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nhsuzanneNovember 12, 2007

Good Monday all,

Come out and tell you how your weekend was.

Mine was cold and windy. Continued working outside with DH to get things ready for winter. We even got the backhoe on the tractor and put into the garage, cleaned the gutters and got the single line electric rope along the three rail fencing replaced - that's over 3,000 feet! Now I am ready for a break! Too windy to rake. LOL

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Good MONDAY morning!

Thanks for getting us started, Suzanne. You have a bundle of energy and wish I had some of it today. I ate too much sugar yesterday. I have today off and planned to do lots of errands/chores, but ended up sleeping in. Have a doctor appointment at 11:30am so I'm getting ready now.

We loved the concert on Friday night. It took us 3 hours to drive 66 miles on the parkway. We got into our seats exactly 1 minute before show time. For those who remember, we saw Peter Noone/Herman HErmits in an old, restored theater down the Jersey shore. It was so much fun. DH said he would have turned around and seen him again on Saturday. Peter has a wonderful voice, he's a great comic and imitator of other singers and got the audience very very involved. He stayed over an hour to sign CDs, albums, shirts, whatever. A nice guy who is full of energy and enthusiasm for his fans.

Sun 11/11
B egg/english muffin/pineapple
S pineapple, string cheese
L too horrible to remember; lots of cake & candy (buffet @ our Snow Village collectors' meeting
D grilled salmon, brown rice, steamed asparagus

I've been fasting since 9pm last night for bloodwork and I could eat a horse! LOL!!!! Once you are used to eating something every 3-4 hours, it's difficult to fast.

Hope that everyone gets a chance to join us and check in this week.


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Please Dee, think of something else you could eat.........please not a horse! LOL Sorry, you had a tough weekend with old foe sugar! It's so good but makes us feel so bad! Glad you enjoyed your concert. Hope your Dr. appt goes well.

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Good Monday morning, ladies!

I feel like such a slug compared to NHSuzanne! I did very little activity-wise over the weekend. Yesterday, H and I hit the big shopping area about 12 miles away to return a couple of things, then he drove me around to show me other shopping places I hadn't yet discovered. The Houston area is so spread out that I had no idea there were so many towns with pretty good strip malls and shopping. My sister is coming down in early December, and we'll be shopping to decorate this house. For some reason, I just can't figure out how to decorate it, so I keep it neat and clean, and wait patiently for my "decorator" to come! :)

My eating was pretty healthy, but obviously, I ate too much because I didn't lose a pound over the weekend. We ate at a Jason's Deli Saturday and Sunday, and I did the salad bar both times. I ate all low-carb veggies and a sprinkling of bacon and cheese, but I ate a lot because I went too long each day without eating. I've also been eating strawberries and cherries in the evening, and that could be the reason for my stall. What do y'all think?

Hubby is out of town for a couple of days, so I'm pulling things out of our closet this morning and going to get it organized. That was one of the places where I basically dumped things when unboxing, and it's retained the status quo since then. After that, on to my craft room closet. Ugh!

Lots of walking Saturday and Sunday, but also lots of sitting and riding around. I need to get off my behind and move more if I want to shed pounds faster.

Dee, your concert sounded wonderful! With my bad knee, and my "new" one, I don't do stairs anymore, so I don't go to things like that anymore. :(

Patti, sorry that you missed the dance. Take care of yourself.

Have a great day whatever you do.

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I am just stopping by to say Hello! before I head out to school.

I had a wonderful (but too short) visit with DD. We were busy every day and it made the time go too quickly, but I enjoyed every minute.

Did OK on the eating, with only a few minor exceptions. Back on track this morning.


B  ½ banana, Kashi H2H, skim milk SF cappuccino
L&D Â(Baby Shower) Meatball, chicken thigh, broccoli salad and veggies and dip, black coffee, water and 1 piece chocolate cake
S Â 1 cookie made with Splenda
S Â pretzels, almonds, and Asiago cheese

B Â SF cappuccino, Kashi H2H, skim milk, black coffee
L Â 2 turkey-Swiss roll-ups and broccoli salad (LCM)
D Â Bravo! Â Insalata Della Casa, wedding soup, bread and dipping oil, water
S Â small handful almonds

B  SF cappuccino, cinnamon shredded wheat, skim milk, and ½ banana
D Â Meatloaf, veggies and dip and 1 piece of bread from Bravo!
S Â almonds, 5 whole-wheat pretzels

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Hello Friends, I missed all of you.

Milkdud - good to see you are back with us.

I had a great vacation and will try to fill you in on some of the details soon. I quickly scanned last weeks posts and am happy to see so much going on around here.

Maddie - let me know when you get the info and I will plan my time around you. Also include me on the Christmas exchange.

Dee - I can't wait to see you in NYC! I would love to have all those hours back that I sat in traffic on the GSP. Glad you enjoyed the concert - I used to love them.

Suzanne - I didn't take your wine glass to Napa but I did fill it up with WATER when I returned yesterday LOL. You are the best - thanks.

We did everything we planned on doing plus some extras - we were on the go every minute of every day and enjoyed each one of them. I actually did a lot of walking everyday. The scenery was beautiful, the food delicious and the wine superb. I am glad to get back home to my own bed and actually couldn't wait to start eating healthy again.

I need to go back and really read the posts. I am hoping I didn't miss anything important - but I am sending hugs and positive thoughts out to all of you just in case.

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Welcome back,Raeanne! Sounds like you had a good time. :)

Marci, you eat so well, even with the "treats". I admire your self-control. I eat healthy food, but I'm not good at portion-control. How do you do it?

Yesterday's eating:

B: oatmeal, blueberries, 1/4 c. skim milk

Snack: handful of almonds

Lunch: turkey roll-ups with FF cheese and fresh spinach, 1 T. mayo

Snack: apple

Dinner: meatballs and stir-fry veggies

Snack: frozen strawberries and cherries

Nowhere near enough water today!

Tomorrow is my weigh-in day, and I don't feel like I've dropped anymore. I've been so hungry the last few days. Tomorow will be 2 weeks that I've been at this, so I'm hoping that this is just a temporary stall.

Hope everyone else has a great day!

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Welcome home Raeanne!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip, I'm glad. We missed you!

Marci, glad you enjoyed your time with DD.

I have been working some very loooong hours lately. Oh well, such is life :-)

B: Cereal, milk & coffee
S: WW Yogurt
L: Low salt ham & red fat cheese on lite bread
S: 100 calorie pack cookies
D: Blackened gorgonzola burger (no bun) and sauteed veggies

B; Cereal, milk & coffee
S: Granola bar
L: PB & SF jelly on lite bread
S: 100 calorie pack cookies
D: WW Chicken Carbonara
S: WW Choc mint dessert

I am proud of myself my first week online - lost 2.4 lbs!!
I wish I had done online sooner, it is so incredibly easy, I find motivation, the site is very easy to use and don't stress about making a meeting or weigh in.

Have a good evening..will check in tomorrow.


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Donna - Yea!! Good for you. You are off to a great start.

Raeanne - Welcome back! Your trip sounds like a dream come true. But I know what you mean about coming home to your own bed.

Milkdud - The best thing I ever did was NOT get on the scale for a few months, but quietly make the necessary changes while learning to say NO!!! Honestly, just saying NO! I don't want that, or NO! I won't put that in my mouth has made a big difference. And by not allowing the scale to control my moods, I think I was able to concentrate on the healthful aspect of my changes instead of the weightloss aspect. I didn't get on the scale until I had lost 11 pounds and that was in Sept. I started this weight loss journey in July. I might have gotten discouraged had I known it was taking me that long to lose 11 pounds. Instead, I was thrilled to discover I had lost 11 pounds! When I was faithfully posting my food choices on, I thought about food all the time. I would add food in even when I wasn't hungry just because I had calories to spare at the end of the day. Also, I would make bad choices and count those calories, but then wouldn't have enough calories left to satisfy my hunger and that led to more bad choices. By just learning to say NO! and not worrying about my total caloric intake, I was able to decide what I wanted to eat based on real hunger and the desire to control my sugar cravings. Now I won't allow myself to go backwards, because I am not sure I could start over again and succeed. That and the fact that I had to buy new clothes and I want to be able to wear them! LOL


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Good Wednesday morning. It's still warm here, but we're expecting a cool front tomorrow, with a high of 72! Big deal, huh? :)

Marci, thank you for your comments to me. I've grabbed onto the idea of NO! and I'm hanging on tight to it. I weighed in today, and I hadn't lost anything this week. But, I know that I'm eating well, just too much, so I'm going to up the fluid intake and keep the faith!

I am doing the Atkins induction right now, so I won't post my menus because as most of you may know, it's pretty extreme at the beginning, and doesn't sound healthy at all, but it's only for a few days. This will also give me time to consider menus beginning Saturday. I've tried to wing it the past couple of weeks, and that wasn't working for me.

I'm really glad to be back here posting for the moral support.

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Hello Everyone,

South Beach Phase 1 Completed. 9 lbs. lost! Now, for phase 2 and to lose the rest of this stubborn 40 lbs.

Suzanne, I wish I had some of your energy too. You always amaze me!

Milkdud, good luck with the Atkins induction. I was so happy to have a 1/2 of banana this morning! My pants fit better, so it was definately worth it.

Marci, your mind frame has helped me a lot. I am finally in the mood that, YES, I can do this and yes I am ready to do this. Right now, nothing sounds good, so that helps a lot.

Raeanne, Welcome back!

Deemaire, Glad you had a good time at the concert. I don't remember the last concert we went to.

Donna, congrats on the weight loss!

Better get moving. I am on vacation next week and can't wait.


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Good Thursday morning! It's blessedly cool here today, 58 degrees. That's cool for SE Texas!

Donna, good for you for doing so well with online WW! I love to read their newsletters. There stories always inspire me, and I usually find a good recipe.

Jen, I've pulled out my South Beach books again, and I'm giving serious consideration to doing that after my induction on Atkins. The first time I tried it, my heart really wasn't into losing weight, so I'll try again because my doctor highly recommends it, and not the Atkins.

I'm still working on projects around the house that I've put off since we moved here almost 3 months ago. My son and newest DIL are coming next week for a visit, their first one to this house, and I want it to be clean and neat. It still won't be decorated much as I'm waiting for my sister to come and help with that 2 weeks later.

Marci, when I grocery shopped yesterday, I ended up in the checkout line with all the small chip bags and candy bars. I kept looking at them and saying "NO"!!!!! But, it was a little painful! LOL

Hope y'all have a great and successful day!

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I'm here but really really really busy.

Maddie, please check in with Raeanne and myself. I also have some plans to firm up which revolve around your visit. Hope it's not such a bad week for you.


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Good afternoon all,

Raeanne, welcome home. Glad you had a great time. I hope that glass will come in handy for you at some point! LOL

Jen, congrats on your loss! You must feel great about that and your vacation.

Milk Dub, that NO was empowering! Go for it.

Marci, I am at the buying new clothes stage but I want to refrain until I reach my goal. Still, I may have to sneak something in between!

Donna, good for you on your loss too! 2.4lbs! That's great. I love WW online too. I love the points calculator that I can use in a flash. It's great.

I am having a busy week. Work is slamming me and now my D-Sister has shingles! She is in a lot of pain and has pain killers but it's awful. It's in her jaw and hasn't broken out in lesions yet...maybe it wont'. Ugh. It's awful. This morning before work I made her some nice custards (from my girls eggs of course) and brought it to her warm. She needs something good and nourishing so I am looking for some ideas. She does not eat meat.

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Suzanne, if she likes things like cream of wheat or cream of rice you can add a protein powder (Zone Perfect is good). Mashed potatoes with a bit of protein powder and sour cream or melted cheddar cheese. Pureed soups are good too....split pea, etc.

Hope she feels better soon!

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Good Evening!!!

Just checking in to say Hello! Nothing happening in my neck of the woods.... just busy at work and have been very tired.

Jen - Congrats on your 9 lbs. Way to Go!!!!!!!!

Have a great evening and will check in later.


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Good Friday all,

It was kind of quiet here this week........Maddie, BJ, John don't disappear again.

Lots of great weight loss motivation too! It's inspiring to see the losses.

QOD: What are you doing this weekend before Thanksgiving?

I will begin my cooking for TG dinner which we will have at our in laws about 2 hours from home. I have to make a green vegetable dish, a dessert and my famous potato rolls. I can get started on some of it (like making my pie doughs and pre-measuring my flours, etc for the rolls) and finish the night before TG. Anything I can do to make it easier will be good.

If it's nice I will be riding each day. And, I have to continue on my winterizing. I can only work out on weekends now because it's too dark before and after work. Grrrrrr

Check in everyone.

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Good Friday morning! It's very cool here this morning. I actually shivered and shook my way through the night, but I was too sleepy to wake up enough to get a blanket for the bed.

I got my bedroom drawers and our closet organized yesterday! Watching the hoarder episode on "Oprah" was good incentive, too. Today I'll tackle the closet in my craft room/guest room. I stuffed things from boxes into different drawers in the storage cabinets I have in there, and now I can't find anything I want or need. I know I have pinking shears in there somewhere. ;)

My eating is still going well. I'm also becoming a little more relaxed about my eating now, which is a good thing. I was obsessing so much at first that I was miserable.

Suzanne, I'll be finishing up my grocery shopping for T'giving this weekend, and we're going to get out all our Christmas things and have them ready to go for next weekend. H is going to spend next weekend with his son who'd be alone otherwise. So it will just be my son, his wife, and me for dinner. I'll still make the same menu, but I can tweak it a little because he doesn't like all my son's and my favorites.

Suzanne, I'm so sorry about your sister having shingles. I've heard they're pure misery. Also, enjoy your rides!

Hi, Lynn! Hope you have an easier day at work today and have a relaxing weekend.

Good eating, everyone!

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Lynn, I was curious if you ever confronted the co-worker who jumped at you and scared you?

Milk dud, too bad your husband's son can't come and join the whole family for TG. I figure it's just one day that we should enjoy it but I plan to enjoy it (food) a lot less than usual. I am really going to focus on being full, not piling up my plate and eat only the things that I adore, turkey,gravy,stuffing and cranberry sauce. I can skip everything else and maybe have a small piece of something sweet in the end. I just don't want to stuff myself. I can do this!!

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I am so happy that this week is over. I hope that Maddie's weeking is coming to a blissful end for her.

Check in Maddie!

According to my doctor's scale, I lost 4 pounds, so I'm celebrating a bit. Not too much because there were multiple luncheons and dinners out with colleagues this week. Last night I had wine, 2 rolls, butter, 1/2 of my appetizer, the veal special (took half home) and decaf expresso (no dessert!).

QOD: errands tonight and tomorrow, along with finishing up a large bag of DH's clothes for charity. Sunday, we have the pleasure of watching the Jets lose to Pittsburgh in person (I'm sure Marci will enjoy that game!)

Thanksgiving, we are off to Smithville (Donna's neighborhood!) with my sister and her family. We plan to walk around the shops first and then have dinner about 4pm there. At dusk, there should be some sort of light show/fireworks. Then, it's back to sis' for dessert later than night. We will stay overnight and leave for home sometime Friday afternoon/evening.

Need to clear up a few things around her so that I can leave at 2pm today. I'm not about to stick around longer, as I spent 2 very long evenings with coworkers--Tuesday night until 11:30pm.


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Suzanne, it's just easier for H to go see his son. Sson is on call with his job, so he has to stay home. I'm also used to H being on call in the past, so he wasn't always able to join us. Sometimes you just have to make the holidays fit the circumstances.

I plan to get most of my cooking done Wednesday as I only have a freezer above my fridge now. I miss my upright freezer. :(

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Suzanne - Sounds like you will have everything under control for Thanksgiving. I also try to do all my chopping, etc ahead of time. I also plan on concentrating on the turkey and vegies with a little taste of some dessert.

Milkdud - my husband used to work through some holidays too - you do adjust to it.

Dee - I hope you got out of work on time - I left at 1 today hehehe.

QOD - I am meeting friends tonight for dinner, tomorrow we decorate the town and Sunday my gym is having their Holiday party (yes it is early, but they find they get a bigger turnout by having it early).

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Hi all!

Ahhhh...bliss....the week from heck is over, and a lovely weekend is stretching out before me.... :):) We had state medicaid auditors in all week, and then internal auditors in today, so these past two weeks have been aweful. Worked all last weekend, and it looks like I **should** go in this weekend, but I am thinking NOT! :) Since i'm so far behind, I will work Friday--

Dee & Raeanne--I am so frustrated that I can't get ahold of her to at least get a flight time. I am pretty sure that she said that we were getting to LaGuardia at 9am. I would hate to write that in concrete, and be completely worng. I'm PM you both in a bit--

OK--I thought I was late posting this, but I posted the list last year on 11/15, so now it's time for the


Raeanne sends to Marci
Marci sends to Suzanne
Lynn sends to Donna
Donna sends to Raeanne
Beege sends to Dee
Patti sends to Maddie
Suzanne sends to Beege
Dee sends to Lynn
Maddie sends to Patti

Opening day: 12/22--

I like Marci's idea about sending an ornament and then whatever else you want. If that's OK with everyone, then I'm all for it. :) (On a side note--this is something I look forward to each year--it's nice to buy for someone that you want to, instead of someone that you haft-to. :))



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ummmmm... how about the "2007" exchange, instead, m,kay??


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Good Evening all,

I can't believe that I have been away all week. I have had an interesting week and it just got away from me. Let me get you up to speed. I had Monday off and DH went back to work after being out 2 weeks with his knee. However, Monday I had to bring DS to the Dr. He ended up having bronchitis. I had to bring him back again on Wed. because he could not breath. Now he is on 3 different meds and doing much better. I had a colonoscopy today, so I know that many of you know what the day before is like. Yikes. I survived and am finally back to my self. I was pretty groggy all day today and it felt good to just crash on the couch all day with a good excuse and not feeling guilty for not doing anything else! I also got news this week about a $1.8 million deficit in the school budget and there will probably be some major layoffs, soon. I'm not sure if I will be one of them, but usually the libraries and technology get cut before teachers. I am trying to get my ducks in a row and get a resume together, because it looks like a new job may be in my future. :-) and ;-(. I have very mixed emotions about it.

Is anyone here any good a resumes? Anyone want to take a look at mine and tell me what needs to be improved upon? I really could use the help. Muchas Gracias.

Maddie, I am really glad that this week is over for you. I am sorry I missed out on the gift exchange. If anyone else wants to join in, match them up with me. If not, that is ok, I will wait till next year.

Raeanne, welcome back. I'm glad that you had such a great trip. Things seem so unsettled in CA these days so I am glad that you are back safely.

Dee, congrats on the 4#. That is a big loss. Enjoy your weekend. Have you set up your village yet?

Milkdud, I saw part 2 of that Oprah show today. Was that the most unbelievable thing? Two warehouses full of stuff that was just piled in her house. It was amazing and certainly an incentive to declutter! I am curious to see what her house looks like in a year.

Jen congratulations on the 9 pounds!!

Lynn, good to see you. Are you still selling your house?

Patti, how are you and Dave feeling? Are you traveling for Thanksgiving?

Suzanne, the weather is supposed to be beautiful around here next week. Thanksgiving is supposed to be 60 degrees, which is great football weather. Hopefully you can get a ride in.

BJ, you are among the missing too!

John, I was glad to read your post last week. It sounds like things are going well for you. Nice car!

Marci are the kids getting a little excited with the holidays approaching? When do you finish school? We get out Wednesday at noon. I'm glad you got to spend some time with DD.

It was nice "chatting" with you all. Enjoy the weekend.

Love, Besh

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Good Saturday morning. It's overcast and 72, with a high of only 75.

Hubby had to go to work today to supervise the repair of a tanker truck hauling liquid silicon. He'll be working tomorrow, too. :(

My eating is still on course. My Thanksgiving menu is going to be pretty healthy and tasty, and definitely low-carb. My son and DIL said it sounded good to them.

Dee,congrats on the 4# loss!

Maddie, way to go on surviving this week!

Besh, I hope your job is safe!

Well, back to organizing closets! Have a successful day in whatever you do!

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Happy Weekend to everyone.

Milkdud - I envy you and your clean closets LOL. I really need to tackle 3 closets in my house, probably more than that if I were brave enough to open the one's in my girls old rooms LOL.

Besh - I bet Dee would be the person to go to for the resume review. It has been so long since I had to write one, I am sure my way is outdated LOL. I hope it doesn't come to that, but if it does that can be very exciting. Sorry about DH and DS. I go for my colonoscopy in December and have to call Monday to make an appointment. I am already dreading the day before stuff.

Maddie - I emailed you - don't fret.

Thanksgiving is very much up in the air right now. DD is trying to get the day after off from work, if not it makes absolutely no sense for her to come home, so we may be heading to NYC (which I am already dreading the traffic).

Suzanne - I hope your sister is feeling better by now. Rich had them a very long time ago and he was in a lot of pain.

Enjoy your day, I hope it's as pretty as mine is.

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I forgot to mention how excited I am to have Marci as my person. I am already thinking of things to get her.

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Maddie~Thanks for doing the exchange for us. Thank Roger too. I'm glad that you survived the last couple of weeks & hope that the rest will be much easier for you. It is miserable to work somewhere that you aren't happy. I'm so excited to have you for my exchange person. We're already thinking of ideas. :)

Suzanne~It is miserable to have shingles. I had them many years ago. They didn't have the medicines that they have now. One of the things that I found that helped me quite a bit was using a heat lamp. It was the only thing that seemed to give me some relief & (it could have been my imagination, LOL), but maybe helped dry up the blisters?

Raeanne~I sent you a pic that hopefully you will be able to share here or on the site with everyone. Perhaps you can forward it to Marci.

Besh~Dave & I are doing well, won't complain. We will stay home Thanksgiving b/c we have such a big trip planned for Christmas. We are having clams for lunch & chicken & dressing for dinner. We decided to be untraditional at lunch. ;) I hope that your job will be o.k.

Milkdud~I think it was warmer there today than it was here. It was really nice here today. It is supposed to be 80 for Thanksgiving. Did you hear about the tanker that wrecked in Lake Dallas? My DSister had a hard time getting home from work that day. When you get through doing your home, you have an open invitation to come here & help us with this one. All right??

Dee~It is the Jets & Cowboys on Thursday. Are you watching that game? We will be parked in front of the tv.

Marci~Glad that you got to see your daughter. When did you say that your DS is coming?

Lynn~Thanks for checking in.

Jen~Congrats on the weight loss.

Donna~Congrats on your weight loss, too.

I saw a good recipe that I wanted to share here & I think that Dave snatched it up & threw it away before I could get it to the computer. :( I remember what was in it but not the amounts. Well, a friend to us to have a Thanksgiving meal tonight at his church. It was turkey & the whole bit. They gave me so much & I just ate about 1/2 of it. I did have the 1st sugar that I had had in over 2 1/2 months though. They had some peach pie or cobbler & Dave doesn't really eat peaches that often so I ate it while I had the opportunity. It wasn't much, just a taste. Everyone else complained that they ate too much or didn't get enough, I felt very satisfied. Cannot wait to start shopping for Maddie, so excited. Be good...Patti :)

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Good Sunday morning,

It's really cold here this morning at 17 degrees ....burrrr. There's frost on the pumpkin this morning I'll tell you!

Besh, (((HUGS))) I hope you don't lose your job but no matter what get your resume updated. I sent you an email through this site but if you don't get it I would be happy to look at your resume. I updated mine 2 years ago. Keep thinking positive thoughts.

My sister is still not feeling well but she's hanging in there. She has no outbreaks yet. Fingers are crossed that they caught it in time. I don't know how they work but I am hopeful.

I hope everyone is having a peaceful Sunday.

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Good Sunday afternoon! It poured down rain here from midnight until around 9, so things are soaking wet, and the temp is a mild 65 and sunny now.

Patti, my sister called me from the interstate after she'd been sitting in traffic for 1-1/2 hours after the tanker wreck. I'd just heard about it on the Houston news, and my first thought was, I hope Judy's not on that highway! LOL

I made it through the Atkins induction to the tune of 6 lbs. loss, my usual. Today, I started the day with oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast. Lunch will probably be a big chef salad with balsamic vinaigrette.

I'm heading toward the homestretch on organizing closets, and it feels good! I'll make out my shopping list for this week and shop tomorrow or possibly Tuesday if they're out of things. We have 2 places to grocery shop in this town, so there's a good chance I'll have to hit both stores.

I'm babysitting my DGDs Saturday night so that sons can take their wives out over in Beaumont. Alexis told me today that she has a nice long list of gift ideas for everyone in her family, so we'll be hitting Wal-mart Saturday afternoon. Good thing the baby loves riding in the cart and looking at everything. She's 14 months old and doesn't bore easily so far.

For all who need them, (((((((((hugs))))))))))).

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We are watching football. I thought I would take a quick break & check in. :) Breakfast consisted of a part of a bacon sandwich on WW/SF bread. Lunch is supposed to be chicken wings. I found the recipe that I was talking about & want to know where I should post it?

Milkdud~I saw that your area was getting rain & thought about you. I'm so glad that you are closer to your DGDs. Congrats on the weight loss. Six #s is quite a bit, really.

Suzanne~It is in the 70s here & really beautiful. You always have a place to stay if you decide that it is too cold there for you. :)

Enjoy the rest of your day. Be good to yourselves...Patti :0

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Dee~Glad that you got to see your team win. :)

Marci~Sorry that your team had to lose. :(


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