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choufleurJanuary 18, 2005

Have any of you opened an account at subject on-line bank (, and if so, what has been your experience. Their brochure indicate they pay 2.35% on savings accounts.

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I have had an account with them for several years. Excellent experience. I even got a $50 bonus for opening the account. Last year, I discovered Virtual Bank paid a little more so I moved some money for our remodel over there. Excellent experience too!

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It's a Dutch based bank, I understand.

People around here use them. I think that they are satisfied.

In their advertising in this area they claim that there are no fees.

You must have a bank chequing (U.S. "checking") account in order to send the money to them, though I suppose that they would accept a postal money order, etc. - which fee, plus stamp, will eat up a major portion of the interest premium that you'd get on small amounts.

They send a cheque when you ask for withdrawal.

Good wishes for health and other good things for you and yours.

joyful guy

P.S. I don't like earning interest, for several reasons, which I've outlined elsewhere here. Write me if you'd like to know them.


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Love them. I've had my accts open for at least 2 years, & have had no problems. Be sure you look into a bonus for opening your acct. (just search the web, I'm sure you'll find something) I rec'd $25 when I opened my acct. I then "invited" each of my young children to join. Even though I linked their accts to my checking, they each recieved $25 for opening an acct, & I rec'd $10 for each also, as the person who invited them. I then asked a couple of friends, and rec'd $10 for each of them! That's $150 free money - yippee!!! (you do need to wait a month to transfer this money out of your acct, if you so wish) It is a breeze to open new accts & you can give them nicknames, so you can easily see what you're saving for. It does take a few days to transfer money back & forth between the ING account & your checking acct.

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I've have a couple Ing accounts, saving for various things. No problems at all. I'm pleased with them.

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Joyful Guy
You worte "I don't like earning interest, for several reasons, which I've outlined elsewhere here." Can you tell me where you posted this? I know that you wrote about your ideas for paying for food, tables, cars etc., but I failed to find where you wrote about your dislike for
"interest and why". I'm interested in learning more about what is availbable in Canada in "tax deferred plans". Do you recomend any of them and if so, why?


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