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happy186December 23, 2001

has anyone tried this? if so, does anyone know where i can get it cheaper?

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Just go to your local drugstore and buy a tube of Preparation H.

Because they both have the same effect - no topical ointment is going to 'break up fat cells' to any great extent, or even a noticeable extent.

I guess no one remembers THIGH CREAM in the early 90's - everyone spent a lot of money on it, but guess what? It didn't work! I suppose enough time has gone by where the manufacturers can drag this out again...for $90 or more!

Bodybuilders have been using Prep H for years now...It's just a topical diruetic, meaning it will pull water out of that part of the skin giving it a smaller look. Prep-H will do the exact same thing (: Sure you'll smell a bit funny, but $4 vs. $90.... it's useful if you're really lean and the only thing that's stopping you from showing off your abs/cuts is a thin layer of water weight.

Bodybuilders smear Preparation H on their midsections and wrap themselves in Saran wrap before going to bed when they're preparing for a contest.

Just FYI...

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