Weekly Weigh-in, Week of 11/8/09

harold14370November 8, 2009

Good morning. The results of last week's weigh-in were as follows.

Harold - Weight 192, Lost 2, Total lost 83

Jasmi - Weight 132.6, Gained 1.2, Total lost 15.2

Silver - Weight 138, Lost 0, Total lost 2

Betty - Weight 154, Lost 5, Total lost 26 (get over that flu)

Ivamae - Weight 166, Lost 0, Total lost 26

My Results for this week:

Weight 191, Lost 1, Total lost 84

AVg Calories - Food 2057, Exercise 255, Steps 11301

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Hi Harold, Jasmi, Betty, Ivamae...
I had a good weekend, did yardwork all day Sat. and rode bikes with DD on Sunday, followed by a marathon cooking spree. Lots of exercise... no weight lost!!!! Hopefully tons of fat lost and that heavy muscle gained!

I'll weigh in tomorrow. I have better "luck" with Tuesday weigh-ins!

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I'm slowly getting over the flu. Never been so sick in my entire life. Still have gunk I can't get out of my lungs. One of my right ribs is so tender, I swear it is cracked from coughing.
My appetite is back, but not as strong yet.
I was craving some chocolate ice cream last night and fixed myself a big bowl.(I know, I know) I Couldn't eat but about half. It just isn't as good as it used to be. That's a good thing!

Harold, I bought a pedometer week before last just before the flu hit and I haven't taken it out of the package yet. Any tips you want to pass along?

Silver, Did you cook any good "diet friendly" foods? If so, please share the recipes.

My weight for this week is 153. Lost a pound. Might have been more if I had left the ice cream alone!

Have a great week everyone,

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I was132 this morning. I do not know how long I will be toggling between 132 and 134.I guess as long as I do not work out regularly. I need to get down to 120's end of this month.
Betty, I hope you get well soon. Howz ur little grand kid doing?
Silver, You are back ;-)) Keep it up .
Harold, you are still not hitting a plateau. Thats good.
Okay, you all have a good week .

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Silver - looks like you're the same ball of fire, burning up the calories.

Betty, glad you're feeling better. Nothing magic about the pedometer. It's just something I check every day. If I only have 4 or 5 thousand steps at the end of the day, it will probably mean I'm slipping back into my couch potato habits, and need to get off my duff and do something.

Jasmi, keep plugging away. You'll get there.

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I weighed again this morning and am still at 166, so have neither lost nor gained in the last 2 weeks. Guess I have hit a plateau for awhile. Anyway, I'm not giving up.

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