Elliptical trainer cover

rosemintDecember 13, 2005


Does anyone know where I can find a waterproof cover for my elliptical trainer? I want to keep it outside, if that's wise.


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I noticed that you haven't gotten any responses yet. I do not know of any covers available but maybe you can purchase a very large tarp and construct it into a cover. I see that you live in Calif (I grew up there :) ) and the weather is usually very mild but I would be concerned about moisture and salt corrosion if you live near the coast or if the elliptical is completely out in the open , rather than under a patio cover, too.

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Jacquelynn~~What brand and model of elliptical do you have? Where did you buy it? How long have you been using it? Most importantly, are you happy with it (quality, construction, use, functions, etc)?

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Did you ever find a cover for your elliptical trainer? I am looking for the exact same thing. Please let me know.

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