Rude hostess update

SAG1November 15, 2002

Well, I just found out that she criticized someone's dessert that they brought. Said it was undercooked in front of a bunch of people in the kitchen. I wonder if we should just boycott going there.

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I guess is would depend on if it was undercooked or not. I mean really, if it was raw-ish and contained eggs or something that may make someone ill, I certainly would not want my guests to eat it either.

Is this the same hostess where I saw you posted that people got sick from eating her food?


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Is this the same lady whose dinner possibly made you ill? If she served the dish after discovering it was undercooked, then perhaps you now know what caused your illness...And yes, I would think of never attending a dinner at that home again. But if she stated in the kitchen "oh my, this is undercooked" and stashed it away, then I dont think she was being rude...Probably just surprised. Now if she just out and out made fun of the person who brought it, then again I would probably not attend any other get togethers. Just wondering....are/were you two friends??

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Is this the same place that the toilet overflowed?

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