Has anyone tried Soloflex's Rockit vs Bun & thigh rocker

joannadannaDecember 27, 2001

Hello all,

I would be most interested in reading direct experiences with the Soloflex Rockit. Also, how does it compare with Body By Jake's Bun and Thigh Rocker?

The Rockit is a much larger piece of equipment and a lot more money. However I tend to think that I would have an easier time isolating my glutes with this machine thn the B&TR.

To those that are avid users of the B&TR - how do you isolate your glutes on this machine without hitting your rump on the seat?

In the situation of a 45%Leg Press weight machine, which the Rockit or Rocker simulates to a degree, your feet would have to rest high on the foot board in a wide stance and your rump would need to sit very low. In this way you are able at least on the leg press to isolate the glutes w/o straining your quads. Curious, would this position lend itself to Jake's machine?

Lastly for those that do use Soloflex's Rockit, how is the quality of the machine and would you recommend it?

Thank you for the minute.

Happy Holidays....


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Hi. We've had our Rockit for about 3 months. It is, for sure, a HEAVY piece of equipment! 215 lbs. shipping weight.... Spouse likes it cause he can do a whole bunch of different kinds of squats on it. I like it too, more versatile that just doing squats on the regular Soloflex, which we also have, along with its butterfly and leg extension pieces. Anna Z.

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