Can I have a wood AND gas buring fireplace together?

happyancaJanuary 21, 2012

Hi. I am about to remodel my house and I thought that this would be a great time to see if it's possible to keep my wood burning fireplace BUT to also somehow add the option of just using it as a gas fireplace when we are too lazy to put real wood in there.

Oh, and I don't want an insert. Right now the inside of my fireplace is painted brick and I would like to keep it that way, or similar.

Is this possible?

Please help and thank you!

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Yes, I had that at my last house

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Sounds like you are talking about a gas log set. These units fit into a wood fireplace. You cannot however switch back and forth between wood and gas. It is one or the other, but it allows to to convert a wood fireplace to gas without putting in an insert.

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You sure can.. My daughter has it in her home....... They love it....

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You mean you can light it as a gas log set one day and then another day put logs on there and they burn, create ash, and can be cleaned? I am confused!

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Not really a possibility to switch back and forth. You are able to take a wood burning fireplace and install a gas log set, but you cannot and should not at any time attempt to burn real wood in it after installing a gas log set. For the simplest reason, a gas log set has a gas line run to it. You don't want to have undirected fire near a gas line. In other technical issues, you have to fix the damper open on the fireplace to use a gas log set, which creates a pretty big draft, and will exhaust quite a bit of your heated room air when the unit is not in operation.

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