Seating for grandkids?

linda_inNovember 24, 2006

Just wondering if you have separate seating for kids & grandkids? OR Do you have them set at the adult table with their family?

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Hi Linda. I do both depending on the size of the crowd. If we can all fit around the "big" table then we do, even if we have to squish a bit. If I must split the group then I make a kids table just to the side of the "big" table. I set it specially for them and they get a real kick out of it. To tell you the truth the 3-8 crowd seem to like there own table best. They get away with more and don't get over talked! LOL

When we were growing up we always had a kids table at family get togethers. It was a very big deal when you graduated to the "big peoples" table.

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My experience is like chase's.

I only want to add that I have noticed that it also works very well to put every other generation together -- grandparents with grandchildren, middle generation elsewhere (or with great-grandparents or great-grandchildren, if you are lucky enough to have 4 or more generations).

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Thanks for the fast replies & for being so helpful. I appreciate it very much.
I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.
Linda K

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