Filtered Flouride Free Water

mes444December 15, 2005

Many publications we have been reading lately recommend that we remove flouride from our diets as much as possible. And I know our water has flouride in it, so I was wondering if anyone here knows of a brand of water which has flouride removed, it can be bottled or the kind delivered in jugs which sit on a cooler. Any help would be most appreciated.

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The flouride issue is hugely controversial. But, I am on your side of it. Distilling removes flouride and I believe reverse osmosis does also. So if you purchase distilled water it is flouride free. I have a distiller so I don't have to lug home all the bottled water. Distilling is also controversial. It is difficult to find a perfect solution. I commend you for trying to improve your health.

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I forgot...first check locally about your water. It may very well not be treated with flouride. Many locations don't add the flouride.

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Are the publications you've been reading based on some kind of scientific evidence? Granted there could always be something we don't know yet about fluoridated water but everything I've learned as a public health professional is that it is one of the single most effective public health measures ever put in place with no scientific evidence of any harmful effects. As a result there is now a generation of adults who grew up with fluoridated water who have never experienced tooth decay. I would be very interested to know if there is some new scientific evidence that it's harmful.

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We even switched to toothpaste that is flouride free !!

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Check with your local public works. I have been working 7 years as an environmental engineer in the water and wastewater industry. I have yet to go to a single water plant that adds flouride.

You may not even have it in your tap water. Don't assume, ask!

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Gibby, It is controversial....I have reams of scientific evidence that discusses the problems with flouride. If you do a google search you will be deluged with info on both sides. I raised two kids flouride cavities. My grandkids get flouride tablets and still already at a young age have cavities. It isn't as simple a subject as it seems on the surface.

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