Nov 2 party?

ggrubbOctober 17, 2002

We are having a party on Nov. 2. We are grilling fish and roasting a turkey in one of those big outdoor smokers. Would it be appropriate to do Halloween type decorations or should I stick to just fall type decorations? Thanks for your thoughts!

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I personally would go with fall decorations. I am pretty much that way with all holiday decorations. To me Halloween is done. Just my two cents worth. Good luck.

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Unless there is a special reason you want to continue with Halloween (you have several young children and have spent way too much time and money on exquisite costumes or the group is really into it and would have a blast with the theme), I also would go with fall.


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Why not go with a Day of the Dead theme? October 31 through November 2 is when it is celebrated.

Lee AKA Fireraven9
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You howl like an organ; and our hearts of misery,
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