Help me to seal air/heat leak through fireplace

hummingbird2013January 3, 2013

I recently rented a house with a fireplace that has no door enclosure. I noticed that a lot cold air is flowing down through the chimney and out from the fireplace. I took some photos and apparently there is a huge gap.

Is there any way I can close this gap to prevent heat loss? I've never lived in a place with a fireplace before so I don't know if there is a mechanism in place to close the gap. I see there is a single curving bar. I tried to tug at it but the bar wasn't budging. Perhaps it is fixed in place I'm not sure. I'm including some photos in hope someone knowledgeable with fireplaces could offer some advices. Thanks.

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That immovable bar is the damper control arm. It is used to control the draught when a fire is lit. Use some penetrating oil to try and free it. Hold on a second, write a note to your landlord and give him a call explaining the problem. Someone is losing hard earned money on wasted heat. As well if you snap the thing off trying to free it you are responsible for the repair, that will be expensive.

If you are not intending on using the fireplace, without an insert or even a door I would not, stuff some Roxul insulation in the gap while you wait for the landlord to remedy the situation. The Roxul is only a temporary fix.

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SouthernCanuck, thank you for your reply and good advices. I will try to reason with the owner. Hopefully they'll be willing to help closing the gap. Otherwise, I would be stuck with a large heating bill or risk being liable for a potentially costly repair.

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