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carolinachickDecember 30, 2001

Has anyone heard of this program? I saw an infomercial on it this morning and it made some sense. Each body type has different needs when it comes to exercising. Some need more aerobic, some more weight training, etc. Anyway, I was wondering if it was any good or worth the money. I need something to boost the treadmill and weights I already do-am I doing the right stuff, basically?

Thanks in advance!


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I have the book, and i just got the informercial program(5 min ago!) both sets on ebay for a really good price! It sounds really good, but I am not going to be a contributing member, so you can email me with any questions. The book would be at your library or at a bookstore! I hope this helps
my email-

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Carolinachick ~~ Coincidently, I was just reading some articles about it on I'm not sure exactly how I got to them, but I'm sure if you looked around some (under Diet and Fitness, that much I know for sure), you could find them.

As it turns out, most of the weight training exercises I do with my personal trainer are "no-no"s for my shape. Something for me to consider tomorrow at the gym....

Good luck,

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Yes, I recommend following the tape when you work out. It goes really quick and you move around to different things every five minutes so not boring. Only thing is you need a treadmill for it to really work. My kit came with weights and a bar.He is very motivating and tells you exactly what to do for your body type.I used to use a stepper alot and realized that for my shape,I should have been walking more and without incline.If you carry weight on your bottom half, you should do aerobic for it, not muscle building. Also came with a dress for your shape video which was good. If anyone does this, want to start a chat group... ???

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