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sue36November 29, 2007

I am hoping someone here can help me with my question. We live about an hour from most of our family so they don't get to our house very often - too far to just drop in. I had the house all decorated for Thanksgiving and then ended up not hosting it, so no one (except DH, who doesn't care) saw the decorations. I am determined to not let that happen for Christmas, so I've decided to have a party. It looks like it will be New Year's Day. I am planning on inviting about 70 people and have it in an "open house" format, starting at around noon. I want to indicate on the invitation that it starts at noon, but that they don't have to be there right at noon. Any ideas for how to word it on the invitation? I thought, "starting at noon, arrive at your leisure", but that seemed wordy.

Thoughts? Also, what do you think of a party like this on Jan 1? There will be lots of food, but no sitdown meal. I was thinking sodas, beer, wine and mimosas for drinks (but putting away the hard alcohol).

Also, (sorry, this is getting long, I know) we live on a pond. It is usually frozen before New Years, so skating is a possibility. But I won't know for sure until a few days before (last year there was open water until mid January because it was so warm, but usually it is good for New Years). I think I am going to have a separate sheet for directions, should I add a p.s. "bring your skates, we hope the pond will be ready"?

Thanks for the help!

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The invitaion could read "New Year open house Noon to 5:00PM ( or whatever you decide)"
That lets people know to just drop in sometime during that time....if you are brave you might also say "Stay for a few minutes or stay for a few hours".
I would add bloody Mary's to your drink mix....mainly because it seems very traditional for Newyear's day to me....but some prefer Tom and Jerry's...but that seems sweet and heavy to me.
Do you really think many people will have and bring their skates?
Linda C

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The words "Open House" mean that people are to drop by any time during the party and stay for a little while or longer. So it shouldn't require further explanation. It is important to put a start & end time, even if you're ok with the party going longer if folks want to hang around. This is so that people know what's the latest time they can arrive.

I think it's a nice idea to have it NY day. I've been to a few parties on Jan 1 and it's a nice relaxing contrast to the previous evening.

I think the idea of the p.s. is fine if you're expecting some to want to skate. I wouldn't actually call it a "p.s." though, I'd just put a note at the bottom, something like, "If pond conditions permit, skating will be open, so bring your skates."

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Thanks Lindac. Yes, I think some people will bring skates if the ice is good (they may call ahead of time to find out). We have several friends with children, and they might want to have the kids skate awhile and burn off energy, and then come in to eat. DH would probably be outside for some of that.

I'll think about Bloody Marys. I don't drink tomato juice (I'm a cranberry person!), so I wouldn't have thought of that. I do have Champage and OJ (for Mimosa) on the list.

I guess my primary concern is that people don't know what an "Open House" is. They don't seem to be very common in New England. I don't want people thinking they have to arrive at 12:00, and I don't think they will "get" what Open House means.

Right now the menu is:
- Ham, quiches, salmon pie, New England fish Chowder, rolls and cornbread muffins
- Spanekopeta, lobster in phyllo, hot crab dip with toasted pita, cheese fondue with bread cubes
- Cheese board, crudite platter, olive platter
- Pies, cakes, cookies

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I agree with Lowspark. Just call it an "open house" and put a start and end time -- everyone will understand. I think that sometimes when people try too hard to be extra-specific, they actually make it more confusing.

I also like lowspark's wording about the skating.

Sounds like a great party! Have fun.

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Okay, so the BCS system has taken some of the pressure off of January 1, but this is a football watching holiday in my neck of the woods. I don't know which teams will actually be playing, or the relative interest of your guests, but it may be something you want to consider.

Do you need to have the game on in the basement or something, and if so you should mention it on your invitation?

My team has had a rough season, so I'd rather skate, but I just thought I'd throw that out there.

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Our basement isn't finished (the house is only 2 years old), so no TV down there. The only TV of any size is in the great room, and I imagine a game will be on. Most of our crowd is more the hunting/fishing type, so I don't see much interest in the game unless the Patriots were going to be on, and they aren't. DH is probably the biggest college football fan in the bunch, and his team is in the toilet this year (Miami), so no issue there. But thanks for the heads up!

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