Ok, kitchen people...here we are..getting healthy

msazadiDecember 20, 2004

I really don't know how we might want to get this one going but tomorrow I will walk for 30 min. I suspect it will be inside since the roads and walks are still really icy here.

Maybe later I can get dh to mall walk with me. Then when we get a kitchen back we can afford to eat what I cook.

Companions on this path need not be only TKO (totally kitchen obsessed for those of you not in the Kitchens Forum).

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I'm with you. Today I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill and another 30 minutes doing crunches and lifting dumbells. First time in a month. The worst part--DH is a personal trainer. I have everything I need to workout in my own backyard. And the last time I saw my doctor, I promised.... Maybe we can keep each other motivated!


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Good job Maureen!

This forum was just dying.

I have have another work out tomorrow AM and stretching today.

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bah humbug...I hoped no one would join in. :-p

Well I guess I'm off to start walking. If I never make it back please help my dh finish the kitchen for my wake. Actually, I'm one of those weird ones who looks forward to being out in the cold. It's gone up to 37! so I won't freeze and snap. ;-)

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While fitness should or could be it's own reward, I did walk for almost an hour (but with a Chicos break in the middle).

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Fitness it's own reward, sure....

I bought a new organizer to put stuff on my schedule, and absolutely MUST have this Wendy Mink necklace I found yesterday. I think that I shall buy it when I lose 20 pounds.

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I'd never heard of her pebbles, but it sounds as if her designs would be something I'd find attractive with the east meets west concept. I work with a David Yurman fan but I'm still trying to find a simple, elegant bracelet and dh is getting fed up with my reluctance to go shop. Crazy, huh...

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The necklace has been something I've been looking for. It's a lot of fantastic quartz stones that are round beads in varying sizes. Kind of dramatic b/c it's long (so I would wear it like 3 strands instead of at my belly button)

Sore knees today. I'm working out tomorrow and rewarding myself for 4 sucessful workouts with a massage....ahhhh.

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I was TKO for more than a year and during that year, I didn't eat very healthy because it wasn't convenient. Now that my kitchen is done, I can cook healthier but I'm snacking more at night, too.

I'm guessing that it would be a good idea to share healthy eating ideas during kitchen renovations.

Also, how to hide snacks in new kitchen!

By the way, during the renovation, my DH took to putting snacks in his night stand so, by default, I cannot dip into his snacks.

I've been doing a couple of different types of workouts at the gym: yoga, pilates, and I've started back at tae kwon do which I used to do before having children and now my children do it with me. I cannot do any exercise that puts repetitive pounding on my knees like running or walking on a treadmill and especially the eliptical machine.

I was thinking about rewarding myself with a massage for each 10 pounds lost. My friend says that's too stringent, it should be about 7-8 pounds because that would be almost one a month.

Rewards are a good idea!


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