Harman P60 Stove

technologygardenJanuary 5, 2010

Hi there, I have a home I just bought that has a Harman P60 stove and it seems pretty old, but I did some cleaning of the heat exchangers, burn pot, etc and test fired it, and it worked OK, but I expect more heat. The blowers in the back seem to be dusty and cobwebs, etc.

How should I go about cleaning this to make sure I get the best performance from it? Compressed air? Any spots to add Oil for fans, etc? Or should I simply hire a pro to come and service it for me and give it a tune up? Everything seems to work properly, but again, I just don't think it's working at optimum

thanks for any help, Im here in Southern NH if anyone has some recommendations

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Thanks for the info. I did a thorough cleaning and I noticed that the pipe is also a little leaky, so the draft may be an issue. I also noticed a TON of dust on the blowers in the back of the unit and vaccummed all this out and then used a blower with compressed air to blow out some of the dust in the blowers. The unit seems to now be pushing a ton more air. Are there any areas of the blowers or augers need oiling to increase the performance of the stove?

I also removed the bricks in the back of the stove and these had tons of ash all over them and in behind them, I'll clean it up more and start to test it once I get the pipe in the back fixed for a better draft and to avoid Carbon monoxide issues....I have a detector in the room just incase

thanks for the help, I also found a few good videos on the stove and cleaning it, but it mentioned nothing about the blowers and dust, oiling etc

When the stove IS cranking away and its running efficiently, what SHOULD the high temp go up to?


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I bought a magnetic thermostat for the pellet stove, where is the best place to put it? I plopped it on the middle top near the front where it seems hottest (over the heat exchangers where the heat blows out) and its getting up near 300F, what should it be at?


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ANy help here would be appreciated....is ~300F the MAX temp for my stovetop? thanks!

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Another update...I bought another 2 bags of pellets (less than 1% ash) premium hardwood and tried the stove again for 24hrs.

Im getting unburt pellets (they are burnt and black, but not a fine ash. Am I pushing too many pellets in? The feed rate is on 2 or less and this still happens. Am I just in need of a bad cleaning? I haven't cleaned the flu yet but did vacuum and clean everything else .

The stove did get up to 370 or so last night, but the ash pan seems to be full of mostly burnt but intact pellets.

thanks for the help!

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I don't know what the solution is but from my understanding you should barely have any ash from even a whole bag of pellets.

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Found the issue, there was an access port below the burn pot that was totally clogged, Im surprised it was burning at all. I cleaned the heck out of this access door with the wing nuts and then vacuumed. The stove now gets up to almost 600 F using a magnetic stovetop thermometer and cranks thru pellets on a feed rate of 4. I still need to do more cleaning but all checks out, thanks for the guidance!

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Harman is a heck of a stove. Good job.

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