I just bought the abgymnic

tony_p2000December 14, 2001

well after a lot of debate I finally broke down and bought the abgymnic (only $25 on ebay) and heres what I think.

It seems like the same product as the abtronic only repackaged, ie. it has all the same settings, and the same controll buttons; but on to preformance.

On the abs I cannot notice any real contractons, my skin gets tingely and jumps a litle, but I am not sure if it is my ab muscles or not (maby they are just so under developed that they don't react very noticebly). I next tryed it on my biceps, here there was a very noticible muscle contraction and the product worked as described. When I placed it on my lower abs, chest, and thighs I got the same result as when I tryed it on the upper abs. Maby I am just placing it wrong. If anyone has any placement suggestions let me know :)

Anyway just thought I would post my results since EMS seems to be quite an active topic here.


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i have used the ab energizer and i like it, but i dont like what the back is made of. it starts cracking very easily which causes burns on your skin. i like it other than that. i was wondering about the abgymnic, is it made of that silver backing also? the energizer has pretty strong contractions sometimes, but not other times, i think it depends on how much gel you use. hope this helps. let me know about the backing please.

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