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carolyntxNovember 29, 2010

Let's get this party started! Back later to check in.

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Time to start FRESH with a CAN DO attitude.

Gotta read and then come back. Family and work has kept me away.

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I have the day off and have been busy with some decorating and cyber shopping.

DH and I purchased a new scale and neither of us is happy (although he does not have much to worry about!). I hate the numbers, weight, blood pressure, triglycerides, heart rate, blah, blah, blah, blah......thought all the worry over numbers went away with graduation day!

Make this week count! LOL!!!!

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Hi all!

I'm having this freaky, sad day. Two teenagers were killed here in Louisville on Thanksgiving, and the young lady and I share the same name (w/o my second "M"). So I'm listening to the news and I keep hearing "'My name'" and her boyfriend were killed Thursday...", and it's giving me cold chills. (I feel so sorry for their families; apparently they were coming back from her grandmother's house and some guy crossed the median, and hit them head on.)

Well, the house is decorated, and I'm enjoying the peace while sitting here doing homework on the digestive system. Sigh. Oh, Tikanis, we did the unknown bacteria experiment too, but our lab is like a meat locker, and nothing grew. :( Mine was good, too--I swabbed a keyboard in the computer lab. Yeeeee...

Just checking in--hope all is well with everyone!



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(((((Maddie)))), turn off the media for a bit, and count your blessings that you are safe. Saying a prayer for the families of those kids.

For those who want to know, I kicked ZUMBA @ss tonight! LOL!!!!!!!! I'm not expecting any surprises during my stress test on Friday, but keep me in your thoughts this week please.

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I'm back! So nice to see so many posting, too! :)

(((((Maddie))))) How spooky to hear your own name like that. Prayers for those families.

(((Dee))) You'll beat those numbers yet, especially with all that ZUMBA! You go, girl!

BJ, I CAN DO it! Today, I've double-checked on everything regarding the divorce proceedings on Friday, checked with everyone involved in the physical moving process, and *gulp* purchased 2 flat screen LCD tv's for my new apartment. I am now TV rich,but cash poor. At least I'll be able to enjoy tv while I'm sitting home counting my pennies! LOL

I've got 3 days left to get everything I want to keep packed. H told me last night that what's left once I'm gone will be donated to the thrift shop. That put me into panic mode, but I had another sick stomach (too much dining out) so today was a bust except for the tv shopping.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Tuesday till I get online tomorrow afternoon. I have to stop by the lawyer's office to sign some paper, then on to my last therapist session. That woman has worked a miracle in me. I feel like a whole new me, and I really like me now!

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What's not to like Carolyn. Wishing you a peaceful week.

Check in all you MIAs!

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Rabbit! Rabbit! Is it really December already? What happened to November?

I'm up early because it's now only 3 days until I leave Crosby for Dallas and a new way of life. All the last minute stuff is keeping me from sleeping well, but I know that once I'm moved and settled in, I can make up for lost sleep.

It's 5am, and I'm sipping coffee and reading online. An interesting part of the day. I have to run papers over to my lawyer's office this morning, then back home to seriously pack as I only have today and tomorrow in which to complete everything. Friday is court, then picking up the rent truck, then loading up for the move on Saturday.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday!

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How's everyone doing with holiday stuff? I have 95% of shopping completed, 3 different batches of cookie dough frozen, inside and outside decorations up, tree up and decorated. No Snow Village yet, and no invitations to DH's family sent yet. I have my menu for that party (40 people!), but not much shopping done for it.

Make today count!

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Wowza! No beating CarolynTX for Rabbit, Rabbit this month. LOL I may have been awake at that time b/c I didn't sleep well with all the coughing I was doing all night. However, Mom's dog woke me up around 8:00 when I finally got up.

Sorry Maddie about the families. Hugs & prayers to them & I think good advice about not listening to the news right now. That must be very depressing. Keep the negative out of your life as much as you can. :)

Dee~Your numbers should surprise that dr as good as you've been going. Here's hoping for the best!

My Mom fell yesterday & we had to take her to the emergency room. I think our two year program will turn into something much more urgent. We are looking at other options. More later. Can't wait to hear from everyone else. :) Patti

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Happy Rabbit, Rabbit!

November was the quickest month ever.

Patti - I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I hope it isn't anything serious.

Dee - throw the freakin' scale out - isn't that what NJKaren used to say? Sending positive vibes for tomorrow.

Maddie - how eerie and how very sad.

Carolyn - keeping you in my thoughts too. Your plate is full.

BJ - get back here and fill us in!

NHSuzanne - I am missing you, hope all is well.

Rain, rain go away. It has been raining non-stop since yesterday, but the good news is that it is 57 degrees, but the bad news is a cold front is coming our way.

Busy here with Girlfriends Getaway and an Art Show this weekend.

Love and hugs to all.

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Hi all!

Well, speaking of the young lady that passed-- I saw her obit and her services are being held in the same church that I graduated high school from. (The church ran a school from K to 12, that has since closed, but what a freaky coincidence.)

Patti, I hope your mom is OK! (((hugs!!))

Carolyn--oh, please--what's *not* to like?! We think you're great and we all have very good taste! :)

Man, it's cold here! We're looking for some snow and sleet this afternoon. Yeeee.....

Hope all is well!



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Cold, cold and cold today!! We have been spoiled.

Going to Philly on Saturday to see JERSEY BOYS!!! Yay!!!

Maddie, take a break!! How awful about that accident and that victim shared your name and you keep hearing it. Way too much coincidence agreed. ((Hugs))

Hi to all.

Will check in later - take care!!


PS: Dee; good for you kicking Zumba @ss...I have to start doing SOMETHING. Returned to WW tonight, new program. Oh boy but I will give it a shot.

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Good Friday all,

I'm back. I was never really far - I was lurking. LOL My attention has been focused on Sweet Pea who is recovering from her relapse. It's such an insidious disease and I misjudged just how sensitive she is. Sigh. I think we are on the down side but she still has a ways to go.

Maddie sent me the greatest present for my birthday! She sent me some bookends that came from a very famous Thoroughbred breeding farm in Kentucky, Calumet Farm. They have bred many triple crown winners there and it has a very rich history if you care to check it out I will include a link to their website. The bookends have a very prominent place on my desk. Each end has three pewter horses heads. They are lovely and make me think of dear Maddie every day.

Not much new with me. Looking for a job is a joke so I have decided to not even think about it until after the first of the year, if then. Pretty dismal in this neck of the woods.

I can't believe Christmas is on the horizon! Yesterday Pea and I went out for a walk in the woods. We were on a mission to gather greens for window boxes at the barn. She ate more than she picked! It was fun though. So quiet in the woods except our feet walking over dead leaves. The boxes look great and that is all I have done to prepare for Christmas so far.

I do have to start thinking about the Christmas morning breakfast that I am in charge of making. If anyone has any great do ahead ideas please pass them along.

What is everyone doing for the weekend?

Here is a link that might be useful: Calumet Farm

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[[[[[Suzanne]]]]]]] You've been having such a rough time, and I'm praying that things start to look up. Please look for an e:mail. I"m going to copy my sister because she had a very successful brunch for about 30 last Christmas. Lots of great things and she did most of them ahead of time!

I"m back from PART 1 of my Stress Test. The doc who performed it said I did 'great' on the treadmill, and the EKG was OK. I asked how that could be if the cardiologist told me there was evidence of a previous heart attack on the EKG she did in her office 2 weeks ago. He confirmed that the heart pictures would tell the story. He also mentioned that during the treadmill test I had a skip or two (which I felt!--really wierd), so he would recomment that I wear a halter after my followup with my new cardiologist. In about an hour I go back for more pictures (with resting heart), and an echocardigram ECG. We'll see what happens with all that. So far, the worst part was finding a vein for the IV....my arm is killing me and I look like a herion addict! sheesh!!!


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PART 2 of Stress Test completed. Went back for 64 pics of my heart at rest, and the ECHO. Tech tells me "you did great!"; ECHO gal had the personality of a house plant. I asked her if she felt it was OK to go back to my normal routine. She said "you mean go back to work?" I said, "No, is it OK for me to exercise"? She never asked anyone, but said "if they told you it was OK, it's OK". huh?

Whatever........I told anyone who would listen to me that I was going to Zumba tomorrow morning and 3 additional classes with walking and other exercise thrown in before my followup with the cardiologist on the 14th. I figured someone would give me a heads-up and stop me if it's not adviseable! LOL!

Sooooooooo, I wait for results which will be given to me on the 14th. Don't know much more now than I did yesterday.

blech!!!!!!!!!!! The wait is the worst.

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Ladies, I'm officially a single lady as of 8:50am today! It went well, quickly and civilly, TG!

The moving van is packed and ready to roll early tomorrow morning, and I'll be back online by Sunday.

Thank you for your wonderful support and hugs when I've needed them. I can't do without y'all!

(((((HUGS))))) to all who need them or just want them. Love y'all!

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[[[[[[[[[[SUPER HUGS FOR CAROLYN]]]]]]]]]]]]

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I too haven't been far. I pass through and read and have good intentions of posting, but the evening goes so quickly that before I know it, it's time for bed. I made some chili yesterday to cook in the crockpot today, so I have some extra time now to just sit and relax.

Thanksgiving was great. Both kids came home, and we went somewhere every single day. I had to go back to work just to get some rest! LOL

(Suzanne) So sorry to hear about Sweet Pea. I know when she is hurting, you are hurting just as much. I remember the pictures of your barn decorated last year. It looked like a Norman Rockwell Christmas card. Your gift from Maddie sounds fantastic. Kudos to Maddie for finding the perfect gift.

(Carolyn) - you sound like you are in a good place right now. I am glad you are looking forward and are anxious to start your single life in Dallas. Have a safe trip.

Maddie - I was reading an article a few years ago about teenage drivers and they featured stories of 3 different teenagers who had been killed in accidents because of excessive speed. The one boy had my son's name. Even down to the middle name. It freaked me out at the time, so I know what you felt when you saw and heard "your" name in conjunction with a death.

Patti - Sorry to hear that your Mom isn't doing well. Are you going to be in Texas for Christmas? You will have to email me the address where you want me to send your exchange package.

Raeanne - I have been seeing your artwork on FB. You do beautiful work!

DeeMarie - I had to laugh at your description of the tech. Hopefully you will get good news on the 14th.

Donna - There was a mother cat and 2 kittens lurking right outside the preschool. We were worried when the weather turned cold, so one of the church members made them beds out of boxes, straw and blankets. I was feeding them each morning when I got to school. They found someone to adopt the two kittens, but the mother is still available. She is a beautiful calico and was obviously someone's pet at one time. But she wasn't chipped, and there are no signs posted looking for a lost cat. We have a lead on someone taking the mother, but I think she really wanted one of the kittens. I always think of you and your rescue dogs when I see an animal in need.

Hugs to anyone who needs them and have a great weekend. I have errands to run and a family Christmas party tomorrow night.


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I'm here, y'all! Got here at 11:15, and my friend Ann was waiting with her camera to take my pic on arrival. The cable guy showed up first, so I've got internet!!!!! Now we're just waiting for the firefighters to bring my furniture from my son's house (he's giving me his beautiful old bedroom suite), and then they'll unload our rental truck. It's a beautiful, sunny, coolish day here - perfect moving-in weather. My son, DDIL, and grandson Paxton will be following behind the firefighters so that they can come and set up my little bitty kitchen for me. I'll probably end up just enjoying the heck out of being with the baby! I've got the rest of my life to unpack, right?

I felt all those good vibes from y'all and slept like a baby last night. The drive up was perfect, and this place was so easy to reach from the interstate. Ann is having us over tonight for tacos and Sangria. She and Bob hit it off well, so she included him, too. I'll run him out to the airport in the morning, then I have my first lunch date! He's an old friend from school, no romance impending, but it's nice to have that to look forward to. This coming week is one I'm going to enjoy also. Lunch and decorating with my sister on Monday, living and dining room furniture arrives sometime Tuesday, Tater visiting on Wednesday, then who knows after that! I do know that I'm going to make the most of my new life!

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