ANOREX - I lost 3 1/2 lbs 2 days - Why so fast?? Feedback Anyone

mrousouDecember 22, 2001

Hello guys,

I ordered anorex from ebay and used it for 2 days now and I lost 3.5 lbs so far. I did not have any side effects like jittery etc, but I would go to the bathroom 3 times a day which is very good, cause it shows I am clearing up.

My question is does anybody know if it is normal to lose so many pounds in less than a week?

I have also noticed that I cannot eat like before - I only had a salad today and dont feel hungry. I am extremely satified with the results so far - my pants even feel lighter.

I have tried everything in the past and nothing worked - Xenadrine, Metabolife, Calorad, slim teas, patches, fat absorbers, fat sprays and none worked for me.

This is very interesting to read on weight loss scams : -

(Calorad,Algoxyll, Cellasene,TrimPatch P-3 are some of them.)

Dont waste your money like i did in the past! ) O ;

Is there anyone out there with aNOREX results? Please let me know someone. Id love to hear about your thoughts.

Also please be aware that in order for Anorex to work for you you must have a Body Mass Index of more than 30. You are not allowed to use it if you are only trying to lose 10-15 lbs

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its all water loss. your body contains an enormous amount of water. in fact, over 50% of your body is water. anyhow, so this allows for people to say "lose 10 pounds in a week"..etc etc. its not real weight loss as the water will come back. pills do not work. do not waste anymore money on any "lose weight quick" schemes. only real way is to exercise, or cut down on calorie consumption. (note i said calorie...not necessarily fat consumption).

anyhow, the ab energizer stuff seems like it might work, but who knows?

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Hi, I just started anorex on Thursday and was wondering what other side effects/results you may have experienced. Did I waste my $$?? I have a very bloated feeling right now and I am going to the potty quite often. I am trying to drink a lot of water to replenish and maybe flush out my stomach ache so maybe it is just a short term thing, I sure hope so! My stomach is so uncomfortable that I wonder if that is what turns you off to eating, it is just such a full feeling like I just had two thanksgiving dinners. I need to lose 40 pounds and I am really going to commit to diet and working out b/c I know that is key. I feel like if I could just fit in to some of my old clothes, I would be motivated and could lose this weight by summer - at least 25. Its like once you start seeing results, you want to go on, but if you are feeling flabby, you say what the heck a whole sleeve of oreos at 11:00 PM doesn't matter b/c I am already fat! I am so so disgusted with myself right now and having to hide under big shirts b/c I cant even zip my own pants! I refuse to go up any more sizes so I am hoping anorex can get me started. I am wondering if this bloated feeling goes away and what I can look forward to, hopefully some success with this. Would appreciate hearing other's results....thanks!!

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Get off the stuff!! There is NO quick weight loss system that is good for you. Join a behavior modification group like Weight Watchers. It is the intelligent way to lose weight. I am a registered nurse who has struggled with weight all my life. I lost 59 lbs on W.W. and have kept it off for a year already. (Size 14 down to a 4) Losing weight is a committment. It is hard work. If you are eating a salad a day, you are putting your body into starvation mode. Your body does not know you are trying to lose weight. All it knows is that you cut your calories down too low, so now it will SLOW DOWN your metabolism to compensate. What you actually need to do is speed it up, and this is done, believe it or not, by eating MORE!! Eating small meals every couple of hours and exercising is the key. And you will feel great!! Please join. The other members are very helpful, and knowing you are going to be weighed in every week tends to help keep you on track. By the way, I STILL attend the meetings every week and will do so the rest of my life. I actually look forward to them!!

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