Proform Treadmill Problem

tdd95001December 10, 2008

I have a Proform 625 that has been acting up. When you step on the belt, the motor is sluggish and stops. At first, i thought it was friction. Replaced the belt. No good. I have replaced the motor, but that did not help. It appears as if the motor is not getting enough juice to run. I removed the top cover, removed the drive belt, and can stop the motor drive wheel with my foot with very little effort when i demand a speed. The Cur Lim light on the MC60 board lights up when this happens..... Advice????

thanks in advance,


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Do you have a warranty? We bought ours at Sears and had free maintaince on it for two years.Perhaps you could try contacting the company that manufactor and see if it is known for this problem?
I'm not very mechanical,so sorry I dont have better advice.

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