abenergizer results!!

JWTIMMERDecember 17, 2001

i just received my abenergizer today and will already send it back for refund.

what a piece of junk

the muscle stimulation works fine if you can keep the electronic modules from falling off the belt, they do not stay snapped on, so movement is not possible

i think i might try the rio ab belt

dont waste your money on the abenergizer

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DO NOT ORDER IT!!!!!!! I ordered it over 2 months ago and have not received it. I cannot contact customer service by phone or email. I have read atleast 4 other complaints from people having the same experience. The company, genesis intermedia, has had many lawsuits against it, including stock violations. Go to google.com and look up genesis intermedia and you will find what I am talking about.

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FYI -- I've read numerous exercise and nutrition sites and all say all ab belts are a waste of time. In order to get true results the stimulus would have to be so extreme that it would cause injury to the body.

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The thing is, it's not that hard to get your abs in shape, the hard part is burning off the fat to show them. No belt is going to do that for you.

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I used the absonic got good results from waist of 48 to 38 in 3 months the pads wore out after a while and used the absonic the snaps are about the same you have to really work to get them on right but the belt was bigger and got better contact in the last week another 2 inches
I had read the reports of how it has to be this massive charge to do any good but since i had gotten injured and couldnt do pretty much any excersize without pain i tried them and for not working I have been in no pain and lost 12 inches of waist or is it waste used it each night from lowest i could go to chest 4 levels and just laid there reading I paid the 130 for the first one and now they are about half its you buck but at 50 dolloars to loose a foot of flab i am pretty happy and will keep using it

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