tiggervanDecember 20, 2006

hello, looking for anti-aging products. Ideas?

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I use for a while now Anti-wrinkle Cream with Clay from aslaskin. I red about the miraculous powers of clay before on the web and thought to give it a try. I am very satisfied with it and it also goes for the neck and décolletage. My opinion is definitely worth trying!...and by the way, has anyone else used it or used other products from this line? I am very curios if all are as good as this anti-wrinkle cream?

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Stay out of the sun!

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To add to salena's great advice, don't smoke, eat right, exercise daily, drink lot's of water, get enough sleep, and last but not least, take care of your teeth so that you can laugh and SMILE :-). It will take years off better then any "miracle cream" money can buy.

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Yes, agreed completely!

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Practice yoga. You're only as old as your spine.

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Aerobic exercise is excellent for looking younger.

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You know Gals and Guys most of this thread sounds like one commercial after another.
Revertrol sounds promising. Other products like I read in some anti aging books sounds promising. Like In Suzanne Summers books. But us peons ,who are "older" now have no chances. Who can afford such products or supplements.
It heck getting or being older. sometimes I feel 16 and other times 81.
One lady on Tv show , green Channel)said when her Hubby detoxified his gray hair started ungraying.(such a word ???) I dont watch tv . I unplug it when Hubby is out of town, I am a radio talk show listener esp health show
Just my humble opinion Thanks all. Take care all

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Try natural herbal products such as Ginseng, Gingko, Royal Jelly etc. Herbal teas are a great way to revitalise and rid the body from toxins.
Nothing beats a balanced diet with with some exercise. Herbal products will give you that extra kick start to help with the bodies needs.

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There are so many anti-aging products offered in the market today. But the best anti-aging is getting enough sleep, drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water a day, eating fruits and vegetable, and self discipline. I only do this things because I really don't want to drink or put any chemicals on my face or even on my body just to achieve the ageless beauty. Its just temporary. If you don't have enough money to buy this products the problem will still continue, so why not use the natural way. Its proven to be safe and effective. Thanks.

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we all get older,but we dont have to look our age. There has been remarkable break-throughs in gene technology. From the genome project , the discovery of how to switch off or restore our age genes to a more youthful glow.

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From what I've read the only anti aging solution is slowing the shortening and repairing of your 'telemeres'.

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hello...there are many products for anti-aging but i would suggest you to go for natural product for anti aging such as argan will help improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles and create a more youthful appearance. My grand mother uses it and i am a eye witness of all these benefits of argan oil. My grandmother loves pura d'or argan oil she always praise God for this beautiful gift of nature.

Here is a link that might be useful: argan oil

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The only thing that's keeping genuine anti-aging out of the USA is the socialist mercenary powers that be. I.E. Big Pharma, AMA, FDA yada yada.

Otherwise, there'd already be repair stem-cell clinics here (meaning mesenchymal stem cell injection therapy), rather than having to travel to Beike or Wu clinics in China.

As well as laser tech, nanoparticle therapy, and gene splicing

As well as cutting edge quantum-physics based diagnostics such as Indigo or L.I.F.E.

And yes!! So-called primitive medical leeches, for genuine detox prior to repair, since any repair attempts without first detoxifying, would be like painting on rust.

The time is not so far off, when everyone will get to see the degree to which our lovely governments have kept our so-called "health"care system unconscionably primitive. Perhaps, just perhaps, at that time, the public will have wisened up enough to be furious at the tyrants of "that primitive era".

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I am using an anti-aging product that I purchase online. It is also available in other local drugstores. This product is rich in beta carotene that can prevent premature aging of the skin. Natural product is good for our skin. Use product that has no paraben or sulphates and that is alcohol free.

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