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jazi49January 21, 2004

Does anyone have any experience with this type of "credit cleaning"? Is it real, or is it another scam? They supposedly review your credit report and remove derogatory items, quicker than the 7 year usual. For example, I had a credit card balance that was paid off about 2 years ago, and it was still listed as having a balance in June of this year!!! Is it better to just write to the CBs yourself? I was told that they can ignore your letters if they feel they are meritless.

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Hi jazi,

Check what Dave Donhof(?) told another person asking about credit, a thread right beside this one, initial message by someone name of Kathy something.

He provides some links to help you check out your credit yourself.

I'm not sure just what channel you use to get a report free, but I think that you can ask them for repair without charge (though how you know what may need repair, I'm not sure.

You can get a free report if you have been turned down for credit by some credit-granting agency.


joyful guy

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Well...there are two ways to answer your question.

Are there agencies (some of which actually have an attorney that works there) that clean up your credit.

They CAN do it by trying to manipulate the credit laws...i.e. sending may validation requests, etc and then if the creditor doesn't respond in time, insisting that they will sue them if they don't remove the line altogether.

The other way is simply hiring someone to act as your agent...they essentially do all the same stuff you can do on your own. The advantage to this is they can negotiate on yoru behalf...and they have no emotional attachment to the problem. We did this route about 5 years ago....didn't pay all that much, but it completely took the weight off our shoulders.

That being said, we HAD the money to pay the accounts the attorney simply negotiated that in exchange for full payment, the creditor would completely removed the account OR resubmit to the agencies as Paid As Agreed.

Now, the problem with this is that you need to have the money in lump sum to PAY them when the attorney negotiates the deal for you.

There ARE other things you can do, but to do so, you must become knowlegeable about the whole credit game...this usually takes someone about 2 months or so of study.

Go here to start...there are some boards where you can ask questions, but read the Primer and FAQ to begin....

Good luck...hope this helps.

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