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nhsuzanneNovember 13, 2006

Good Morning Sunshines........we need lots of sunshines here in New England! It's raw and rainy and going to be that way for most of the week!!

Saturday I enjoyed a lovely drive with Sweet Pea. We practiced her transitions through gates i.e. walk, trot, road trot, workig trot, ect. she was lovely, lovely, lovely. Such a beautiful girl. Then we drove down to a friends house to say hello because I knew he was going to be outside working. The day was sunny and breezy and perfect for driving. My hens got out for the day too to enjoy the day!

Hairspray was fun, really fun. I enjoyed it. I learned that it's the first playing outside of Broadway. I drove us down in absolute terrential rain. It was horrible. Fortunately, by the time the show was over it was down to a heavy drizzle.

Then we went to a place for dinner called the Cheesecake's a chain with great drinks and pretty good food, a 70-80 minute wait!! and decadent cheesecakes for dessert. I managed to only taste the desserts. I had crabcakes and a salad and a delicious pomegrante margartita! Yum. It was fun but I could have done without the atmosphere of the restaurant. I prefer something less trendy and much quieter! What an old bat I am!!

We were home by 9:30 but I was wired and could not sleep so was up until past 11. Not late by some standards but my alarm goes off at 4am still!

Today will be a long day here at work and my shoulders are stiff from driving in that horrible rain.

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Hi Suzanne - I'm glad you enjoyed the show. We used to hit the Cheesecake Factory with DD in Providence, but I know what you mean about the ambiance. I bet SP appreciated the ride.

Dee - I've been thinking of you - I hope all is as well as can be.

Donna - it rained all day yesterday and was gray and cold today.

Yesterday I went to a yoga class and then stayed for a pilates class - it was my first one. My abs are telling me to make it my last LOL. It was fun, but you have to remember so much and it is quite different than Yoga, even though at yoga we do some pilates.

I just wanted to check in and say Hi.

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I checked out the pics in Marci's album

Besh - what outfits LOL - I love the jesters

MagicKitty - they are precious - what great shots

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Thank you all so much for the good thoughts for my friend. The services are over and she held up fairly well. I will tell her someday how many of you were holding her up (virtually) through all this.

Not sure if Maddie is reading this, but maybe others know. Is there a simple way to find out how to become a seller on e:bay? My DB has many collectables that he wants to sell, but we've no idea how to go about it. Also, how do you determine what postage to charge potential buyers? He has art prints, movie posters, film score CDs, etc. Many thanks!

I'll be back later...have many e:mails to get through as I was out of the office since Thursday.


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Hi Dee - It's so good to hear from you! I will email you some eBay tips.

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Good day all,

Dee, I am glad your friend is doing well. I am sure it's very hard. Ebay has a very good tutorial on their website.

It's quiet here so far this week. I hope we hear from BJ and John and other mia's. Patti you need to check in with us as we think of you often.

I will have to check out Marci's site when I get home. I don't have the link in my office.

There seems to be no end to this rain here. Ugh, day and night since Saturday night! We are supposed to see a little sun today just before the sun goes down! and get ready for another storm. November........such a dreary month.

I hope all you MIA's can find time to check in.

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Raeanne, you are a doll..Thanks! Suzanne, I did look at eBay also and found good basics. Should be fun when I get the time.

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Hi all! Thanks for the warm welcomes! I've missed you as much as you have missed me!

My parents' 50th wedding anniversary was Aug. 4, so I spent all of July preparing them a very nice scrapbook of their wedding album. We went early b/c Dave's DM's b'day was 7/27 & my DM's b'day was 7/28. We stayed until the 8th of Aug. then we flew home. I flew back a week later in the anticipation of my DGD. She was born on 8/26 & she is a beauty. Then we left to go to see our DGSs (2) in OK. While we were there, I fell & broke 5 bones in my foot. We ended up being away from FL for 3 full months this summer.

Besh~Yes, I still live in FL but I want desperately to move back to TX ASAP.

I learned alot about family~Dave's & mine~this summer. You would have thought that I would have learned these things a long time ago but I'm slow on the uptake. LOL

NH Suzanne~As always, I love hearing about your babies. I can remember when you got Sweet Pea. And, now it seems like you have always had her.

DeeMarie~You have had so many friends that have gone through so many trying things & you are always there for them. Of course, we want to be a part of that.

Tikanis~Let's get a phone call going. How about it?

I've just started physical therapy this week. We have only been home a couple of weeks. Both of those weeks have been all doctors' appts. This week has been no exception. Next week, we are driving to Dallas for Thanksgiving & then I don't know when I will see Aubrey again for awhile. We are still waiting on the VA. They told us that after the two years we have waited, (which was supposed to be the time we got a definitive answer), that we had not filed timely & that they had put Dave's file in a warehouse for the past two years & not even looked at it. Now, we had been calling to find out to see what was going on with his case & we kept being assured that everything was going along as planned. So, we had no idea that they had stuffed his file away. Now, they have file an emergency something on it so that it should come up in 4 to 5 months. He will have to have another trial here in FL. That is how that has been going.

Everyone take care. Check in if you can BJ. ~Patti

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How Frustrating!!

I had a long post on here last night and now its just GONE!! Oh well....

Dee, I am so glad that your friend has you for support! You wouldn't believe how numb you feel when you lose a spouse!

NH Suzanne, I am glad that you enjoyed your outing. I'll take some of your rain! I love it and we ain't gettin' any here! Did I mention that my cat Oreo has diabetes? Yep, he's on insulin twice a day and on prescription kibble.

Marci, when you have a chance could you send me the link to the photos again? TIA

Patti, I would LOVE to talk with you! Call me!! You guys have been through so much. I don't even know what to say!

Raeanne, you have been on my mind ALL DAY!! What's up with that??

Well work is still very busy but so much more manageable! I have gotten a real rhythym going between patient care and paperwork. I have a great office space; comfortable and very functional. In it I have trinkets, photos and prints of fun things, things on my wish list. (some of my favorites have been sent by Raeanne!)

I think that I have almost never been happier in my work situation, and I have ALWAYS loved my work. It's taken 2 years to get over working in ICU. Was I ever an adrenaline junkie! lol! NOT a good thing : )

Now its time to balance out my life a bit. Any suggestions on how to regain my momentum on the REST of my life?? I need a push back into the world of exercise and need to get out and have fun more often. Please post your ideas.

It's so nice to "see" everyone!



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Patti - WOW! I can't believe you were away for 3 months. I know you had a hard time tearing yourself away from that new baby. Take care of that foot and I hope this it is finally near the end of the road with the VA and the outcome is as it should be!!! Don't keep us guessing - keep posting and say hello to Dave.

Tikanis - I was on your mind all day yesterday because I am so special, cute, great and modest LOL. You have accomplished so much - I am proud of you. The only tip I can give you on the exercise is to make it a priority - I have to do my workout in the morning or else I will make excuses and find other things to do. So now I go to bed at least an hour earlier than I used to. But it has become very routine to me. Don't set high goals, be happy with exercising 3 times a week and then add on. Make YOU a priority - you have taken care of everyone else in the past - now is your turn.

Suzanne - it has been dreary here to, if it's not raining it's gray and cloudy. It's suppose to be in the 60's today, but still no sunshine.

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Good day all,

Patti, I can't believe you were away for 3 months either! I too hope that the VA saga is near an end. It's well over time for it to be over. I have included a link below for you in case you didn't see the photo of my handsome Buttercup rooster, Sam. Scroll down and you will see him.

Tikanis you can have all of my rain. We have flood warnings up all over the place with more rain tomorrow night! Then it promises to clear out for a while. I just want some sun!! Here's to more balance in your life!!

Raeanne, I am with you on the exercise. If I don't get it in early it just doesn't happen! I am keeping my goals small too which is good advice. Making it a priority is also key.

It's 3:25 and nearly dark! It's so cloudy and gloomy. I did have a nice walk at lunch and there were glimpses of blue sky and sun but alas, they are a mere memory!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Sam Wise Gamgee

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Hi all!

We have DSL and I haven't been able to get on the net for days now. UGH--well, that's not entirely true, I'll go to post, and then I'll lose the connection, and poof!

Work is good--long and frustrating, but good! And in an ironic twist of fate, the guy that I've wanted to start my auction barn with for so long (he was balking, money issues, etc...) has now quit his job, and is pursuing the auction world full time--figures, doesn't???? I've tried for years to get him to do this, and he now does, and I'm working way more than full time. Oh, well--if things are meant to be, they will be. He's a great auctioneer--knows everyone, and everyone likes him--so, we'll see what happens down the road---

I thought I was so VERY late on the Christmas exchange, but I posted this last year on 11/14, so I'm only one day off: (although......some folks say I'm waaaaay off! LOL)


Patti sends to Dee
Dee sends to Maddie
Maddie sends to Suzanne
Marci sends to Jen
Jen sends to Raeanne
Raeanne sends to Marci
Suzanne sends to Donna
Donna sends to Patti

Did we ever decide on a theme? I'm kinda holdin' in for bottles of booze with long straws! LOL (JK!)

Where is Amy, John and Beege???



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Well Raeanne, I know you to ALL of those things and SO much more! : ) Thank you for the advice. Early works best for me too.

NH Suzanne, I love rain but flood warnings I can do without. Especially since I drive so much each day. Lets say we trade a day of Calif. sunshine for a day of NH rain, 'K?
Too bad the 3 of us don't live closer; we could exercise together.

Well Maddie, I guess I didn't make the cut, huh? I would LOVE to be in on the Christmas exchange if it wouldn't mess things up too much... Any chance?

Marci, if you are reading this, I found the link for the photo album afterall.

Magic Kitty, your fur babies are so cute!

Besh, Those Halloween pics are wild!

Back tomorrow!


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Good morning all,

Maddie, thanks for putting together the exchange!! I dont' think we decided on a theme. I think whatever works for me.....It's always fun to share some part of where you live or who you are though. Anyone else want to chime in on the themes? I am just happy we are having the exchange!!

No word from BJ, John and Amy although Amy has checked in fairly recently.

Still rainy and gloomy here. My horses look like giant mud pies!! Cute, real cute!! We are going to have another deluge tonight and flood watches will be in effect through the night into tomorrow............then maybe a reprieve.

Anyway, I noticed Besh isn't on the exchange list. I can't believe she did not want to participate........Besh?? Did you miss this conversation?

Tikanis, having a workout partner would be a great thing. It's something I never managed to find mostly because of differing schedules. I wish we lived closer though - it would be fun to be able to meet ocassionally.!

QOD: Weekends coming up. Are your ready for Thanksgiving? What are you doing for the holiday. Has anyone done any Christmas shopping yet? I bought my first gift on line last night!!!

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Raeanne~Thanks for saying "hi" to Dave. It always means so much to him.

Maddie~Thanks for getting the list together.

QOD~We are going back to Dallas one more time to see the new grandbaby. We leave on Saturday & come home on Friday. I've already done most of my Christmas shopping.

NH Suzanne~I had seen your rooster but thanks again for the chance to look at him once more time. He is SO handsome.

Tikanis~I'm not certain that I still have your number. LOL

The dr. told me yesterday that I have diabetes. I have been expecting to be told this. Both my Mom & her sister have it & their Dad, (my Granddaddy), had it. I don't think that it is too bad.

Have a great day! We had a little bit of rain but the sun is shining now. I see the dr. about my foot tomorrow & then I'm done with drs. for at least a week. LOL It will be good not to have to see one. Going every day for 2 weeks got tiring but it was necessary since we were gone for so long. Patti :) (Where are you Milkdud?)

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Sorry to be away again. Time just seems to run away sometimes. An acquaitance of ours committed suicide on Tuesday and it has rocked my world a little bit. I just can't seem to accept it yet. He wasn't someone that we saw too often, but when I did see him he was always just so nice. Always gave a big hug and a kiss and called all the girls "sweetheart". A big teddy bear kind of guy. I am going to miss not seeing him around.

Patti and Maddie, good to see you back again. And Tikanis. Glad things are going well for you all.

Yes Suzanne I think I did miss the Christmas exchange. I would love to participate if it is not too late. If you don't want to redo the list Maddie, maybe Tikanis and I can just exchange with each other. That works for me.

I have got to run. I'm glad you are enjoying the Halloween pictures. That is just such a small snippet of what really goes on here on that night!

Love, Besh

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Hi and happy Thursday!

What gloomy weather we are having. We have a tornado watch now and it is very unseasonably warm. Very, very weird weather.

Maddie - thanks for putting the exchange list together and count me in with the booze and a long straw! Since that probably won't fly I'm with Suzanne - whatever you guys want to do is fine with me. I am kind of partial to the idea of sending something that tells something about you and/or the area you live in.

Tikanas - glad to see you and I am so happy you are doing well and enjoying what you are doing. I agree with you, Raeanne and Suzanne about morning exercising, it really is the best time of day but I don't always get to do it then and have to wait until early evening. By then I can easily talk myself out of it.

Patti - I will send you an email and get your address.

QOD: Thanksgiving - yes, I am ready - we are going out to dinner so that makes it easy. I am still cooking a turkey breast and the rest of the dinner for Saturday - I have to have left overs even though they won't be that until Sunday. I have bought a few small gifts for Christmas but nothing serious yet, have to get started on that.

I have an evening on my own tonight and I am going to enjoy it - doesn't happen often. I will call a few friends I owe calls to and read my book (at least that's the plan).

Enjoy the evening!


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Ahhh.... on the Net 2 days running--pinch me! I must be dreaming!

Tikanas and Besh--never too late! How about if you two exchange?

And I like the idea of sending something about the sender or their area---sounds good to me! :)

OK--advice needed--where ever Rog and I want to do soemthing with his parents (dinner, a play, whatever), my MIL wants to bring my youngest BIL ("Fred") (the 30 yo that still lives at home--the one that had the married girlfriend), and we end up paying for him. I mentioned that it would be fun for the 4 of us to go to Nashville, and she immediately replied "Yeah, that would be fun, "Fred" has never been there." I asked her if she wanted to go shopping on Black Friday, and she said she's hafta check with Fred and see if *he* wanted to go. He rules the roost at home, and has thrown violent temper-trantrums, so she lets him get away with murder--

Any thought? Or do I just deal with it?

So, what's everyones plans for Turkey Day???



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Besh~I'm so sorry for your loss. It is painful when someone takes their own life. The thought that they didn't think that their life was worth living. So sad.

Maddie~I'm sure that others will have something better to say. I think that there are some things that are beyond your control and this just happens to be one of them unless you decide to stay away from Rog's parents too. It is sad that they let the BIL manipulate everything that is done.

On another note~I just found out that we are going to have to spend Thanksgiving with "Prince Charming"~LOL~(the ex) & his wife. Pray that things go all right. I was not planning on this. This is not his son that we are going to be with.

If someone will help me, I have the pics of my DGD that I would love to share. They are on one of the Yahoo sites. Night all~Patti :)

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Maddie, I would love to have Besh as my Christmas buddy!

Sounds like it's time for your Hubby to step up and talk to his mom on the Q.T; You needn't look like the bad guy. Something like "Mom, we love you and somtimes we want to spend time with just YOU. We aren't feeling so great about 'Fred' right now, but we will include him occasionally and certainly respect your right to spend time with him. We hope you'll try and respect our wishes as well" (ask me how I know this)

Besh, I, too am sorry for your loss. How very sad.

Patti, check your email!

NH Suzanne, it was 85 degrees here today. The grass is always greener. (My best friend in Oregon says that's because it rains a lot up there and that's why I should move there close to her : )

Donna, I have NEVER gone out for a holiday dinner! I am relishing my alone time here. I have 2 books calling my name...

QOD: Cooking as usual! I have 6 people coming including DS good friend who has no family. He's a vegetarian so i have been experimenting with veggie meatloaf recipes and veggie gravy for him. I will brine and smoke a huge turkey and make all the sides in mass quantities, as leftovers are MANDATORY according to the kids. lol!

Till tomorrow,


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Good morning all!!

It's Friday and it has seemed like a long week!

Besh, sorry to hear about your friend. I am a suicide survivor and I empathize completely. It's very sad indeed.

Maddie, do my eyes decieve me?? It's great to see you here again!! I don't think there is much you can do about the MIL/BIL situation. Bite your tongue, or start a war! Roger should tell Fred to "get a life"!! Or maybe Roger could take Tikanas' advice.

Patti, (hi Dave!!), I had to spend all holidays with Mark's ex-wife for 15 years until the kids were grown!! It was lots of fun!! It will be okay. Why do you "have" to spend it with them?

Tikanas, my sister is a vegetarian and I make extra veggies and stuffing without stock in it for her. You are sweet to go to that trouble. My sis can pile her plate up very high without turkey and gravy. What is your method for brining?

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Happy FRIDAY everyone!

Maddie, please send me your addy. My mind is tick, tick, ticking away.

HERE'S AN IDEA: If anyone else has a good idea about what to get someone, please forward it to the person's partner. For example, if one of you have info on Ms. Maddie, please send it along to me, etc.

QOD: Going to DBIL's and bringing the antipast' tray. MIL said she is not bringing pies because the granddaughters would not eat any last year, so I bought 2 Mrs. Smith's pies to bake if needed. Going to bring along a few Ben & Jerry's container to tempt the youngsters though.

Make this weekend count....Go JETS!

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Besh, so sorry to hear about your friend. We will never know why they felt this world was too much for them. Remember the good times and cherish those you love even more, if that's possible!

Maddie, I've don't have great advice on how to deal with your BIL. One of my sisters (the nutty one) is driving me over the edge with stupid e:mails lately. I want to ask my brother to Thanksgiving dinner with us, but since he lives with "the challenged one", I'm not sure he will come without her. I made my mind up years ago, that I could not enjoy any holiday with her around, and it's not fair to you and Rog to share your time with MIL. I understand that it's difficult to be truthful with her (as she will probably blab it to BIL), but you may want to take Tikanas' advice.

Gotta run and finish up some stuff!

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Besh - A few years ago we lost 3 people to suicide in our small community. I know the impact it can have, even if you're only casual acquaintances (((HUGS))).

Maddie - I agree with Tikanis - I think Rog needs to talk to MIL. She should feel honored that you want to spend time alone with them. Thanks for doing the list again.

Tikanis - It was 65 here yesterday and it felt so strange this time of year to be walking around without a jacket. I have never eaten a Holiday meal in a restaurant either.

John - if you are out there I wanted to let you know that the Celestine Prophecy has been made into a movie and you can pre-order it at

Patti - I am sure you rise to the occasion and be your delightful self with the ex.

Donna - when we would go to relatives for Thanksgiving I would cook a smaller version at home for leftovers too.

I picked up the DaVinci Code yesterday and I plan on watching it tomorrow night.

QOD - we had invitations to 2 other homes for dinner, but I do want to have our own dinner - just the 3 of us :-(
We will probably go visit one of friends for dessert afterwards.

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Thanks everyone! You make me smile:) The ex called my son & asked him what he was doing for Thanksgiving. He said that his parents were coming. Then the ex asked if he & his wife could come too. DS is not one to be able to say "no". And, I guess that there really isn't any reason for him to have to. I just never thought that I would have to share him since he isn't the ex's son. DS#2 is & he is going to be there but that isn't the reason that ex asked to be there. His plans fell through & I guess that he wanted someplace to go. We leave early tomorrow. I'm getting excited to hold that baby girl. The dr. said today that my foot is not healing as fast as others do & to have the physical therapist lay off of touching it. She can work on the knee but don't even think about the foot right now. I am to have a bone scan when we get back. I was trying to do everything right so that it would heal fast. I'll try to write next week but if I don't get the chance, please have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

DeeMarie~I already know everything that you are going to get. Dave & I have planned it & we are tickled pink!! You are pretty easy, I think. LOL Especially when we picked the theme.

Love to all~Patti :)

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Tikanis, it is me and you! I can not email people from this site for some reason, so if you email me your snail mail, I can email mine back to you. This is going to be fun!

Thanks for the condolences. The wake is not until Sunday. It kind of stinks having it hanging over my head.

QOD: This Sunday is my family's Thanksgiving at my nieces house. Then on the actual Turkey Day we will go to the HS football game to watch DS and then come home and crash for a while. My DSIL invited us for an informal dinner that night, so that is what we will do. Raeanne I know how you feel. Originally it was just going to be DH, DS and me and it was really bumming me out. We went from having 20 people every year, to just the 3 of us. DH and his family had decided not to celebrate every holiday since his parents are gone, but thankfully DSIL decided to invite anyone that wanted to stop by. It will be very strange not having DS#1 around. I have never had a holiday without him. I guess I have to get used to it. Once they get settled we will be spending some holidays in Virginia! :-)

Patti, you and Dave have a safe trip. Give that baby a big squeeze.

Donna, how was your evening? Did you get to do everything you wanted?

And where is BJ? I really miss her not being here. I am so worried about her.

John, you need to come out of hiding as well!

Got to fly (as BJ used to say). Tonight is bowling night.

Love, Besh

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Good Morning.

Besh - sorry about your friend. I had an immediate member of my family attempt suicide and it was a very traumatic experience. I can relate to your friend and his family. Very deep issues.

Suzanne - Your night out to the theatre and dinner sounds like my kind of night.

Where is BJ, I haven't read a post from her. I pretty much caught up from my mia months.

QOD: We will have a low key Thanksgiving. My DH's mother and sister are visiting us now since Wednesday and they leave the day prior to Thanksgiving, so we have been having special dinners and going out to eat quite a bit. So I may just make soup and salad for Thanksgiving dinner -- hahahahhahaha. I made a turkey breast yesterday and it was YUMMERS. I hear them in the kitchen now making a italian cookie/biscuit my MIL used to make my husband when he was younger. Oh such happiness -- brings a tear to my eye. GMWAS (Gag me with a spoon). (wink wink) I know my DH is enjoying every minute of it.

We drove to he east coast of Florida on thursday and went to a Bloomingdales. I love it. We do not have any here on the west coast(at least that I know of). So my husband bought me a Dooney and Burke purse (which he did a year ago this time when they came down for a visit) So you can bet your bottom dollar that I am hoping this is a yearly thing.

Patti - my parents also celebrated their 50th anniversary last month. My husband and I threw them a party at a party center in Ohio (where I am from)and had 130 people there with a band. It was quite a challenge organizing it from Florida. Plus my mom gave her input I took a lot of deep breaths and went forward the entire time. I had a blast. A good time was had by all and it was worth all the effort and aggravation just to see how happy it made my parents. We even had my cousin who is an Catholic Deacon renew their vows. Not a dry eye in the joint at that point.

Man this is a long post. I better save some for tomorrow.
Take care everyone.....


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Good morning!

Besh, I am so sorry about your friend - (((lots of hugs)).
I got to do half of what I wanted..I called both friends but didn't get to read my book. My evening alone ended 3 hours earlier than I thought it would so I wasn't alone after all, oh well.

Tikanas - the first year our family went out to dinner for Thanksgiving I was not at all happy about it and made my feelings clear. I realized it was OK when we got up from the table and I didn't have any dishes or clean up!! With Thanksgiving I'm OK either way - home or out. Now Christmas is another story - no place but home and I cook the dinner.

Just got through paying some bills (fun, fun) and am a few stamps short for the few I can't pay online. Off to the post office and gas station.

Will check in later - enjoy your Saturday!!


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Hi all!

Besh--I am so sorry about your friend. I known a couple of guys who did it, and several others who have attempted it, and it's just plain hell, no mateer what. (((((((((hugs))))))))

Thanks for the advice; Rog has said something, but it's like water on a duck's back. BIL's embarrassing, but I guess I'll hatfa come to grips. (Although--it's a shame that MIL and I have finally worked our way to a friendship, and now ol' baby-boy latches on.)

We're having a quiet dinner here, just the two of us. We both have Friday oof, and we're NOT doing the Indianapolis show, so we're going to relax and enjoy each other-- ahhhhh.... :):)

Besh--I was thinking about you last night. I was at a local junk mall (no, not *that*! LOL), and I found a pair of brand-new, still tagged and in the box Danskos that fit me perfectly! I remember that you said they are great shoes, so I bought 'em for $30.00---happy camper, here!

Hope all is well!



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Good SATURDAY evening everyone!

Last night we went to see Kathleen Madigan(?) at The Strand Theater in Lakewood NJ. Although I never heard her act, she was very very funny. My eyes were swollen from laughing and crying so hard. Only small problem was we got stuck in traffic and it took twice as long to get there, so no dinner for us. We were starving and ate candy from the concession stand......DOUBLE YUCK!

Lynn & Patti! So good to see you posting again. Patti, give that baby a big squeezy hug for me too!

Gotta run and start dinner (grilled tuna, flavored brown rice, and a big green salad). We wanted to meet DSIL and DBIL for dinner, but they had plans. Soooo, it's me and cutie-pie alone this evening. Maybe a fire and a movie. awwwwwwwwww ;-)

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Dee & Donna - here is a quiz for YOUSE GUYS LOL. I scored a 96% just from living 10 minutes from Joysey. I lied about the gas one, but I knew what they were looking for.

Magic Kitty - did I tell you it's good to have you back? If not, I am now.

Enjoy the day!

Here is a link that might be useful: How NJ are you?

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Good Sunday Morning!

QOD - DS AND DD are coming home and I am so happy. I am going to finish cleaning today and just enjoy their company over the long weekend. Let the dust bunnies fly! LOL All I have to make for Thanksgiving are desserts. Three pies and a cake. We will spend Thursday at my sister's house and Friday at my MIL's house.

Right now I am making sauce for lasagna and the banana cake. This is a cake that gets better the longer it sits, so I am making it early. Lasagna is for Wednesday. I am picking up DS at the airport early Wed. morning and we are going to IKEA and some sports memorabilia stores on the way home. I want to spend time with my kids and not be tied to the kitchen.

It is nice to see more MIAs posting. Maybe we need someone to call BJ and find out what's up.

Jen - Can you receive packages at your PO Box address or do I need a street address for your Christmas package?

Make the most of the rest of today!

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Oh I am SO Joisey!! Ha ha!

I am so happy to read about everybody's goings-on.
I am hosting 2 of DS friend's now on T- Day and am happy to "initiate" them in our family traditions.

Lynn, I am glad to "see" you!

Donna, No dishes sounds WONDERFUL!! Can't say I'd turn it down, except I will guilt everyone(family) into the cleanup.

Besh, did you get my e mail?

Maddie, hang in there.

Marci, could you post that banana cake recipe pleas? My daughter LOVES banana cake and I have yet to find that perfect recipe...

DeeMarie, That sounds like fun! Ah, romance...

Qonw (question of next week) What Thanksgiving traditions do you and your family have?


Tikanas (This is my very favorite time of year!)

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