lower abdominal wall strengthener

Shirley_32December 11, 2001

Does anyone know a precise exercise to do that will thicken the lower abdominal wall to help support the intestines? I read somewhere that why the lower tummy is hard to get rid of is that the lower abdominal wall is thinner than the upper abdominal wall and that it being so thin the intestines pushes against the wall making it protrude (pouchy lower tummy apperance) That the only way to help is to do strengthening exercise that will tuffen up the muscle lining and thicking it up so it will help support the lower stomach more. Has anyone heard of this? I have had 3 c-section (bikini cut)and it makes my stomach look even worse. I had epidural and a bad back now situps are out of question. Anyone know of an exercise like this? Any exercise that doesnt involve back pain. will help will listen to it!

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Situps is a curse, not even a word deffinetly not an exercise. What you want to do is a variety of crunches. Crunch is defined in my training sessions as being flat on your back, bending your knees up, imagining a string pulling your SHOULDERS up off the floor 3-5 inches while holding your head straight with your back. If you do it correctly, your neck will NEVER be bent, therefore you will not hurt your back.

You (and anyone) should NEVER do situps. It was proven to harm more than to help years ago.

Crunches can be done with extra resistance by bringing your hands and placing them of your tummy for the Âeasiest crunch. Placing the hands on your chest will make the exercise a bit harder and placing them behind your neck (only fingers touching) will make it really hard to perform. Do NOT pull your head up off the floor use your abs to squeeze the muscle and lift your shoulders off the floor. When you reach a level that crunches is no problem for you, try to place a book on your chest to increase the resistance.

Now, there are Reverse crunches as well for the really lower abs. Be on your back, place your arms to the sides (like a cross) to maintain balance and now raise your knees towards your chest while your feet are at the same height of your knees.

If you really want to challenge your self, be on your back, raise your legs up and maintain them straight as you can in vertical position. Now do a crunchÂ. This will really burn.

Regarding repetitions: To START I would recommend three sets of 10 reps five days a week  never on the full stomach. When you feel comfortable with that, INCREASE the time of each repetition (do 5 seconds up, and 5 seconds down) and keep the same number of sets.

DonÂt EVER exercise fast! It never works.

Always stretch your body before and after exercising.

My wife had a C-section and with the above program she is nearly fully back to the flat abs she had before pregnancy. It took six monthsÂ.

Hope it helps


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Yes, this exercise can be done by anyone and it works wonderfully.

Lie on your back, bend your knees, put your feet flat on the floor about hip's width apart.

Pull in your stomach as far as you can, hold it, breath normally for 20 breaths. Relax a minute and do it again. do this about 5 times 2xs a day. Later when you have more strength you will be able to do this exercise standing up.

It was one of the isometric exercises that were big in 1970s, do a search for isometric exercise and you'll find more if you are interested.

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Thank you for you imput. I will try these crunches and see how my back feels! Sure hope it takes me 6 months but as they say it takes 9 months to be pregnant and longer to loose it. Wish me luck!

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