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jen823November 27, 2006

Good Morning,

It's been so long since I have started a post, I almost forgot how.

I put the Christmas Tree up Saturday nite. It was great thinking of everyone that I have received Christmas ornaments from. I love the Christmas exchange. Do we have a theme this year? I forgot to check and see.

NH Suzanne, Happy Belated Birthday!!! Hope you had a great day.

Have a great week everyone.


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Jen~I am so glad to see your post. I have missed you.

I hugged the baby for each & every one of you & then some! She is so cute. My DDIL put her in my arms every chance she got which is very different from what she has been in the past. I was so pleased. The ex & his wife just stayed about 30 minutes & I was pleasant but really didn't say much. I did give the baby up so that they could see her. (It was the first time that they had been to the house.) I'm still not certain what to make of the situation but I'm moving on. I don't have diabetes after all. It was 5.9 and the cutoff is 6.0 so I'll have to be very good from now on & really get serious about losing this weight.

NH Suzanne~I'm sorry that I missed your birthday last week. I hope that you had a nice one.

I hope that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I did & I feel the same way about every one else. I found this site in 1999 & it has become my home. I have never even looked for another site.

DeeMarie~We will be sending your package out a week from Wednesday. We had a grand time stopping along the way to TX (in FL), it is a long way from where we live to MS, to gather things from this state! I just have one more thing that I saw that I want to pick up & I am done. I think that you will be pleased.

Nighty-night to all! I hope to see more postings tomorrow. Patti :)

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Greetings All,

We are off to a slow start this week. Too much turkey and other goodies??

Patti, good to see you post again. We have missed you and your news.

Jen, I am glad you remembered how to start us up!! We would still be floating out here....

Our Thanksgiving was great. Small and quiet with just my sister and BIL there. We went for an early morning drive with Miss Pea and she was in perfect form as usual. She is such a lovely girl in her winter coat and all!! The weather was so warm and spectacular it feels more like spring and continues to do so.

Then while the turkey was in the oven I played with the hens and I have the most exciting news...............

On my birthday, my Dominique hen, Beth laid the very first egg of the entire flock!! She has laid one each day since! No one else has though. I thought it was a very special birthday gift. Okay, I am hopeless.

So we ate too much and were stuffed for the rest of the day!! I should have jogged a few hundred miles and not stopped until I got to Toledo to work it off!!

QOD: How was your Thanksgiving and give details.

QOD: Has anyone heard from BJ or John? Have they really dropped off the face of the earth? Maybe BJ is communicating via email to somehone here. Please share if you know.

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Good Morning!

It sounds like everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Me too! Just the kids and I and DS' good friend. Lots of leftovers which I sent home with the kids. There is plenty to be grateful for!

Suzanne, congrats on your first egg! Scrambled or fried? :)

Patti, it is SO nice to "see" you! Did you get my email? I sent it thru the Garden Web and that is not always reliable. I am so glad that you are not diabetic!

Besh, I sent you my addy last week. Did you get it? And may I please have yours?

Jen, I am waiting till next weekend to decorate for Christmas. I need the "down time" lol. I just LOVE this time of year!

Today looks like another busy one! I have just added another agency to my list of contracts and it always takes time to smooth out the rough edges; each agency has a different policy for paperwork, supervisory visits etc. I won't add anymore agencies for awhile after this. I have more than enough work!

QOD: I haven't heard a peep out of BJ...

Have a great day you guys! Be strong and be well!


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Good TUESDAY morning!

I'm swamped here at new director is visiting from the UK so things are hopping and I've got to do that dreaded self-review. Again, it's hard for me to deliver self-praise, but if it means a larger bonus, so be it. LOL!!

QOD #1: OK, so I confessed on last week's thread that I overdid the eating stuff. My biggest crime was eating about 1/3 of the INSIDE of a pumpkin. I threw away the crust (at least the part that DH would not eat), but I should have kept that #(&%)@%*( pie at my DBIL's home. MIL was in rare form, but what else is new. It was a rainy raw day, but DH and got up and expressed to each other how very much we have to be thankful for....including wacky relatives! haha

QOD #2: BJ has some personal issues she's trying to take care of, so we may need to give her a bit more time. We love you and miss you BJ!

Jen, when I put up my angel and the blue ornament from you, I always hold special thoughts for you, Galen and the girls.

The same goes for the treasures from all of you.....Suzanne (bookmark "Never Give up"), Lynn (shell ornament...still put it up!), Maddie (the racehorse pin), Joanne (the Canadian geese).....OMG! the list goes on and on and on...once my decorations come up from the basement, I will remember them all!

Really gotta run, as I'm in the office.
Make today count!
Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Tikanis~I never did see an E-mail from you & I looked. So, I don't know--- Thanks, I'm glad that I don't have diabetes either. The dr. may still have me take medicine for it. She said to wait until my next dr.'s appt. I called today to see.

OK~DS#2 spent the night with us so that he could smoke the turkey for Thanksgiving. Dave cooked everything else. He had cooked the pies on Wednesday. He fixed a ham, dressing, macaroni & cheese, cranberry relish, gravy, green bean casserole, rolls... I know that there is something that I'm forgetting. I didn't eat anything that night & didn't have any of the pie until the next morning. I had that with coffee before we got on the road. I had heartburn from lunch until the next morning. LOL I held the baby except for when she was nursing & when I handed her over to the ex's wife & the ex. Then I got her back for a few minutes. It was a great day though. Of course, we all watched the Dallas Cowboys win their game that day. We don't get a lot of news about what is going on with them here in old Florida.

BJ~(H U G S) You hang in there GF! We all have faith in you.

Nighty-night! Patti :)

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Thanksgiving was wonderful...went out to dinner, ate way too much but happily left the dishes for someone else! We did cook a Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday which was absolutely delicious..this time no escaping the dishes.

Work has been crazy, not much time to myself recently but that is changing.

Patti, your Thanksgiving sounds very special. I also sent you an email through this site asking for your address for the Christmas exchange. Did you get it?

NH Suzanne - I just didn't get to mail your package..promise it is off this weekend!

BJ - hugs to you..hang in there!

Have a terrific night...Donna

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...mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, 2 pumpkin pies, 3 loaves of pumpkin bread, 1 mincemeat pie, 1 apple pie. I told you that I had forgotten something. DDIL made the pumpkin bread.

Donna~I didn't get your E-mail either. Sorry. :(

Night, again! Patti :)

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Ok Patti, I emailed you again through Garden Web. If you don't get this by tomorrow, try emailing me. It sounds like you kinda like that new baby : )

Besh, I have not heard from you yet and need your address please.

DeeMarie, I ate too much on Thanksgiving too. Ugh! I was stuffed. I am glad that I sent everything home with the kids and only kept turkey breast, green beans and crudites.

Donna, I HATE that big pile of dishes after the dinner. I am glad that you got one day of reprieve. Are you changing jobs or downsizing?

It has been another busy, great day here. I have a nice cod filet baking and a big salad to go with it. I have a great book to read, too. It sounds like a perfect way to end the day!



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Sorry Tikanis I have had a lot going on. I never received your email. For some reason you can't email me from this site and I can't email out. Maybe you could email Raeanne, Dee, or Marci. They have my email and then I will respond back.

Things just have been very hectic. I have to be out every night this week and we are down a person at work, so I have been working longer days. I am tired.

Have a great day. I will check back when I have more time.


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Tikanas, please e:mail me and I'll make sure you get Besh's addy. (thought I had your e:mail from our exchange in 2004, but it's not here).

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Tikanas & Besh: I've sent you both an e:mail so that you have each others' addy.

Make today count!

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Life is hectic here. I am taking some computer classes for work.

QOD - count me in on eating too much also. I am not used to eating that much since starting Carb Adicts - so it was very uncomfortable for me. I started my day off with dropping an entire bottle of balsamic vinegar, glass and vinegar all over the place. Then an hour before the turkey was due to come out of the oven, we lost our power. We have a generator but only to run heat, well pump, refrig and some lights, so DH had to do some rewiring. The power was out for nearly 3 hours.

Besh/Tikanis - I see that Dee came to rescue, if for any reason neither of you get her email, let me know and I will try.

Dee - I also have a lot of special reminders around my home and on the tree from our SS family. Except for Tikanis' ornament as I passed that onto Jen last year LOL (sorry Jen).

I actually started decorating, I never do it this early. I really keep it simple, 2 poinsettia's on the hearth, candles in the windows, some teeny tiny white lights on the shrubs, a wreath on my front door and chimney. I will put some greens and our stockings on the mantle and of course the tree - that is it (and that's more than I did last year).

I am in agreement with too many dishes at Thanksgiving and I also am astounded each year on how much butter I use. I buy a pound of butter and it lasts us weeks. I think I used 1 1/2 on Thanksgiving.

BJ - if you are lurking - we love you and miss you.

Make the best of today.

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Christmas Exchange Theme: I believe we are still putting emphasis on our individual sections of the country, right?

QOD: Did we decide on a day to open? Last year, I think we did this during the week after Christmas. Any thoughts/comments?

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Good Morning,

I truly treasure All my Christmas ornaments. It makes great memories when putting up the tree.

Raeanne, was that the silver ball with the kisses in it?

I vote for opening up on the 20th, but that may be too early. Anytime is good for me.

Gotta run, Send some prayers my way. I am taking the girls to get Christmas pictures tonite. Can anyone say "PATIENCE"??????

Have a great day.


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Can we still throw in Tacky ornaments? That was a lot of fun and I have found the perfect one for Raeanne!


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Jen, Raeanne was BORN to receive tacky ornaments! Fill up that tree for her! LMAO!!!!!!!

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Hi guys!

Tikanas - no, I'm not changing jobs nor are we downsizing. We just keep getting more and more dumped on us - not enough hours in the day.

Patti - I got your email with the address.

Raeanne and others who have started decorating - bless you!! I might start this weekend, just have no spirit yet. Maybe it's the warm weather.

QOD: How about 12/23 - that way it's close to Christmas and we can have our ornament on the tree all through the holiday.


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This site doesn't have my correct E-mail addy even though I gave them the correct one & I thought that they had it on here at one time so I think that is why I'm not getting anything from anybody.

DeeMarie~We had the cutest "tacky" ornament picked out for you but went ahead & changed it to something that represented our area. DS#2 was begging to get his hands on the "tacky" ornament but we are going to save it in case we do that theme again! lol

I do love getting my arms around that baby. They are aching right now that she isn't in them. Dave had a day of the flu--ugh--he isn't eating anything today, isn't going to take any chance. I had the bone scan today. They really had me in pain. Tikanis, is it supposed to feel like torture? lol

Have a nice evening! Patti :)

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I am just about to give up on this #@%^$%&!! computer. I swear, I think it's secretly out to drive me crazy--

Opening day? We did do it after Christmas last year, but the 23 sounds good, too! And I loved the tacky ornaments--my plan was to have eveyone send their ornament on to the next person the following year, but everyone seems to love what they got, so I never brought it up.

Things are good here, working like crazy, but good. It was 72 this afternoon, and we're supposed to get sleet and snow tomorrow. UGH! I've got most of the shopping done, and I've managed to get my grubby fingers on 4 tix to The Lion King for June, and that's what we're giving the inlaws. I'm sure ol' TB (--tty baby) (sorry--that's crass and tacky, but I think it sums him up nicely) will be mad, but.... tough luck.

Man, i have got to get my weight under control. I've gained back what I lost, and here it sits--right on my belly--yuck! Gotta get motivated.

I don't know if anyone reads the magazine "Allure", but French Lick has a full page as in the December issue. they just finished restoring the hotel, and it's stunning. They offered me a job there, at the casion, but I like where i'm at.

Hope this finds everyone well. How's Amy? KYSusieQ? Patti--ever hear from Happyto?



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Rabbit, rabbit!!

Good morning all,

I don't care when we open the ornaments.....just pick a time.

It's busy, busy at work and at home I am trying to get a jump on Christmas stuff! I have no idea what to get MIL/FIL it's so hard to get something for someone who has everything and can buy whatever they want. Any suggestions?????

It's 60 degrees here this morning! It's so humid that the rubber mats in my barn are all sweating! Crazy. It's supposed to turn cooler here this weekend and it will be welcome! This is just too strange.

Maddie, it's great to hear from you. I am happy to hear the job is going well!! It's great. I will try to find a copy of Allure.

Jen, good luck with the Santa pix!

It's FRIDAY!!!!! Hope everyone has a minute to check in today and let us know

QOD: What are your plans for the weekend?

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Jen - yes, it was the silver ball, but Tikanis didn't have my filled with kisses LOL. Good luck tonight. I can't wait to see the ornament - it better not be round and silver LOL.

Dee - you better be careful - you never know when you may be my partner LOL.

Donna - the warm weather is actually the reason why I decorated. I decided not to wait for the coldest day of year to do it for a a change LOL.

The 23rd works for me too.

QOD - tonight nothing is planned, tomorrow I work and then we go to The Adirondack Snowball it is a charity ball that benefits children in our area. It is quite an event and I am looking forward to it. Sunday is the tree lighting in our town with hayrides and carols, then a local bar has a great band playing, all the shops are offering discounts and there is a Christmas concert at a church.

Maddie - it is so good to hear you are happy with your job!!!

Suzanne - I have no ideas for your in-laws. I also have a couple people like that on my list. It was 55 when I woke up and it's now 38. The cold front is moving in on us.

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Happy Friday!

Jen, how did the Christmas portrait go? You mean you got that silver ball and there was CANDY in it??? Hmm...

DeeMarie, Thank you for sending my address to Besh. I still need hers if you get a chance. Any day is fine by me to open our exchange pkgs.

Patti, I am SO sorry you had to go through that! Give Dave a big hug and tell him to feel better NOW!!

Maddie, I will have to look for Allure magazine to see those pics of French Lick. Life is SO much better when you love your work, isn't it? I am so happy for you!

Suzanne, tell us more about your in laws so we can give you some ideas. Any more eggs yet?

Raeanne, I'll bet that was the tackiest ornament that you have ever received. You must admit, it WAS very practical. You just never know....ha ha!

What a busy week! I gave DS my dish set for his new place, so I guess I'll be buying new ones! I'll also be buying a new towel set, new pillows and new cookware. I drew the line at my BBQ though, lol!

I will get the Christmas stuff down this weekend and start to decorate. My friend is having her annual Gingerbread housemaking party next week and my daughter and I will be there with bells on. Last year we made a gingerbread shanty. (not intended, it just turned out that way : )

It was 37 degrees here last night. Pretty cold for Southern California! Stay warm everyone!


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Good Morning everyone.

BJ - sending warm thoughts and hugs your way.

Raeanne - your weekend sounds wonderful.

QOD: This weekend I will continue to decorate for x-mas. Not much more to do that get the tree up.... just a small one. I did a theme of all reds for my dining room. I really like it, kinda elegant for me....and if ya ever met me, I am the total opposite of a bull in a china shop looking for its next beer. So this was a different direction for me to go in and I am really diggin it.

DH got a clean bill of health yesterday, so we were quite happy. What a long recovery he had, but at his own fault. He should have been taking it easy from the beginning.

Weather here has been hot. too hot. today it will be 85 and it seems muggy to me. I am looking forward to the cooler weather, I hope it gets here soon.

Take care all.....


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Hi guys! I am decorating the tree and needed a break. This is the last of the decorating and I am done. That will be a record for me - to be done decorating on Dec. 2nd! Woo Hoo!

QOD - Last night I went with a friend to Light-Up Night in a neighboring town. It was windy, but at least it wasn't raining or snowing. It is a rather high class neighborhood and most of the stores were too expensive, but it was fun to look. I did manage to find two unique and reasonably priced ornaments, so I was happy.

Tonight, DH and I are going to a Christmas party at his cousin's house. I just made pumpkin bread and cinnamon cream cheese to take. It smells SO good!

Tomorrow DH has to work 16 hours (to make up for getting today off) and I will probably head out and do some Christmas shopping.

We took the preschoolers on our annual Christmas field trip yesterday. It is hard to believe that Christmas is in a little over three weeks. Maybe when it gets colder, it will feel more like the holiday season.

I'd like to address everyone individually, but I have to finish decorating the tree and get in the shower to get ready for the party.

New QOD - How do you decorate your tree? Do you have a theme or a color scheme (Magic Kitty, your red tree prompted me to wonder) or is it eclectic? If anyone wants to post a picture of their tree, send it to me, and I will post them here or in the album.


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Lynn - I am happy to hear about DH - sorry John, but are all men stubborn? LOL

Tikanis - yes, it was the tackiest ornament, but totally useless to me - those days have come and gone LOL. I guess you will be doing a lot of shopping soon or using paper plates LOL.

Marci - I went to a similar celebration on Thursday night. There was so much happening in the street that we didn't even go into one store.

Dee/Suzanne - I went to Saratoga the other night for their Victorian Stroll - it was beautiful and a lot of fun. The main road there is closed off to traffic and it was wall to wall people.

QOD - For the past 12 years we have been collecting Christopher Radko ornaments. That is what our tree is totally comprised of now. However, I do make exceptions and hang up my SS sisters ornaments - yes, even Tikanis' ornament adorned my tree one year LOL. Prior to that it was regular ornaments and my kids homemade ornaments. I also used to decorate with stringed popcorn and cranberries. No matter what I always use white candle lights on my tree. And I need to confess one of my more quirky things - all gifts under my tree must have matching or coordinating wrapping paper. I can't have stores do gift wrapping for me - I know I am sick!!!

I hope everyone is having a nice day!

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Raeanne~LOL Another OC! Dave told his DM about me & she just looked at me like I had 3 heads. tee hee It was kinda funny really.

Marci~Glad that you took time to post. We have such a small apartment that we put out a 24" or 36" tree. I had put that Dave was planning to put it up but I looked & he has already done that little job. It already has lights on it~the fiber optic kind. We have it on an end table & put any gifts, if we have any, on the floor.

Lynn~Good for DH! I'm sure that you feel so good with the satisfaction of knowing that your tree is different this year.

Tikanis~I wish that you lived closer & you could cook for us! I think that we would both, Dave & me, be healthier if you were cooking for us. You always have the best sounding menus when you post them. I hope & know that DS appreciated what you gave him. I remember us doing that for both of our DSs too. We furnished both of them with a house full of stuff. I have a proud feeling when I go there & see them displaying some of the things that we gave them. Even DS#1 & DDIL have a towel with his last initial of "H" displayed & a cross that we gave them & a cross-stitch thing that I did for their wedding. Then there is crazy blanket that I gave DS#1 when he moved out that he uses in the guest room. I guess that I really ought to buy him another one but it won't be this year b/c we already have something bought.

NH Suzanne~We are on a guest list from Dillard's every year so we go & look at what they have. They have punch & goodies & Dave has asked to take me out first before we go so we'll be going to that tomorrow night. It is usually pretty crowded but we normally have a very good time. This year we will just be looking mainly b/c we have all the gifts done. I will probably look for a thing or two for Dave. But we are going in together this year to buy a bigger gift for each other. We had been going all week so I took today off to do nothing & I mean that literally. LOL

Maddie~The "Lion King" is playing here now. I would love to go. The 23rd is all right with me. I don't hear from Happyto but I think that it is mainly b/c we have both changed E-mail addys & just lost touch that way. Bummer!! She was such a nice lady.

Milkdud~I'm going to check on you & see if you are lurking! How is your grandbaby? I may have to put you in the spot of checking up on mine until she can talk on the phone to me. LOL She does at least coo. It makes me feel so good.

Well, BJ, I hope that you are having better weather & that you will be able to join us soon. Your sisters will be here for you when you are ready.

Dee~You package was sent in the mail yesterday so let me know when you get it & if it gets there in one piece.

Love to all~Patti :)

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