Xmas Dinner Party

joannepNovember 30, 2002

I am having 20 people for a dinner party. Does anyone have any unique ideas for this couples party? We also exchange gifts and I read the Right Left Story one year.

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One thing I'm doing at my Xmas Morning Breakfast party is-every guest will be asked to share their 'most remembered Christmas, as a child'.

If you are looking for a little game to 'spice up the night'? It's called "She's My Gal" You get as many couples as will participate. Then you have all the men leave the room-where they are asked to put on blindfolds. Meanwhile the 'gals' all take off their shoes & stand on a dining room chair (all placed closely, in a row). Someone guides the men back into the room-and they have to get down on their knees in front of the chairs. They have to guess which is their gal..by only touching them up to their KNEES! When they're positive they have found their gal..they are guided to behind her chair & wait until all the others are done. They all remove their blindfolds at the same time. This is so cute-especially if you have a tape recorder going-their comments are hysterical! It's ok if more than 1 guy picks the same woman. Good for some laughs!

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We celebrated Thanksgiving with 26 family members - about 12 of us played Cranium and had tremendous fun. I'm not big on a lot of the board games, but this game had it all - it was a hoot.....It is a game for teams of people.

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