retirement party, who hosts?

poolownerOctober 31, 2007

question on retirement party. Stupid question but I will ask anyway. Who should "throw" a party for someone who retired. Husband/wife of retiree or children of retiree?

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Anyone who wants to....but most often it's the employer on the last day of work....but often there is a bigger bash thrown by the retiree...and/or the spouse.
Linda C

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poolowner: it's a good question. My husband is eligible for retirement next year, and I want to throw him a party. My question is, who do I invite so it doesn't get out of hand?

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What a great question! I've been pondering this for a couple of years. I'm a teacher, retiring in June '09. Typically, at our school, good friends of the retiree plan a party, send out flyers and those who choose to come pay $25 a head for dinner. The entertainment is either testimonials or comedy skits. I LOATHE this and certainly want nothing of it when I retire. I am thinking of having the staff and a few other friends in education come to my house after school one day for an open house/happy hour kind of thing. I've been there too long to just sneak away without notice (my first choice), so I think I'll set it up myself and thus do what I want. I think those retiring in business have a myriad of possibilities. Someone "important" to the firm may get a big bash. In a small company, often the retiree is just taken out for dinner by close associates. I think it's all over the map. This sounds like a good topic for discussion.

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I always thought it was something that your spouse would do since he/she would know all the people to invite, especially if it were a suprise to the retiree. It could be a joint venture with other family members of the retiree, but mainly the spouse would start the party planning. As for the office/work party, that would be a smaller version, usually during the day or right after work and would only include work associates, not family & friends of the retiree.
Any comments?

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No comments, as normally I haven't seen or done any retirement party for family members.I thought it would be for the people who go for work for their good service.

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Our CEO is retiring at the end of this year, after 40 years of service. Our BOD is hosting a party for all employees and retirees. I don't think it matters who hosts the party, as long as the guest of honor is involved in the planning.

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