Daily Support, Monday 11/2 to Sunday 11/8/09

aka_raeanneNovember 2, 2009


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Tell me what are you doing fun this week.

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Hi Amy - glad to hear from you.

Posted by aamylynne (My Page) on Mon, Nov 2, 09 at 2:16

Hi all :)
Thought I'd drop in and say hi and see what people are doing. I do that from time to time you know, but haven't been posting. I hope you all had a good Halloween.
My older granddaughter, who was 8 when I moved to Hawaii, is in college now. They both dressed up for Halloween. My son is going to email me some pics of them later and I'll try to share them.

I'm still having health issues. I can't even believe how old I'm getting!

Take care all, and eat healthy,

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Good Monday morning!

Raeanne, thanks for getting us started under our new name. It's very fitting, IMHO.

Hi, Amy! I remember when you used to post very regularly 'way back when', and it's always nice to read updates from you. I hope you get to feeling well enough to post regularly again.

Today is a day to get things picked up around the house and do paperwork. Tomorrow is my Red Hat luncheon and the 94th birthday celebration for Verna - the woman I mentioned last week with the incredible workout regimen. I want to make her a very special card today because she just inspires me so much.

Wednesday is my TOPS meeting where I hope and pray I get to keep all Olivia Octopus's legs again! Our chuch ladies' lunch-out is also that day at the Black-eyed Pea in Humble, so I'm thinking of attending that, too. One new friend has just retired from teaching and is encouraging me to go with her, so I just may do that.

I have no idea what the rest of the week holds, but I'll enjoy things as they pop up!

Maybe this will be the week when our MIAs return for the winter? Hope so!!!

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Milkdud - If you look back several months you will see I had been starting the thread under "Daily Support" instead of SS. I chuckled when you mentioned it. You certainly have a full week ahead of you.

I have back to back long meetings tomorrow and dinner with girlfriends on Wednesday. Besides work I am pretty free right now.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day.

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Hi All!

We are having lots of fun; spent 2 days in Williamsburg VA and now we are in NC. Closing on our vacation house is tomorrow, and we are so excited!

TIKANAS!! Please stop by more often. I actually shouted out to you last week, so we did not forget you.

Sounds like everyone has a great week planned.

Raeanne, thanks for getting us started.

Suzanne, hope you are getting along better. We had a car hit a pole by the lake a few years ago, and we were without electricity and phone. Very wierd!

Been eating too many salty foods, so I need to cut back here.

Will try to check in from time to time this week, but next week we are heading to Florida and I won't have my laptop.

Warm regards to all of you!

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Welcome to Monday, everybody!!

I like Daily Support. Most of all I am grateful just to be able to post!

Milkdud, tomorrow is an "administrative day" for me too. So much paperwork to catch up on! I hear those Red Hatters are wild women ;) I hope Olivia keeps her legs

Raeanne, I am SO HAPPY to "see" you, I could cry! I keep your kayak postcard in my office and the kayak magnet on my fridge. I think of you often. Do you know that I have never had another problem with that knee again???

Where do I even start??

I got a cute little house with a home office and started my own business as an independent nurse contractor for home health. It's hard work and I love it.

My son is in college now getting ready to transfer to University and is living with, and working for me.

I had suffered with a some health problems and set to work on them, got better, lost a lot of weight and now I feel terrific! Of course, that's the short version.... :)

I can't wait to see what everyone else is up to!



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Good Tuesday all,

Amy, I knew you would pop in eventually to say hi. Time flies that is for sure. I hope you have your health issues well under control. How is your art progressing? I can't believe how old I am getting either! LOL

Tikanis, so good to see you post here again! Twice in one week wow! Congrats on your new house and job and health! I have been up to the same old life on the farm! Still riding and driving my horses and having the time of my life with them.

Dee, enjoy your vacation.

Raeanne/Dee we should meet before snow flies. I know this time of year is hard but maybe????

Well November in NH is here. You don't even have to look at the calendar to know....it's gray and drab and cold. Uck. I try to find the beauty but it's getting harder. November is the month that is the cloudiest and wettest here. So, you all are going to have to listen to my whining about this and the lack of light in general....

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Hi all!

Amy! How good to see you post! I was thinking about you when I was putting my summer clothes away ,and I came across the wrap that you sent me for a Christmas exchange one year. ((((hugs))))

And Tikanis, too! :) It's good to hear from you also! I'm glad everything is going good for you!

Suzanne--I love November, though. I love the gray days, and the smell of leaves, and knowing that the holidays are just around the corner. I will say that I am surprised that I am still this enthustatic this year; I guess I can't help it. When FIL died earlier this year, I thought that any holiday spirit would be gone, but it's here, just under wraps. January and February, though...yick!

Today is beautiful with bright blue skys, and fluffy clouds--almost like March. It's supposed to get into the 60s today, and i'm dying to get out and play in the leaves--I hope I never grow up! LOL!!!



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Good morning!

I had to check and see if my post from yesterday was still here lol!

For the past 2 years, I could either not log on to Garden Web, or worse yet, I would log on, post, and then the post would disappear! Talk about MADDENING! Now I have a new ISP and a new computer and so far, so good!

Today is my "administrative day" which is a nice way of saying "girl, if you don't get your paperwork done, you are not getting paid...." For every patient that I see there is a REAM of associated documentation that must be submitted for billing and medical records. I just hate this part, so I hired my son to help me with some of it : )

Suzanne, This is my favorite time of year but I can almost FEEL your pain. There has got to be a bright side. I can't wait to see some of your photos!

Maddie, Hi! I'll play in the leaves with you.

DeeMarie, are you vacationing AGAIN???
lol. Great to see you!

Time to put nose to grindstone. Back later!


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Good Tuesday afternoon, all!

Tikanis, with all the paperwork you have to do, you need an assistant. I don't have that excuse, so I have to force myself to be organized for the little that I do need to do. I remember reading your posts before I started posting, but I don't think we ever posted together before. Welcome back!

Suzanne, I know what you mean about those gray days. They can be so depressing around here, too. We also get mosquitoes when we have that kind of weather, so it's maddening!

Dee, did you LOVE Williamsburg? THat was always one of my favorite places to visit when I lived in NC. I guess you're a vacation-home owner by now, so congrats!

Raeanne, color me embarrassed that I didn't even notice you posting "Daily Support" back then. I guess I just someone how divined that it was our thread and opened it without noticing the changed title. I do think that "Daily Support" says it all though.

Maddie, isn't it wonderful how time can soothe the pain? I hope that you and Rog and your families are able to enjoy the holidays in memory of your FIL!

The Red Hat lunch was fun. We ended up with 3 birthday 'girls', the youngest was 72, then 86, and Verna at 94. All these women still drive, do lots of volunteer work, and work out at the community center a minimum of 3 times a week. Inspiring, I tell ya! I ordered a fajita beef taco salad without the taco shell and even brought home half of it for dinner. Hopefully, Olivia octopus will come home tomorrow from the TOPS meeting with all her limbs intact!

Dinner tonight will be hot turkey sandwich and salad for hubby, and leftover fajita beef salad for me. Wishing everyone a terrific Tuesday!

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Milkdud - no need for the red face - let's just say "great minds think alike" haha.

Tikanis - I think of you often too and you are mentioned here a lot. I am glad that the knee problem is gone and that your health issues are behind you. Sounds like all is going well for you and you truly deserve that.

Maddie - You would love it here because November is nearly entirely gray haha. Although the sunrises have been gorgeous over the lake with the change of temp there is a fog that hangs low and the mountains peak out over it with bright pink/orange skies. That is on days that actually have a few moments of sun haha.

Suzanne - I would love to get together with you and Dee. This is actually a great time of year for me. We will see what Dee's schedule looks like when she returns. I love Williamsburg too.

Dee - I hope congrats are in order too. How nice for you and your sister.

BJ - where are you? I hope Patti doesn't have you farming haha.

Life has been good but busy.

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It's hump day!

Yesterday, when I got tired of pushing paperwork around, I went back and read some of the older threads so now I am feeling "in the loop" again! You guys have been Bi-ZEE!

I thought, "now how could BJ have Patti busy farming?? Then I thought, "NO! It can't be!" So I checked and sure enough.... Guess where I'm headed later?? See ya'll there.... : )

But first, work. 4 new patients today, hooray! 2 are in one facility, all are local, making my day SO EASY. DS set up all my preliminary paperwork and I am good to go.

Back later (because I CAN now, you see)

Make today count!


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Good Wednesday all,

Wow, Tikanis, it's like you never left!! Okay, I admit it, I don't get where you are heading later? How could BJ have Patty busy farming? Am I the only one who doesn't get it? How embarrassing.

Today is so sunny and gorgeous with blue skies and all. It should be a holiday and I should be out riding my horse! This is most peculiar weather for November here!

I am very excited today because my new manure spreader was just delivered! I have wanted this unit for two years and we decided to go for it! Guess what my weekend plans are???
Free fertilizer!

Raeanne, I think I can pull off just about any day so let's wait to hear from Dee.

Speaking of Patty and BJ - where are you two?

Milkdud, good luck to you and Olivia today!!

Maddie, you can come live in NH anytime! You will have your fill of gray days believe me! I am glad you are filled with good cheer these days. It's great that you are back with us.

Jan we have not heard from you yet this week. How are you?

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Suzanne - Farming is a reference to Facebook, it was just a joke. I know BJ is farming as much as our Dee would be haha. Congrats on the manure spreader (never thought those words would come out of my mouth haha).

Tikanis - it is so good to have you back with us.

Jan - come out, come out.

Besh, Patti, Marci, Gretchen, BJ come on by and say hello. I know I am missing a bunch but if you haven't been by in a while get in here.

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Olivia Octopus and her intact 8 legs and I bid you a good afternoon!

Yes, folks, 2 weeks in a row, I've had a loss!!! It felt so good to say it during the roll call. I've been consciously cutting back on the amount of food I eat, and it is helping.

Tikanas, you really do stay busy! And you sound so happy with the way your business is going, and that's always a great thing.

Suzanne, you work hard on your farm while others move a mouse around and 'click'. Beware of getting caught up in the farm game on Facebook because it seems to be addictive! LOL

I'm already busy Christmas-gift-looking seriously so that I can take my oldest son and DDil's gifts with me when I visit them for Thanksgiving. It's always so hard to find out what they want, and they're all fairly specific in what they want as they try hard not to accrue a closet full of items that they will never use. I really appreciate their help because I want their gifts to be well-received and used.

I haven't thought as far as dinner ideas yet, but both freezers are full of easily thawed out items that I can turn into something tasty and healthy. I wish everyone a wonderful Wednesday!

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Suzanne!! Congrats on the manure spreader. You are so enthusiastic, you even make spreading poop sound fun ; )
I saw those photos of all that hanging garlic and I'd love to try my hand at it. The manicurist just GROANS when she sees me coming as I love to stick my bare hands in the dirt. Gloves just kill that tactile experience...

Milkdud, I am glad that Olivia got to keep all of her extremities, lol! Congrats on your loss. Doesn't it feel great?

Raeanne, have you been doing much kayaking? We'll need to talk kayak specs as I am in the market for one. Even your description (to Maddie) of a gray day's sunrise is artistic...

Come out and play the rest of you MIAs. I am itching to "see" everyone!


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I'm always glad to see your names, too, when I come by. I see that Happyto was mentioned recently. I wonder about her, too. Was there a reply to that?

Raeanne, thx for reposting my message. :)Sounds like you have been busy.
Suzanne, I went back a couple of threads and found your wonderful horses pics. Hey look well-cared-for. It must be relaxing to ride down those beautiful country roads.

I'll have to say hi to a couple of people at a time because if I try to get everyone, I give up and don't post. I'm going to try again to come by more often. In the meantime, I don't know if I've shared this painting with you. It's one that I did after I got here. The picture is a little too dark, but it's the only one I have at the moment.

It's nice to still be able to come here, and I'll write more soon.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Good Thursday all,

Amy, WOW, twice in one week. This is great and it's nice to think you will join us more often. Your painting looks like Shangrila - are there horses that where you live? There is nothing more beautiful than watching a horse run through the surf.

Has anyone ever watched the Black Stallion? That movie has some of the most visually beautiful scenes of a black Arabian stallion, a little boy, and desolate beach. You don't have to be a horse lover to appreciate it either.

Got a call early, early this morning from DH who finally made it to Sunnyvale, CA, got his load delivered at Lockheed and is now heading back east with another load! With any luck I could see him by the end of next week. I miss him.

Tikanis, you are funny! Of course spreading poo is fun!! LOL it makes the grass grow for the animals that's for sure. With any luck I will get it un-crated and get using it this weekend. It's funny, as much as I love digging in the dirt, I cannot stand having dirt jammed under my finger nails. I always wear gloves and curse when I don't. When the dirt dries on my hands it gives me the feeling of nails on chalkboard...I know, I am weird. We cleared acres of land this year and I have acres of land to plant things! We have started a small orchard in one area. I am so excited about that.

Milkdud, you will not catch me anywhere near Face Book. That whole thing bothers me alot. It's public nature is very uncomfortable for me and also having people I don't even know wanting to be my friend! It just isn't my style but I am fascinated by others interest in it.

Okay, where is Jan, BJ, Marci, Besh, Patti, John, Gretchen and anyone else I failed to mention here?

You know what is amazing about this post? I have done it with a Siamese cat sitting right in front of the screen who is watching intently each and every letter that I type! It's so funny - good thing I am a patient woman! LOL

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Good Morning back atcha!

Amy, your painting is lovely. I sat and stared for quite some time. I got lost in it and found myself imagining I was THERE. I hope that you will post more of your work soon.

Suzanne, Facebook is a funny thing. I find it's a quick way to check in with folks I know. You don't have to befriend anyone you don't want to or post anything personal. (the term "friend" is used very loosely here...) I have found grade school buddies and reconnected with distant relatives. It is fun, yet very superficial. I think of it as like waving to someone across the coffee shop and saying "how 'bout those Yankees?". It's only a stepping stone to deeper relationships, but yet another way of staying connected in a busy world.

How funny about you and dirty fingernails! What will you plant? Are you planting for personal use or will you have a produce stand? I LOVE this stuff and wish I was there to help. I used to grow all of our own produce at the community garden before we moved. I am planning some raised beds here for Spring. Please tell me more!

Well, another day, another dime after taxes!


(How ABOUT those Yankees, though????!!!!)

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Good Thursday morning!

Amy, I couldn't fall asleep last night, so I got up and got on the 'net. I sat here and gazed at your painting until I felt so relaxed that I practically oozed back into bed and fell into a deep sleep. That painting was so lovely and tranquil to me. I'm so glad that you came back to post again. Keep it up!

Suzanne, I'm glad that your hubby is on the way back home to you. He'll get there just in time to enjoy all your hard work this coming weekend!

Tikanis, I enjoy FB for those very same reasons! I have 'befriended' a few people from high school that I really didn't know even back then, and those are very inactive accounts, but it would be too awkward to delete them now. And, it is fun to see how their lives are going now. I love that there's no longer the class distinction of cheerleader/jock and chess club/nerds that there used to be. LOL

We live in a HOA neighborhood, and our 2-yr. old house has some mildew on the sides and up on the dormer windows on our roof, so we received a 'clean it up' letter from the HOA. Hubby tried to clean the windows last weekend but couldn't reach them, so one of our canasta-friends has offered to come over and do that for him this weekend. I was touched by the offer as I've never experienced anything like that before. He and his wife are very loving and giving folks, so I shouldn't be surprised, but I was so touched that I couldn't even talk when they called to offer. We really have been blessed with great friends since living here, and I just wanted to share this with y'all.

Well, it's grocery shopping and house-cleaning day as I have 2 covered dish luncheons to attend, and I want to host cards this weekend.

I wish everyone a thoughtful Thursday!

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Good Friday morning all,

TGIF! It's a cold and SUNNY morning here. The sky is brilliant blue....all is well with the world - at least mine.

Milkdud, what is a HOA neighborhood? It was so nice of your neighbor to offer to help you. That's a friend and good neighbor in the truest sense.

Tikanis, I am growing stuff for our personal use and when I have a plethora of produce I share with friends. This year I grew all my tomatoes lovingly from seed. They were magnificent plants full of fruit and overnight they were taken by late blight. I was devastated. A friend that I gave plants to shared her crop with me. Many farmers lost entire crops in the NE this year. You may have read about it. I planted blueberry bushes this year and and a lovely grape arbor plus apple trees. Also an asparagus bed. Next spring it will be peaches and a blackberry/raspberry patch. I am so excited. Also this year I am starting a 50' flower border using the lasagna or layered gardening method. Have you heard of this?

No FB for this farm girl. It's way to public for my taste.

Saturday night I am hosting my horse driving club's (Granite State Carriage Association)annual planning meeting. It's a pot luck. This is where we plan all of our events for the year. Should be fun.

This weekend I will be aerating both fields and hopefully getting some lime down. Also taking soil samples for analysis. Does that sound like fun or what? Need DH to be home to help me with the new spreader...I am so disappointed. LOL

What are you all up to?

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I was going to do a quick drive by but I have to make a couple of comments now too. LOL

It is so nice to see some of our MIA faces around. Hi & welcome home Tikanis, Maddie, & Amy. You have been sorely missed.

Raeanne~You silly girl, I haven't had much time for FB myself lately so I haven't had BJ farming. But you are all welcome to join me! Bwahaha I reached the highest level on the one though & now nowhere to go! :-( I am going to help a couple of friends get there & then if they don't do something will lose interest I'm sure.

NH Suzanne~It honestly isn't that public & you can control all of that as well. You can even put it where no one knows when you are on.

Milkdud~Congrats on Olivia the Octopus. You go GF!!!

OK, this is what is going on with me. We had a friend call us & ask us to come look at her husband b/c she thought that he was looking yellow. She had talked to us previously & we told her what we thought. She had looked things up on the 'Net & we had all agreed that we pretty much knew what was going on. Well we went to see him & he was bad. Oct. 21 she tricked him & got him to the hospital, that was a Wed. They sent him home on the 26th with 24/7 Hospice Critical Care to die. We have been with her ever since pretty much. He passed away at 6:45 p.m. on Nov. 1. Now, all of the arrangements are being made & we are going to make the programs, etc. We are trying to find clothes to wear, keep her busy, wash clothes, buy groceries, or whatever else needs to be done. B/C he passed on the 1st, they took away his SS check & his postal retirement check. Well, that hurts!!! Anyway, I didn't want you to think that I was just ignoring you. I truly have been busy & will probably be for a couple of more weeks. Things have been hectic, hectic, hectic. People are starting to come back here. We are going to go look at another apartment here & see if we like it. We haven't moved since Sept. 2001 & this one needs lots of work. We'll see. Don't know what we'll do yet.

Hugs to all & I miss you. Know that I AM with you in thought~Patti

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It's Friday, YAHOO!!

Hi Patti! (waving frantically)
Am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend...
Come back when things settle down.

Suzanne, I saw the pictures of that grape arbor you posted. Please give us a pictorial update on your progress. I wish I were there to help as this is right up my alley. Tomato blight is horrible; everything ruined in a blink of the eye. SO very frustrating! : ( I know of the lasagna method. I have used square foot methods here to make the most of a MUCH smaller space. The area you have to work with makes my fingers practically ITCH.lol!

Milkdud, HOA is home owners association, right? How nice that you have friends who jump right in when you need help without even being asked! There ARE some really good people in this world.

Off to work. Back later.

Make today count!


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Good Friday morning! Where has this week gone?

Patti, I am so sorry about the loss of your friend. How lucky for his wife that you and Dave have time to pitch in and help her so much. That's just terrible that they've already rescinded her SS, etc. I hope she finds a way to financially make it.

HOA is Home Owners Association. Sorry I didn't interpret earlier. We knew going into this that we were in one, but they are really on their toes about repairs around here. It's a good/nuisance thing. Some of the homes are 'originals' back to 1979, and they don't operate under the same rules as we do, so there are some really needy homes, but they don't have to do any fix-ups. Seems unfair.

I managed to declutter quite a few things yesterday, and they're loaded in my car and ready for a trip to the thrift shop. First though, I need to visit the post office to send off a registered envelope with information for our blood center to whittle down the amount we owe on the blood transfusions. Then a stop to buy a card for a friend who is 82 today. We were invited, last second after we had gotten to the club, to join them for dinner last night, and I was empty-handed, so today I'll personally deliver her card to her front door. Then, I'm meeting a friend at the thrift shop where we'll drop off our donations then go somewhere for lunch and a nice visit.

I chose my 'covered dish luncheon' item, so I'll have to grocery shop after lunch. I'm making a corn casserole that my sons LOVE! They fight for the last bite in the pan; it's easy to prepare and fairly inexpensive; and it's easy to reheat after church.

Suzanne, your weekend sounds really full, but fun. Enjoy!

Tikanas, it's so nice to have you posting with us. You're always so cheerful!

Raeanne, come back and tell us about your weekend plans! You, too, Maddie!

Got to get ready to go, but I couldn't resist checking in with y'all! Have a great day!

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Patti, good to see you post. So sorry about your friend and how heartless to take away benefits. Isn't she entitled to his benefits as his spouse? Strange.

A friend just sent this to me. A little horse humor by a very funny write, Dave Barry. Of course the his take on horse behavior is somewhat skewed but it made me laugh right down through my toes. I hope you get a chuckle too.

Here is a link that might be useful: You Take The Horse; I'll Gladly Take The Dog

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Hi :)

tikanis, suzanne, and milkdud - thank you for the good feedback on my painting. I always like it when they have a peaceful effect on people. I'll put up another one soon. Suzanne, I enjoy the horse story and it made me laugh, but I agree that he doesn't know horses very well, lol.

Patti, I'm sorry, too, about your friend. And yes, they are lucky to have you there. That's one of the things I like about people. People really do care and rally around others when they have hardships and troubles.

Hi BJ and Dee and Besh and Maddie, Marci, and all others I've missed. I'm sorry to hear that John hasn't been around. It was always fun to read what he'd been up to.

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Good Saturday all,

Amy, I think part of the story that made me laugh the most was his view of horse behavior! It really is so good to have something to laugh that hard about though, don't you think? Laughter is the best medicine!

It's cold and frosty here but most important, it's SUNNY!! Yeah.

Lately I have been missing our foxes. I haven't seen one since late summer. I have feared that the someone killed them - they are vicious predators you know - not. Anyway, I am please to report that I saw one walking along my stone wall in the early hours this morning before the sun was over the horizon! The crows tipped me off to look at whatever they are crowing about and there she/he was. I am very happy and full of joy over this.

Today is a great day and I hope you all enjoy it.

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Amy - thanks for sharing your gorgeous painting with us. You are truly gifted.

Suzanne - Whenever I hear the crows going wild, I know there is a fox nearby. I haven't seen mine since the summer either. My neighbor is always concerned when the fox is out in the daytime - thinking it must be rabid. I try to educate him but not sure I get through.

Patti - so sorry to hear about your friend.

Milkdud - I can hardly keep up with you. Do you ever sit still?

I have a cocktail party this evening and no other plans for the rest of weekend.


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Good Saturday, indeed, Suzanne! I'll bet you are already trying out the new spreader. Could you post some "before pics" of your new flower garden area? It would be so much fun to watch the work in progress. Wish I was there....

Milkdud, I too, was wondering about Patti's friend and the SS payments. Talk about adding insult to injury.

Amy, I'll hold you to that promise : )
How wonderful to be able to paint like that!

Raeanne, are you a guest or are you hosting? Have fun!

Lots of "puttering" planned for the weekend. I hope to put in some winter veggies and fix my bike. I am CONSIDERING training for a charity bike marathon this Spring...


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Good afternoon, y'all!

I've been up and out since 9 this morning for our sorority. A friend and I drove over to Kemah/beach area to the Hilton where our sorority was having an Arts & Crafts day and board meetings. We just went to sell ESA aprons that one member made. We sold a lot of them, and we shopped a LOT! Every chapter had at least one table and sold handmade items from small bags of snacks to fruit cakes, quilts, painted items and lots of Christmas gift items. I bought decorated gift baskets to hold my homemade fudge for neighbor gifts this year, goodies to include in my WV friend's Christmas box, and soup mixes, jellies, pickles, and chili mixes to include in stockings. One chapter was selling paperback and hardcover mysteries, and I really stocked up there! Once I read everything, I'll donate the books for our community Expo in January where we (ESA) have a table and pass out literature about St. Jude hospital and try to earn $$$ to send to them. We sell the books for 50 cents each, and last year we were able to mail St. Jude a check for $33.50! Viki and I stopped on the way to the event at a Tuesday Morning store and had a blast mostly just lookingm too.

Once I rest a bit, I have to fix my corn casserole to take for the covered-dish luncheon at church tomorrow. I love that stuff, but it's terribly fattening, so I'll just make a very small dish of it for us and the rest for tomorrow.

Tikanis, I like how you emphasized 'considering'! Happy puttering to you!

Raeanne, you get to attend some neat sounding parties. Things aren't quite that upscale around here, but that's alright. It is what it is, right?

Suzanne, that video was a hoot! Thanks for posting it. Glad you finally spotted your fox!

The dr. told hubby to continue eating red meat because his hemoglobin count has dropped some, so we're having grilled steak and baked sweet potato (me) and red potatoes (hubby) and salad for dinner. I'm already hungry as lunch at the event wasn't all that exciting or filling. Once he gets that grilled fired up, I'll be ready to eat!

Wishing everyone a relaxing Saturday evening!

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Good Sunday all,

It is an absolutely exquisite day here! 64 degrees and warm sunshine! It's so nice...

I tried the spreader today and the machine I was using to pull is too small! I have another 4wd machine to use but no hitch so alas, my manure spreading will have to wait! Now, I must take the rest of the day off and spend it with the chickens and horses...some one has to do it.

Milkdud, you really are on the go, go, go. I think you need a pair of white boots and become a go, go girl!! LOL
Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

Daylights a wasting... hope you all enjoy this glorious day!

DH is on his way to Chicago, then Detroit, then hopefully home but at least he's moving east!

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Suzanne - it is gorgeous around here too. Sorry about the spreader but happy that you get bonding time with the critters.

Milkdud - we do a lot around here, but not sure you would call it upscale haha. The cocktail party was very casual - I wore jeans.

We went up to a ski lodge that has been closed for many years and is being reopened by a new owner. They had an open house with helicopter rides, music, brew fest, activities for kids, food, etc. We really just toured the grounds, said hello to our friend that was giving the helicopter rides, but what a wonderful day to be there and what a huge crowd, they ran out of parking.

I caught up with laundry, vacuumed, did some painting and now I am vegie out while I pray that my pot roast is actually done in time for dinner.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day.

PS - BJ & JAN Where are you????

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I love weekends...

Raeanne, that sounds like fun!

Suzanne, sorry about false start to your garden! I didn't get much done in my little garden either. Mostly just puttered around the house. This morning I went to church and caught up on some reading.

Tonight is spaghetti and meatballs and....? Today is my high calorie day and I am having trouble CRAMMING that much food in frankly! My how things have changed!! ha ha!

Tomorrow is an easy day; just a few patients then MD calls and belated payroll and billing. Life is good.

Time to round up the rest of the MIAS!


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