Raviloi bad for buffet dinner?

momof1October 20, 2008

I am having some friends over and would like to have a buffet style meal since I can't seat everyone. I am thinking about making some cocktail size meatballs and spinach and cheese raviolis, salad and bread. Is there anyway to hold ravioli in a buffet dish without it becoming a big solid glob? Should I rethink this? I would like it to be a pasta dish but any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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Have you heard of or can you get your hands on some "Toasted Ravioli"? Then again, that is usually served more of an appetizers in buffets and not really a main meal for company.

I personally don't really like soft ravioli. Have you thought of cannelloni instead? Thay may hold up a little better.

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I would do a different pasta....how about lasagna? or a cavatelli? or just fusilli pasta with meat sauce topped with cheese and baked?
If your buffet won't be on the table too long...like more than 45 minutes, you can have ravioli, just make sure you have lots of sauce on it....so it doesn't stick into a blob.
I think youa re wise to think of foods that don't need a knife to eat.
Linda C

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I was assuming you are looking for a meatless pasta... considering the side of meatballs (and cheese and spinach ravioli). Is that so, or can you have meat in your pasta? 'Cause that can open it up a lot.

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Thank you for your suggestions. I'm thinking I would like to give them the option of a meatless pasta dish. All cheese or cheese and spinach were what I had in mind. I will need to be able to prepare ahead since it's on a week night and I will be working at least half day. I will make the meatballs ahead but I am hoping to have the pasta ready to bake or just about ready to bake. My only concern is it drying out on the buffet. I am not familiar with cavatelli and I only know that fusilli is a type of pasta. Can these be made as baked dishes?

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Did you rule out the cheese and spinach cannelonni/manicotti? They can be made ahead and baked. It's a little more elegant, IMHO, than a usual pasta casserole.

Another idea would be a Pasta Con Broccoli. I know it's not spinach, but close.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spinach cheese manicotti

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You can make a spinach and cheese lasagne as well. I make a vegetarian lasagne which my meat loving DH and DD like too. I make the spaghetti sauce with lots of chopped up veges like celery, bell pepper, zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms, whtever looks good instead of meat. Brown onion and garlic, add chopped vegies, cook a little, add tomatoes and tomato paste, let simmer a bit. Make white (bechamel) sauce. Layer and bake as usual.

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Ravioli is a buffet nightmare unfotunately I know this from past experience and not even extra sauce will keep them from sticking...How about stuffed shells

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I think you've talked me into spinach and cheese manicotti or stuffed shells. Will they really be okay prepared ahead and not put into the oven until my guests arrive?

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Carla35 or anybody else, have you made this recipe? I have often used uncooked lasagna noodles, even the ones that they say should be cooked. I loathe cooking and stuffing manicotti and giant shells. They're so fragile, and I end up mad with a less than great looking product. Would love to try this w/o cooking the manicotti.

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