Total gym (chuck norris and Christie Brinkley)

iloveexerciseDecember 11, 2008

Anyone have one of these? My husband and I are thinking of getting one but I'm not sure.Are they useful at helping to lose weight at all or just to build muscle?

I do aerobics 3-5 days a week,so I'm not worried about losing weight.I think my husband thinks the total gym is all he will have to do to lose weight though.

I dont care if he does either way,but he's been complaining he doesnt like his belly.

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Ok,nevermind.We bought one already.
I like it.It seems like it will help getting leaning instead of getting those big puffy muscles.

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Would you mind telling me just how much the Total gym they use in that commercial costs? I have seen them on QVC for a few hundred dollars but heard that the one they use in the commercials is much more expensive. I want one as well.


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want info and price of the total gym-thank you

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