abdominal exercise and dieting

seetaramDecember 17, 2001

iam a 35 year old person. i've typical problem. my abdominal

portion is growing at an alarming rate. peculiarily my rest

of the body is very slim(or thin i can say). almost it grows

at a rate od 1/2 to 1" per month.iam really getting depressed psychologically. if i purchase a pant it won't fit by next month. please somebody sugget me the kind of diet and the exercises for putting a halt and also to reverse this phenomenon. iam ready to do any kind of sacrifices as far as food is concerned.please somebody

suggest me some exercises.

thanks in advance

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Eat lots and lots of veggies along with some fruit and WHOLE grains like whole wheat, brown rice etc and lean proteins like chicken, turkey and fish. Avoid refined, processed, & "diet" foods, focus on real food the way nature intended. Drink lots and lots of water and get some exercise, walking is good. Try some winter squash, it's delicious, underappreciated, and great for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Winter Squash preparation tips

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