Is this tacky?

lisa_michNovember 20, 2005

I'm hosting our annual Holiday Open House again this Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving. We do this every year and have as many as 40 people here at any one time. I usually have an array of appetizers and desserts. This year, though, I'm extremely busy at work and doubt I'll be home much before the time our party is suppose to start!

Most people come for an hour or two, have a drink, some munchies, mingle with friends then head back home to finish preparing for the Big Day. I always get a big Thank You from all the cooks, who welcome the break, even if it's only for an hour...they say it gives them their second wind, since they know they'll be up for several more hours finishing up the prep.

For the rest of us (hee hee), it's just a fun night together with friends, none of which have to work the next day...woo hoo!

My intentions are to make everything ahead of time and serve a "build your own" appetizer bar, because I will not have time to prepare them before the party. I'll have crostinis, won ton cups, crackers, endive leaves and sliced cucumbers for the 'bases'. There will be 5 or 6 different 'toppers' that will work well on any of the 'bases' along with a baked brie and fruit tray and crudites with 2 dips.

I plan to make a couple of each different 'type' of appetizer to serve as a demo so people know what to do. I'm even going to go as far as putting little signs by each so they know what each spread/topping is.

I figure with so many people doing so many different 'diets' that this way, there would be something for everyone. Of course, the bonus is that my guests will be doing all the 'work'! LOL

My question (finally!), is: Would you find it tacky having to 'make' your own appetizer, or would you welcome the chance to have that yummy artichoke spread on something without carbs?

Thanks for your thoughts!


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Lisa, I think it is a great idea! Sounds like a fun party. Your "build it yourself idea" lets your guests choose what goes on top. Some people may not like this or that. Now they have a choice. And choices are always good. Awesome idea, not tacky in the least. NancyLouise

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Not tacky at all - great idea!

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Lisa, how did this work out ?

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Sorry it's taken me so long to post the 'results' is CRAZY!!

This went great!!! I got home late though, so as usual, good intentions were derailed by lack of time. I was able to make little place cards with the name of each item on it, but did not get a chance to make the demos as I had hoped. Most people figured it out, but next time, I would pick 2 outgoing people to help get things rolling at the beginning of the party to steer people in the right direction on assembling their own appetizer. I find each time I throw a party, I pick up at least 1 thing I'd do different next time. While guests were entering, I was still in the kitchen and DBF was playing bartender. As I made my way to the table, I would cue in whoever happened to be there, but it would have been better if someone had been there for each group of guests.

With that said, it still worked out great for me...everyone did the work!

I served a Roasted Red Pepper Dip, Spinach and Artichoke dip, 2 different types of chicken fillings, (like in a lettuce wrap) one was spicy Thai and one was an Asian Sesame Ginger--both were Yummy!! All these dishes were hot.

I had crudite with 2 different dips, a cheese fondue, baked brie with fruit and then for the bases, the won ton wrappers, crostini, crackers, cucumber slices and Tostitos Gold (they go great with the red pepper dip!). I must say, the baked won ton wrappers were the hit! Made a great little cup for the toppings, and looked like I slaved for hours!

Thanks for your feedback on the tacky idea---it wasn't in the least!


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I'm so glad your party turned out great. I thought it was a wonderful idea and my friend and I may try to do something similar for New Year's Eve. We plan to make many of the appetizer so they will be ready to serve, but I think it would be nice to leave a few types for people to create their own. I always think of Mexican type food as a good example where people would want to create their own tacos, fajitas or burritos. Maybe a sundae bar for dessert with a bucket of ice cream and a ton of toppings.

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