Wild West Party: Seating Help

passport4vickiNovember 15, 2006

We are having a Wild West Birthday theme party. I was planning on renting hay bales for seating. I would cover them with checkered clothes. This was functional as well as decorative. I found out a lot of the kids and adults have hay fever and allergies related to the hay. The party is in the garage. Should I ditch the hay bales? What else could I use? If I put the clothes on floor; it would be really cold. Any ideas?

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A long narrow bench would be good, or perhaps some stools. A variety of sturdy wooden boxes or trunks might also work.

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I would be sick for days if I attended a party with hay bales....and I have been...before I thought of the relationship between hay bales for a party and my allergies.
Benches, borrowed plastic yard chairs...or even straw bales are better than hay....not good at all but better than hay bales.
Linda C

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