothy
S - 3 bagel chips (I had an uneasy stomach from the night before)
L - 2 eggs
Christmas Realtors Party:
S - Appetizers before dinner, shrimp & scallops wrapped in bacon, vegie skewer, deviled egg
D - 2 Beef fajitas with no tortilla
NO alcoholic beverages, plenty of water

The night before, I thought I had 3 glasses of wine, which was bad enough, but my DH said that the waiter and a friend filled my glass at dinner more than once - so who knows how many I had and we ate very late, so we had drinks on an empty stomach. I paid dearly for it yesterday, bad headache, uneasy stomach and exhausted. I wasn't a whole lot of fun last night - but boy you should've seen me the night before. The next day a casual acquaintance, kept telling DH that he had no idea how funny I was - I don't have a clue what he's talking about - but I sort of remember it had something to do with an air guitar. Too Much Information!

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Happy Saturday indeed!

Donna, I will be doing the Christmas decorating thing today after the Gingerbread House Party. The house "walls" are baking as we "speak".

DeeMarie, I HATE having to go back for a "hair fix". I hope it turns out perfect for you.

Well I had a WONDERFUL start to my day! A call from Raeanne!! I loved chatting with her, and look forward to doing it again soon!!

Well, I am off to finsish the gingerbread for the party. I hope to hit that feng shui web site too....


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Donna - I don't think you met Besh yet either, her knowledge of books is unending and I believe she does WW too.

Tikanis - it was great to hear your voice - we have to do that again. How did the mother/daughter day go?

I went to a wonderful party last night. They raised a ton of money and collected an unbelievable amount of toys for needy families in our area.

It is snowing this morning which is perfect for our tree lighting ceremony this afternoon.

Life is good!

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Raeanne - I'm glad you had a good time last night and great work was done as well! I agree snow for the tree lighting ceremony is perfect - it will be beautiful.

I have met Besh, she told me about herself and her family. I have not yet met Patti, Maddie, Amy, John, Joanne and Gretchen. I hope I didn't miss anybody!

Well, the house is decorated and ready for Christmas, at least by appearance. This afternoon I will cyber shop and do laundry then get myself together to go out and help my parents celebrate their anniversary today.

Have a great Sunday!! I will check in later.


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Raeanne and Tikanis,

I forgot to mention how cool that you talked to each other!!


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The Mother/daughter gingerbread housemaking party was great. Our "walls" were a little overdone and the roof pieces were off a bit so we decided that ours would be a "gingerbread shanty" : ) In the end, ours held up better than anyone's except for our hostess' daughter, Katie, who ought to find a way to make a living doing this! I mean, her house was GORGEOUS!
Our hostess served finger sandwiches of cucumber and red pepper paste that were delicious. What fun! It was nice to have my DD meet some of my newer friends.

DeeMarie, how is your hair? : ) Please tell me again to "never give up" because the holiday treats are calling to me....

Donna, it WAS cool to talk to Raeanne! We should all try and do this every once in awhile. Raeanne is so sweet. I can't wait to meet her in person. You are ahead of me in decorating. We barely got our stuff down from the rafters.

Since I totally overdid it yesterday, my knee is now swollen to twice its normal size and I am limping. I played hooky from church to keep the leg elevated w/ the heating pad on. I have so much to do and this is so frustrating!

Does anyone have any good books to recommend? I just finished Janet Evanoviches Eleven On Top and am looking for a book to make this sedentary lifestyle bearable.

Have a great day! Raeanne, enjoy that Christmas tree lighting! Snow will make it all the more wonderful


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Good MONDAY morning!

Decorations completed by me and DH......we came, we saw, we Snow-Villaged! Only had to make 2 moves toward the phone to call my lawyer (haha...relax, divorce was averted, and we kissed and made up!) I'll take some pictures of our living room and send them along to Marci when I get a chance.

Donna, once the rush of the holidays is over and the weather is nicer, we'll plan to meet sort of halfway...maybe in Brick? We can discuss if you e:mail me your phone number.

Raeanne, aren't we the little party person? lol!

Tikanas, most of you know that DH and his daughters have life-long traditions that I now partake in...strawberry picking on Father's Day, pumpkin picking and carving in the fall, etc. Well, as of 2 years ago, I started my own tradition with them....gingerbread house! Of course, I buy the kit, but I also buy extra stuff to make it as pretty or grotesque as possible!. We will create this masterpiece this Thursday evening, and I'm excited too!

Patti, if you need further information from me for the exchange, please write or holler here. I hope still have your e:mail, as I send out a joke or two now and then.

That's it for now...
Make this week count!

Take care, eat healthy and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!!!!


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Good Morning All!!

Here it is December 5th and there wasn't one RABBIT, RABBIT!! A sure sign of the holidays!

This weekend was very snowy and nice. Everything is covered with white glitter and it's truly breathtaking. The sun will be high enough in a while to melt it all away but I was out and about early enough to take it all in. All surfaces, tree trunks, boughs, rocks fence rails are covered in beautiful sparking glitter. I went out into the woods to pick some hemlock boughs for the horses. It's the only green they get this time of year and I give them a few boughs once a week or so. I wish I had my camera this morning as Sweet Pea and Tilley, (the donkey) were sharing a bough. It was so sweet as they faced each other gently nibbling on the bough that seperated them! A real Hallmark moment. I am hoping to get myself out on a ride but it's still hunting's over soon.

I started making cookie dough for my annual cookie baking day with my sister. I thought it would be more fun if we could just bake, decorate and wrap instead of making it a two day project that we both get tired of!

I also painted my LR. It's a beautiful smokey blue that is quite dramatic and, it's turned out to be closer to the color that I dreamed of than the cobalt blue I thought it was! It's spectacular and completely changes the room. Now you see everything else when you walk in instead of just the rug. I will try to take a photo of it to post.

Raeanne, and DeeMarie.....are you listening to Howard's final days on terrestrial radio at all? It's really some of the best! Hope you are getting a chance to listen.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday.

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