Help Please, Stomache buldge!!!

Dotty9December 24, 2004

What is the quickest and most effective way to get rid of stomache buldge? I know,exercise; but what in particular? I've heard, that on the South Beach Diet, you lose stomache buldge first. Does anyone know if this is true?

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I don't think it is true at all. I don't know of any diet that can take fat off of chosen areas, it just has a mind of it's own and does what it wants. Toning exercises can help, crunches, and pilates would be really great, strengthens your inner core. I just got windsor pilates dvd for Christmas, can't wait to try it out!
Some foods can add to bloating, so you could try avoiding certain foods, such as milk to see if the bulge shrinks some.
I would suggest trying instead of following any diet that tells you what you have to eat. It's a great site and helped me to lose 35 pounds!
good luck

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If the stomach bulge is fat, then losing fat through changing what you eat and exercising will cause you to lose body fat and the stomach bulge will probably go away (or diminish). Spot exercises build and tone muscles but they don't erase fat -- only losing weight through diet and exercise can do that. But you should eat enough to maintain your metabolism so you won't lose muscle instead of fat.

Just gentle, consistent daily aerobic exercise, strength training (light weights) a few days a week, and eating a healthy diet should be all you need.


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You need to add cardio to your exercise routine so you can BURN the fat. Cardio, along with toning and controlling your food portions, should really help with that buldge.

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You don't say how old you are, but if you are nearing middle age, there is a good chance that some of the bulge is because you have started losing height and the inner organs have no place to go but out. Strengthening those stomach muscles will help hold them in and reduce the size. If this is your problem, losing weight won't help because the thinner you are, the more the bulge shows.

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I just turned 30. I've been really watching what I eat for at least the past two years, plus doing aerobics or walking about 4 times per week steadily for the past 6 months to a year. I cannot get rid of my little pudgy stomach or the extra "padding" in my thighs & butt. It is very frustrating. I am not overweight (5 foot-6 inches and around 130 lbs.), but I would like to get rid of the padding I have on those areas. I'm built like my paternal relatives---heavier on the bottom half of my body and small on top.

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Amy you sound perfect to me just the way your are.

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I have just requested the book, "Lose Your Mummy Tummy" by Julie Tupler from our library. I read a couple of reviews and it sounds like it might work. Just do a google search and see if it might interest you!

P.S. From your body stats, you sound more than perfect to me!


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