Holiday party planning anyone?

ilovepinkOctober 12, 2006

Who is planning a holiday party?

I realized today that I have to get a move on ours since we will be out of town for most of November. Then our party is the first of December.

Looking for some fun buffet menus.

Last year I did a chicken sate. Salad. Potatoe. Then a ton of desserts. Also, for an appetizer I had a huge selection of cheeses and fruit.

It was mostly a cocktail party.

Now that most of our friends are having kids and this is still off limits to children I want to do a meal for certain.

For some reason I am stuck on the idea of a really Southern buffet. I keep thinking how good fried chicken sounds. Only I would hate to make people eat that. Kind of messy. However who doesn't really like fried chicken. Ya know?

Definitely going to serve up banana pudding that everyone loves that I make.

I would love input but I would also love to hear what you all are doing!

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I will be hosting my tenth annual holiday party in my home with about a hundred people in attendance.

I actually have trees being delivered December 1st. Then I have to get to work decorating all four of them.

I think fried chicken would be a hoot to serve. What fun!

I wish I knew the sides to tell you to do.

This year I am doing a beef carving station. Heavy desserts and cocktails.

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This is a copycat recipe of thr Bonefish Grill's Bang Bang Shrimp, I guarantee this appitizer will "KICK START" your party, dont believe me just try cooking a small portion before the party, here is the link for the recipe and the sauce

Here is a link that might be useful: Dinni's Select

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It's a little early for me to start planning a holiday party (still have Halloween and November to deal with), but I'm kicking around the idea of an Open House party this year. I've never done one but it sounds like a fun and relatively easy way to be able to invite a lot of friends.

Cheers, from

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Swampwitch it's never to early to plan. :)

I am in fact getting a number on glasses and plates today and reserving a few chafind dishes from my rental place.

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Fried chicken is fun, but hard to serve on a buffet, since as it sits it loses crispness. You could do fried chicken, but instead of pieces try bite size pieces of boneless breast that could be kept warm in a very slow oven.

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My first Christmas party (always too busy). So I am going to start cooking this weekend. Freezing some finger foods. I am 'surfing' like crazy to decide if i should freeze before or after cooking. This will give me time to see how things taste, how they taste after freezing and how much untried recipe yields.

I am planning to serve about 20 different finger foods:
Spring Rolls w/ Pepper Salsa (going to make them from scratch which I have never done before)
Swedish Meatballs
sausage Balls
mushroom rolls
Pigs 'n Blanket (my husband insists)
Brie/Cranberry bites
Bruschetta - tomato & ricotta salata
Bruschetta - white beans & rosemary
Stuffed Potatoe (sourcream & Bacon)
Coriander Lime Shrimp
walnut feta phyllo rolls
Chicken Sates
Chicken Liver Pate / melba toasts
Roast Beef Sandwich // Horseradish
Smoked Salmon and dill sauce
cold canapes

I am hoping to serve some finger sized desserts too -- cookies, mini cheese cakes and mini brownies.

I am expecting about 50 people.

I would like everyone to leave with a small gift but I cant figure out what to do with that either -- maybe a tree ornament

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I'm also planning a Open House on Christmas Day. Last year I hosted a buffet and everyone arrived at different times. It will be approx. 25 and think the Open House is good way to go. I purchased the perfect invites already. Any creative ideas on menu, seating, etc.??

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Enjayare, your menu sounds like my kind of party! Are you doing the Spring Rolls that are steamed (as opposed to fried)? If so, I have made those for a party before and the problem is that I understood that they need to be made no more than a few hours or so before the event. They can dry out pretty fast, although there may be ways to keep the wraps moist. So, I tried that stunt once for a party and we got about 10 done about 30 minutes before guests were due to arrive. I had planned to make around 50 of them, but my husband (and helper) strongly encouraged (I mean insisted) that we stop and just leave it at the 10 we already had. They were wonderful as long as they lasted! Just be forewarned that it's a pretty labor-intensive thing and working with those wraps is not for the faint of heart. So, what time should I be showing up for your party?!

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I'm going to keep the chicken in a chafing dish but I will not be placing a top on it. It will not be hot when served like if it was kept under a light. But, I think it should be fine. Or at least I hope it will be. :)

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