Breckwell Pellet Stove problem

mary14January 29, 2006

I need some help or advise if you would call it that.!!!!

I just installed a Breckwell Pellet Stove "The Big E" home heater.

It says to press the on/off green light, and once it stops blinging, you can use the heat level advance control.

Well, here's the problem. The on/off start green light will not stop blinking. I have allowed the stove to run for at least 6 hours and the light still will not stop blinking.

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We have a st croix, not a breckwell, but I had a look at the manual for your stove and it looks to function almost exactly like ours.
Do you have a thermostat connected? If not, check to see if there is a "jumper" in place and remove it if you are using a thermostat. Our stove did the same thing when we first got it, but I soon discovered the jumper was in there. Once I removed it, the thermostat and the stove worked properly. You can also ask around on the yahoo pellet stove forum. Last resort, call your dealer if it's a new stove.

Here is a link that might be useful: Yahoo Groups: pellet stove

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first make sure the stove is set to manual this is located on the top of the control panel it is a switch that has 3 settings.. another thing is when you first start it will blink untill it hits a certain fire temp.. and somtimes you cannot advance the setting untill .. once you start it and it fires up for a few or more secs it should stop blinking .. Also if it is on for awhile and it is still blinking hold down the off on button for a few secs. and see it this stops it... If you disturbe the startup somtimes the light will blink untill you hold the startup button down for a few sec.. Also you can call the Tech service or email the tech ser # is 1866-606-8444 ext 104
belive the name to ask for is Jason ..
Good luck

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My breckwell is three years old. It used to heat really well and now after 1 day, I have to empty the fire box. Besides cleaning the ash from the four slots in the box, is there anything else I should be doing? Do I need to take my shop vac and clean out the vent?

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i recently bought and installed a breckwell P2001 fireplace insert pellet stove. the issue i have is soot on the window. the manual says common issues are damper not being open enough,,and pellet auger speed too slow.. i opened the damper 1/2 more nad increased the flow of pellets. still i have soot that forms and the top of the windows and seems to flow downward..almost looking like stalagites that form in caves..dripping from the ceiling.. what else can i do to stop the soot from forming on the window??

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I have a breckwell P23 insert. I'm getting the #1 and #4 light at the same time when in operation. What does this mean?

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