I just wanna lose a little weight!!!

nikchick04December 25, 2001

Hi everyone!! I'm 16 years old, 5'5'' and I weigh 128 lbs. I know this isn't overweight or anything, and I'm not one of those image-obsessed people who always complain about being fat BUT I would be happier if I could shed some weight (or at least build some muscle). I have the "pouch" of fat on my lower stomach which just grosses me out, and some flab on my thighs and butt that I would like to tone up. I've tried SlimFast, some generic diet pills, "The Water Pill", Stacker 2 Pills, the tae-bo videos, and an ab-roller. And, while I've had some success with these methods, I just didn't have enough willpower to stick with any of them. I'm the kind of person that eats ALL THE TIME, even when I'm not hungry!! If I could kick this habit, I don't think I would have any extra flab!! So if anyone has any reccomendations on diet plans or ways to increase my motivation or ANYTHING that would help me out, it would much appreciated. Thanks a bunch!!


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Well, at 5'5" and 128 pounds, you're at your ideal weight. Depending on your chest size, you may not be able to lose any more. The reason why I say that is because, obviously, bigger boobs weigh more. My best friend is 5'4, like me, and at her skinniest she wore a size 9/10 and weighed 150 pounds, all because her bra size is a 38DD. I,on the other hand, at my skinniest, wore a size 9/10 and weighed 121, because my bra size was 34B. So it's all relative. I don't think you have a weight problem. I think the problem is all in how you see yourself. Anyhoo, I will address the separate issues you said you have with your body and your eating habits.
You said you are the type of person who eats all the time. That can actually be a good thing- experts are now telling us that this is the way to be. All top models also eat all day. It is a way to keep from getting hungry and making the wrong choices. Do you have fresh fruits and vegetables available to you? In the mornings, instead of grabbing a doughnut or a bagel, or sitting down to a bowl of cereal before school, do fifteen minutes of excersize and grab an apple on your way out the door. Choose fruits or vegetables as snacks. Before you go to bed, do another fifteen minutes of low-impact excersize, such as leg-lifts, squats, toe-touches, etc. I've found that eating decent and excersizing daily really improves my own self-image.
As for the "Pooch Belly", that's normal in women. We store fat around our reproductive organs "just in case" to aid in pregnancy. If you want to get rid of it, you can do sit-ups, and/or you can eliminate wheat flour (and yes that means white flour) from your diet. The flour is what goes straight to that area, but it can sometimes be challenging to people to find their starches elsewhere, not to mention the fact that you can't have cookies!
The bit of fat on the upper thighs is hard to target. The only way I've found to get rid of it is a ThighMaster.
You're not going to find a pill or "Miracle Diet" that will make you happy with your body. You're at your ideal weight. With some toning and adding some fruits and vegetables to your diet, you'll find that not only will your little problem areas all but disapear, but your body image and self esteem will skyrocket! It's amazing what excersizing does for you.

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Have you thought about strength training?

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Eat smaller servings, f o r e v e r !

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Get yourself some weights. Just a pair of dumbbells that you add plates to.If you have muscle, your body uses more calories to maintain them so you will have less turning to fat. You won't get all bulky-it takes alot of hours every day for a woman to bulk up like a professional bodybuilder. You and I are the same size (but years apart!) and one thing I do is just do little bursts of exercise throughout my day.Like 40 squats in the bathroom before I get in the shower or leg raises while I am on the phone.Please don't use diet pills.I am slowly dying from a heart ailment and the number one cause of my disease is diet pills.Just so you know. Good luck.

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Volumetrics. Eat more food that is voluminous in relation to it's calorie content. You will tend to get filled up with less calorie intake that way.

Fruits and vegetables are good.

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