Subsituting puff pastry for canned crescent rolls in dessert

katy_bugNovember 14, 2007

I hope you don't mind the repeat post because I already posted this in the cooking forum, but here goes . . .

I am making a dessert for my Grandmother's birthday on Sunday and I was wondering if this would work because I have to travel for an hour with the dish and bake when we get there. I know from experience that canned rolls are not any good if they are not baked immediately.

Here is the basic recipie:

Start with Peeled, cored and quartered apples

wrap a apple quarter with a canned crescent roll

dip in butter and lay in a baking dish

repeat until baking dish is full

top with sugar and cinnimon

add sprite to cover the bottom of the dish

bake until apples are done

serve with ice cream

Do you think it would work if I wrapped the apples in puff pastry instead of the canned rolls, then put everything together except for adding the sprite. When I get there, I will take out of the cooler, add sprite and bake?

It is her favorite so I want to try and make it but I have to be able to make it in advance.

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I was with you until the Sprite.

I think the baked apple wrapped in puff pastry would be delicious - just a tad flakier than the crescent roll version.

I'm not sure how it would react to the liquid though - I worry you'd get a crispy, flaky top and a soggy bottom.

And looking back at the date of your post, I see that Grandma's birthday was last weekend, so I am no help. How did it go?

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