aerobics dvd

judys_ontDecember 12, 2004

Can anyone recommend an aerobics dvd? I did a search onl, but it doesn't provide the information I am looking for.

I want something that is in the area of stretching, bending, dancing (not ballet) and maybe a little step--all done to some good upbeat music. It should be for a beginner.

Has anyone got a favourite dvd they can recommend?


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I'd like to know of one you like too. I have old vhs ones of Richard Simmons but I think I need to start a little slower. I've also taped the Denise Austin shows but I spend the entire time just gritting my teeth with her voice.

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I have a large library of exercise videos, bought most of them online, where there is a huge selection compared to any store I've been to
I read a LOT of reviews though, to avoid ending up with anything I didn't like.

Here is a link that might be useful: exercise video reviews

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