Weekly Weigh-in, Week of 11/22/09

harold14370November 22, 2009

Good morning.

We had three people weigh in last week.

Harold - Weight 189, lost 2, total lost 86

Jasmi - Weight 131.4, lost, 0.6 total lost 16.6

Ivamae - Weight 165, lost 1, total lost 27

Here are my results for this week

Weight 189

Loss this wk 0

Avg Calories Last 7 Days 2107

Avg Exercise Calories Last 7 Days 346

Avg Steps Last 7 Days 12794

Have a good week and a happy Thanksgiving, ladies.

I plan to overeat just a little bit, but I won't be going too crazy.

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Hi All

You have a great Thanks Giving !!
I have not checked my weight today . Will post it tomorrow.

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I weighed to-day. I didn't lose anything this week but didn't gain either.
At least I'm holding my own.

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I hope everybody had a happy Thanksgiving day.

Well, I guess it's just me and you Ivamae. Not enough activity here to justify a new thread, so I'll just post this week's results here.

I stayed at 189 for the third week in a row. I ate an average of 2025 calories per day, and burned an average of 328 per day while exercising, recording an average of 12755 steps per day on the pedometer.

I wolfed down 2486 calories worth of Thanksgiving goodies, indulging in some apple pie, fudge and pumpkin roll. Not too bad though, as I managed to break even for the week.

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Hi Harold and Ivamae
Hope you had a great Thanks giving.
I thought I posted my weight last wednesday. I dont see it on the thread which means I did not submit it after typing it. I was 131 last wednesday. I will be weighing in tomorrow morning and would be very happy if I did not gain any weight . I had tons of food on the Thanksgiving.
Lets see how much I gained :-)))

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Hi guys

I was 131 this morning . So I have not GAINED any weight . Hurrayyyyy.. That means I had a great Thanks giving. ;-))

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I weighed this morning - Dec 9/09 and didn't lose anything but I am very pleased as I was invited out to a pot luck breakfast and also for a dinner, and I didn't gain. I expect it is going to be like this until after the new year. I'm not going to be too upset if I gain a tiny bit as I don't intend to give up in the long run. I do want to enjoy the Chrismas meals, though as well.

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